(C) What Green Means: A Green New Deal for America

What does green mean? Green means a guaranteed job for every American-including you. Green means a new economy fueled by renewable anergy. Green means no more student debt. Green means a green new deal for America. Green means keeping every family in their home. I’m Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate for President. I’m Cheri Honkala, Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate. And we are proud to approve this message. We invite you to go green at JillStein.org!

One Reply to “(C) What Green Means: A Green New Deal for America”

  1. Jill, I'd vote for you if I was 18. I really hate American politics focus on the right side of the spectrum in comparison to the rest of the world. And when someone who actually makes sense takes the scene, they're swept aside by the hustle and bustle of mainstream politics.
    I really wish you could be president, but I'm just hoping that Romney isn't at this point.

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