Business Video Series: Business Source Complete

hello this is Susan Hurst. Today I’m
going to be talking about the business source complete database. So first you
need to go to the library home page and then come down here and click on
databases A to Z. On the databases A to Z page click on B for Business Source
Complete and then it’s currently the very last database on this page so just
go all the way to the bottom and click on business source complete. This is an
EBSCO database so it may look like some you’ve searched before but all the ebsco
databases have some little tips and tricks to searching them that can be
helpful. One thing is this choose databases
screen. Click on that and you’ll see all the different databases that we have
that may be helpful to you. So depending what you’re searching on you may want to
add in some of those. Another thing is using synonyms in the search box so
instead of just searching on one word at a time you may want to search on
multiple words that have similar meanings. Alright so I’m going to be
looking for articles about rich people so I’m gonna start off with affluence
but instead of spelling it all the way out I’m going to put an asterisk so look for
affluent excuse me I should do it there then affluent or affluence but then I’m
gonna use the word or and I’m gonna also do wealth and again with the asterisk to
get wealth or wealthy and then I’m gonna go with just plain old rich.
Alright I’m also interested in their consumer behavior alright so I’m gonna
type that in the second box so use the different boxes alright but leave the
word and in between here – I want one of these words at least but I also want it
and with this so let me search on that and they got me 1200 articles. One thing
I may want to do is besides just having the more general search is be more
specific. So maybe I want one of these terms in the title of these articles or
maybe I want it as a subject term. So let me try the subject terms and see what
that gets me. So that went from twelve hundred articles down to one hundred
eighty six which is a much more compact group and then also look
over here on the left-hand side at dates. You may not want to go all the way back
so if you like to look at more recent articles only, just move that date up to
what you want it to. So now I’m looking at just the last five years alright and
if you decide you don’t want that or anything you’ve got limiters here you
can get rid of those by just Xing them out here. So now I’m down to 58 articles
within the last five years about the consumer behavior of wealthy people. All
right so here’s something about wealth credit conditions from South Africa lots
of different articles here you can see most of them are full-text if they are
not full-text try clicking on this “find it” button here alright let’s try this
one and it looks like that one is available full text from the EJC
so that is great if you’re not finding the full text of the article let us know
or you can always order it from interlibrary loan for free. But you can
give me a call or email me and I’ll look at it and see if we can find it for you
also. But either way we can pretty much always get it for you for free it just
may take a few days through interlibrary loan. Let’s go down here and look at one
little more in-depth so let me just pick this one here alright so this is the
actual abstract of the article here’s the full text here’s all the different
subject terms and also look over here on the right you can print the article from
here you can also email it. If you email it you may want to change the citation
format to a citation style you’re going to be using in class then when you email
it it will have the article cited in that style in the email and you can copy
and paste that into your bibliography But there also is a cite button here that
just lists all the different citation styles for the articles you can also
copy and paste that. Do look at it and make sure it’s correct. Occasionally they
will have the article title in all capital letters which will show up in
the citation format which is not correct so be aware that make sure it looks like
it matches the format you think you’re using. Another thing to look at here is
this permalink if you are going to be sending in our
chuckle to yourself or someone else in your group for your faculty person go
ahead and use this permalink so click on that and then copy it from here and then
paste it in there why are we going to send it to the person do not copy and
paste the biggie URL at the top that will not be persistent it will not last
and very soon after you send it that link will no longer work. This permalink
will always work so just go ahead and use that all right these are some little
tips and tricks for using these databases give me a call or email me if
you have any questions thank you very much bye bye

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