Buy a Business with Sunbelt Business Brokers

Sunbelt is the largest business
brokerage firm in the world. We’ve been doing business for more than 30 years. We
sell thousands of businesses a year. We have more reach than anybody out there.
We have proprietary systems and websites and most importantly in my opinion we
are the best people and the best brokers. I’ve probably helped over the years, you
know over 100 folks, buy and sell business at least. I love this business
because of variety. One day I might be working on a manufacturing company, the
next distribution, then technology, an outdoor products company, e-commerce; it’s
fantastic. We’ve got a group of business advisers and brokers that have a deep
level of experience that can help you through the entire process. Sunbelt was
started in 1978, it grew to be the largest business brokerage firm both
nationally and internationally. It certainly has more resources than our
competition combined, more brokers. We sold more businesses than anyone. I would tell somebody looking to buy a business to one, contact a broker right
away because it doesn’t cost them anything. Sellers typically pay the fees and also look at a lot of companies. Think outside
the box a little bit, maybe go a little further away than you think you want to
go, maybe consider some industries that maybe you thought you would explore, that
you know are making money but also in our lifestyle that you would like. It’s
always a good idea to try to find a business that you like and something
that you enjoy doing. I always tell folks if you hate to get up and go to work
every day, you’ve got a problem. I don’t care what kind of business it is. When you
line up what you like to do with what to makes you living, you get a home run with
that and you’ll find almost always folks that are successful in the business,
enjoy that business and that’s one of the tremendous values and Sunbelt offers. We have retail business and service, manufacturing, distribution, restaurant,
lounges, convenience stores, every kind of business you think of. We have them for
sale because real businesses are in every community they’re supported by
that customer base. First, I like them to be successful. You know if they’re
successful, they’re happy and guess what that’s going to do for your
business, they’re gonna promote it, they’re gonna talk about it. You got to
go see Greg, you got to go do this, you got to go do that. If you go with
the premise that you want to make people happy and see them successful, it’s gonna
come back to you in dozens. you

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