UNBS pledges special support to SMEs

since the compulsory product standards were instituted by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards last year small and micro enterprises continue finding challenges to acquire the standards due to cost the UN bs says they can bend backwards for you if you only register with them once you register with us then we are supposed to work with you until you get certified if however you don't register with us then you get in trouble when market surveillance team goes into the field he was speaking during a visit by the parliamentary committee on trade to you and BS headquarters in where gallery where it emerged that one of you NBS his biggest challenges is tough numbers now at only 306 compared to the tasks they have to undertake I'm supposed to deploy that stuff on two fronts one and a metrology the weights and measures to ensure that measurement systems in this country are accurate and on the other cutter were to ensure that the standards over 1,000 products in this country meet the necessary requirements both important and locally produced what the UN bs boss was doing is called lobbying the budget appropriators we have had the the appeal that you need more more stuff with unbelievable that an institution like this is not compared to ura in numbers now your as like 1000 numbers so you should be the two thousand following in their footsteps we should be following just right behind him the UN BS is better funded today and the interest of the MPs is a good thing for them because if they get more money and people maybe your chance of consuming substandard products from vanish they shall be more accountable without excuse irony come , an TV business

Tropico 6 Season 2 – Ep 13 Industry Emergency

and welcome back to flexible games where we are playing Tropico 6 picking up right where we left off so I need a college I need to hire an immigrant and then I have to have 41 right you want a challenge the u.s. national baseball team to the Tropico series have tourist accommodation buildings okay it's hard to do that without money so I think we're gonna need to fire up a cigar factory think right in here like that well what was that exports Prez who doesn't love exports Goods leaving port money coming back I'm just gonna discard this for now I don't need them to remind me I need hydroponics tobacco I don't have any money we can't bank oh my goodness sure it's just constant the the the demands are just constantly coming in tourist accommodations like there's there's a little bit of money but it just quickly disappears okay I mean cars are our big export right now where's our rubber ass there's rubber right there where is everybody 20% increase in the efficiency I can probably get a little bit more out of increased revenue all right there's some rubber coming in we have lots of Steel all right our first rubber delivery there are some more cars and yeah we need we need we need an industry that pays good money and industry these are these are not cheap at all so I need to somehow hire a college educated person so apparently the intellectual standing was timed out that's unfortunate hey there's some foreign aid I like that yeah we're we're hurting right now we are hurting we might not make it I mean yeah we're we're putting tobacco out but I'd rather like if you look at the costs here cigars are 11,000 tobacco's are 2,000 so it's a huge difference and I don't have any money we might we might have to restart this one I think we're on our initial funds oh that might be enough to fire up a cigar factory something like right here that would be a perfect spot for another hydroponics bay oh that would have been a perfect spot for this if I wouldn't have built the watch tower right there so let's demolish this and hopefully we get a little bit more money follow less money a little bit of meat the Palestine eyes any truth to global warming climate change or ozone layers changes in sea levels oughta merely the result of large mutant lizards I need more products coming in here than out there we go yeah not cheap at all to build hoping let's take trade and we're gonna take off tobacco so I don't I don't lose this supply in here until this is this gets done here and go a little bit of money hopefully yeah we certain we start making some cigars let's drop them off do we have any possible trade any possible bump we have a little bit here let's sign this one and hopefully start seeing some more cigars in here there's some more there we go bingo a little bit of money that'll help us ramp cigar creation up a bit let's boost our efficiency Stadium stadium I should have expected that of course but yeah sure health care happiness we're gonna praise intellectuals we're not gonna blame anybody happiness is where it's at tobacco more cigars more sales who I thank for making me what I am today I am proud to be your president we're gonna get the Brandenburg Gate I like doing the Liberty immigrants are one person happy but that's and I did do it I did do a search on the Great Sphinx apparently that really doesn't do anything unless somebody knows exactly what it does so the Colosseum overall happened to citizen only takes into account their food and fun happiness this will be vital I think in the next mission that we do where there are no homes that is if we can build a spy Academy I'm not sure food and fun happiness kind of curious let's just do mmm not really not really sold on that yet dollars that's amusing all right we got a few cars a little bit of foreign aid that helps I want climate control that'll give us more more money or more return on investment because before I can build all of the things that they want over here we need we need a steady supply of income that is that is crucial so I think let's do another hydroponics of tobacco keep this thing running full speed all the time and then with the excess we'll build another cigar factory and hopefully pump out even more cigars there's a little bit of money so stadium leaving a modernize Department Speedway do I have any research okay I'm I'm researching Speedway at the moment we need to bribe the delivered gold or spend 10 grand well if I deliver gold let's say go to trade we are not going to sell gold outright I think there's some gold at the very end here should grab that and the other nearest stuff is way over here it's quite a lot of mining potential out here I'm sure the good citizens of tropical no let's let's let them vote freely for now what's my Almanac look like yeah no unemployed need pineapple corn do I have a grocer over here what's my power surplus 248 May yay we're gonna do this I think I think we've got all the stuff that we've got Presidente I know you always keep your promises but the citizens okay so we want a hospital oh that's gonna hurt so close looks to me as though people don't much want to visit your dumb island pal there's some money I want to hire a foreign worker that was one of the things I needed tourism skyscraper hotel trying to trying to you know cater to a lot of different needs and a lot of different people not easy I might need some well let's see what we can do decreases the job positions that's just 20 tourists ratings of a hundred club yeah sure health care happiness should be getting a lot of people in here can't afford the hospitalization wing until now that'll allow a lot of people to seek health care okay so we have quite a lot of ooh look at that filled up nicely both of those okay now you've got plenty there I think yeah can't can't afford let's increase that efficiency now we've got plenty of tobacco you can see they're just chewing through it now the efficiency I want to bump that up there we go now with all of that we're gonna want another cigar factory right here as far as the stadium goes this might be a good spot for a stadium back here although yeah we're not we're not quite there yet I don't know what that was but I like that it finished let's do yeah we don't have any money at the moment what are we gonna get decent amount let's look at tourism again to our office Paul you got one right here okay souvenir shop sure entertainment yeah see that's 31,000 just to build that thing once we might need another skyscraper Hotel deliver gold we still haven't delivered any gold I wonder yeah pirate is the only one that can go out and get gold so we're gonna need gold it's around here somewhere there it is like that now as far as electricity goes there we go all right College I'm gonna need a college are we doing on money you got cigar factories let's give you some climate control bump you up so you're over a hundred percent at least we need look at all the people working they didn't have anything to do there we go there's some cigars now we're talking how's the trade going we're available okay anybody else want cigars nobody else nobody else wants cigars well that's just unfortunate jewelry I'm not gonna import jewelry that would be a bad bad thing I could now that I have a gold mine I could get some jewelry going like gas cars I mean that all I don't help boost us up a little bit not really much else I can do we are producing we are producing a few cars sold is that there's the ship there's a little bit more money I think that is good all tourism let's look at it no it's looking entertainment rich I don't know if we want to maybe put in a theater and a nightclub I want to do a nightclub – that should woo but all the little people running around so I like to see all right this one's going in this should help us get to that magical number plus if you know a few things to do never hurt a little bit of money how are we doing on our unemployed do we have a heist we have a high school 4,500 for that now available on the Tropican health service laser eye surgery for those who simply must have laser tourist accommodation hopefully this will be the eighth what do they mean specific hotel rooms Hey look at that big look at that big payday that was good I like that all right our first gold has been delivered so a tourist accommodation that definitely looks like it needs to be hotel so we could do Beach villa these are nice and cheap trying to beautify it a little bit more here whoa where's that where did that come from I don't remember ever seeing this thing I mean am I supposed to put that somewhere let's just put it right there why not all right cigars are starting to starting to roll in ha ha all right tourist accommodations are good let's get a college 3,000 oh man that's expensive right right in here somewhere okay and then the stadium is the big the big ticket item left these all poor people think there college-educated 29 I'm actually drop I've actually dropped in the number of people how is that possible what sir we're only a net gain here a little bit how are we doing on how are we doing on gold our drill you might want to modernize these soon but pineapple I'll give us a lot more corn iron mine I mean yes I would definitely like to do the power drill but we don't have you'll have nearly the uranium mining that we're gonna need in order to make up for that we might have to go coal really don't want to do that but yeah you never know alright there are some people in here getting educated a little bit of money okay we're we're looking pretty good as far as money goes I mean you can never get too much but but anyway that's a good spot and so yeah that's gonna do it for this episode and I thank you for watching and I will see you next time

Navy Engineers Explore the World of Additive Manufacturing

Mr Guy Newton: It’s exciting, it’s new.
There’s the old way and then there’s the new way, now, and the new way’s pretty exciting.
I think it’s gonna change everything we do. I think [in] the future for additive manufacturing,
our role is going to be very important. It’s gonna give the fleet the ability to possibly
print the stuff on the ship as they need it, when they need it. Mr. David Price: It is remarkably fun to just
watch, and sit back and then realize that, you know, you’ve designed something that
didn’t exist before, and now you’re printing it out of something that is just a liquid. Mr Guy Newton: The guys out there on the ship,
they need something, they need it now, usually. Right now, you know, if you’re out at sea
20, 30 thousand miles, it takes a while to get parts out there. The aircraft can’t
fly out directly, it’s gonna take a week or two to get the part there. They can actually
push the button, hit the part, give it a couple hours, put it on the aircraft, it’s gonna
make everything wonderful out there. This gives us that ability to fill that hole or
fill that void out there, get ‘em back in the game. It’s saves time and money in a
lot of different ways, and over the life of the program, it saves hundreds of thousands
of dollars, if we can do that quickly. Mr. Gabe Draguicevich: In the middle of the
F18, there is a bulkhead. It’s a panel that goes across the center section of the F18.
That particular section was developing a crack. That crack had to be repaired. The one standard
replacement of that is to basically take that bulkhead out and put a new one in. It costs
about a million dollars to do that repair. We created a 3D model that was then given
to us in manufacturing. We grew a 3D-printed part overnight so that the engineer could essentially
do that fit check. With that nod and that approval, we then went on to create the metal
one. We are estimating that the cost savings there is around 700 to 800 thousand dollars.
Now, as a standard repair, it’s estimated it’s about 20 to 25 thousand dollars to
repair per aircraft, versus a million dollar replacement. Mr. Chris Root: My belief is that the future
designs that are yet to come, are starting to come now. Unmanned air vehicles, some of
the systems that can be designed, we design so differently because you have the freedom
of 3D design. Design flexibilities are going to be tremendous, things are going to be lighter,
smaller, and with the new material properties that are being developed, those are gonna
allow us to do even more. So, the designs are coming. We’re hoping to use some of
those tools to design replacement parts. Mr Guy Newton: Right now, we’re starting
to get into the titaniums, steels, those types of things. Once we do that, it’s gonna basically
change the world. But it’s also gonna be innovation at its best.

Should I Invest In Gold and Silver? Will Gold Hit $50,000?

Gold has been money for thousands of years in 1971 the last miniscule connection in the monetary system had with gold was cut off today central banks still purchase gold with some purchasing large amounts on an annual basis many wonder if gold should be bought because they've heard about price predictions of astronomical levels they've heard about that dollar failing and they've heard about safe haven assets so what's the deal with gold you came here for the truth so let me unveil that for you today we're going to look at everything to do with gold and silver as well I'm gonna talk about the technical indicators I'm gonna get into the history I'm gonna talk about the four asset classes I'm gonna touch on things that I haven't done in a while the reason is that I get emails I get comments I get correspondence every single day people are asking me to make a video about gold and silver make a video about precious metals tell me should I buy gold and so on so I did cover this in my books and my points haven't changed that's why I don't do an updated video every so often simply because I haven't changed my opinions about it at all so that's what I didn't get into today I'll make this video and then I can always reference people looking at this video so let's begin by taking a look at this when you search the mainstream media when you talk to investment analysts they're gonna give you the general consensus and that is the asset classes are broken down in this manner stocks as in capital markets for an exchange international markets commodities like oil and corn and different grains consumer markets the fixed income credit in debt markets like bonds and Treasuries that's what you'll see or perhaps something along these lines the for asset classes here we have stocks or equities fixed income or bonds money market or cash equivalents real estate or other tangible assets but all of these of course are referencing paper investments even the real estate is most likely referencing REITs are EITS or real estate investment trusts not the actual physical properties and this is a big mistake instead I like to look at Robert Kiyosaki's definition of the four the classes because that is actually diversified he gets into detail in his books and definitely read them if you are interested I have covered them in my books particularly the money GPS but I will cover it briefly right now so it looks something like this a balanced portfolio you have your business paper assets commodities and real estate and through this you can have a diversified portfolio for investing you wouldn't be buying all of these in one day you don't invest in all four asset classes at the same time you are to accumulate assets over the period of your lifetime and there are times in which certain assets are overvalued certain assets are undervalued and it's in the times when they're undervalued that you begin to accumulate look we only have so much money for our savings and we put it away in two different types of investments many people put it in the bank other people put it in some sort of mutual funds or maybe some stocks but a lot of people don't think of it as a balanced portfolio in this way so that's what I'm talking about briefly here today and you could see that many people are not looking at it on a realistic basis everything is paper and if you're all in paper you are not balanced you do not have diversification diversification is extremely important you have to get into what is real if you think that real estate is too expensive you probably haven't read my second book and you probably are not aware of other things that are in real estate that are not actual homes then you have commodities and yes you can buy oil on your different trading platforms and everything else you can get your paper assets and that's all fine but you need things that are real as well business is the Forgotten asset class imagine you had some sort of business that pays you passively every single month and not just that if you don't work tomorrow if you're not even alive anymore that business will still be putting paychecks into your account every single month and that's the important of these different asset classes they all have strengths they all have weaknesses but when you have them all it really provides you with a bulletproof system okay it's so important so that's the balanced portfolio and I think that it is really overlooked by so many people even those in the financial industry it's a big mistake but I'm glad that an individuals like Robert Kiyosaki who's quite prominent has talked about this before I just want to be clear about a couple things the reason why certain assets are beneficial may not be the same reasons other assets are beneficial each one has their own pros and cons that needs to be understood so you have to look at for example real estate it's generally expensive okay if you're buying a home to rent out that's gonna be expensive however you make money in four different ways with real estate with commodities for example gold is the reason you buy gold necessarily to see appreciation on the asset class I say no that is not the reason then you look at businesses businesses may take a lot of work at least initially to set up depending on the type of business but there are benefits to it there are tax advantages to it there are ways to protect yourself with it you can have liability protection and other things that are not available in other asset classes okay then you have things like paper assets as well but you know the benefits of those so let's move on to this this article essentially is talking about the benefit of gold many people in India purchase gold all of the time for weddings they have different ceremonies and they believe that gold means wealth okay it is synonymous with that and in India purchases a lot of gold every single year all right at the bottom although trading gold for money has become less common gold still holds the same high value in Indian families this is just one culture there are many out there who are always adding to their wealth and they do so by passing down the gold generation to generation does it mean that gold is priced at $1000 today tomorrow it's at 800 that that's a problem no they're not thinking about it they have this idea Gold is valuable so we pass it down to generation to generation so the family maintains wealth they don't care if it's $800 over at $600 if it's $2,000 sure they want the price to go up but they're not gonna sell it they're gonna continue to accumulate it and pass it down so if you get anything from this video that's what I want you to understand it is so important to accumulate it and keep it not to completely put everything you have into one asset and then hope that you're gonna sell it off one day because that may not be possible at the time when you believe it's the peak and when that occurs many people are probably going to be in fear they're going to be scared they're not gonna be able to sell they're not gonna know what to do with it it's so beneficial to have some no matter who you are no matter what place in the world that you live to have it and hold it and hopefully be able to pass that on to the next generation if you wanna sell there might be an opportunity to do so but you wouldn't want to get rid of all your asset classes you want to maintain all of them as long as you possibly can that's the diversification so if you think that you're gonna see the peak of a particular asset whatever that is you're gonna sell it off and you're gonna move everything into another asset well that's not really the best way to do it you accumulate during the times in which they are undervalued and you can then sell some when they are overvalued but you don't want to get rid of your entire position in anything remember each one has benefits now we talked about the price predictions I've heard so many in this example here $50,000 goal what about this one another $50,000 gold prediction and then we have another $50,000 gold prediction well let's look at this they tried to come up with the reason why gold will be priced at a certain level they make the case for $82,000 gold as well as $14,000 gold they also make the case for 30 2015 6 thousand and so on they're basically dividing the current value of all of the supply of money either globally or within the United States with all of the gold and they come up with this price and while that could be possible it's not necessarily going to happen so the price prediction is based on a future event that may or may not occur that is called speculation so in my opinion I don't want to buy an asset for its appreciation as far as I'm concerned it's a bonus if that happens but I'm not looking at that when investing in any asset class I don't look at the future benefit I need to know today does it provide me something today and hopefully on the different types of assets maybe a monthly income if it's for example real estate if it's gold you want protection and you want to be able to have that and maintain it there isn't a reason to want it to go to a particular price if you're not gonna sell it if you're gonna accumulate who cares what a cost that's why people are foolish having their own homes and thinking that it's an investment why in the world is that an investment you don't want your personal residence that continued to go up in price every year why so that the government could put more property taxes on you so that you have to pay more insurance so that everything gets more expensive in your life it's not beneficial to you you don't want that but that's the way it is and there's a reason behind it so while I do love gold I love it as part of a portfolio it's important to hold all of the different asset classes for each of their benefits ok I hope I made myself clear on that the total gold mined ever is valued currently at about 7 trillion dollars central bank gold reserves looks like about 33,000 tons and then you can see the monetary supply and so on they give you all that information here I think it's interesting to show how little gold there actually is it's not that much when you look at it in a big pile which I'll show you in a second it becomes something very miniscule compared to the actual amount of debt to the monetary supply and even to other commodities here you can see the price of gold over the years and I think it's important to address the fact that prior to then instance right here 1971 gold was always at a fixed price okay so they decided what that would be in US dollar terms you could see throughout the 50s it's at around $35 and then they decide that we can no longer keep up this sham and they would let it go so gold became just another commodity it was no longer connected to the monetary system and it rose dramatically you can see how high it went on this chartered showing me let's say around six hundred and seventy seven but I believe it was around eight hundred dollars at its absolute peak and then it fell for the next twenty years basically it fell got down to I think it dropped to about two hundred and fifty dollars an ounce at its bottom and ever since then it rocketed higher it peaked out I think the top was approximately nineteen hundred per ounce then it fell and today it's it's around let's say twelve hundred maybe thirteen hundred and it goes down to eleven hundred it's been trading in this range for years the price though as far as I'm concerned is not very important because when you do this you're speculating on a future price that you want to sell it at and right now it is the only asset class that I'm aware of that did not see the benefit of quantitative easing basically everything rose it's crazy to see the everything bubble except precious metals so obviously we know that they are manipulated that is confirmed you could go to gotta gata2 get the details on that but it's the question will it rise in the future will it be fifty thousand dollars an ounce and that's information I can't answer because I'm not an Oracle I'm not a soothsayer I'm not one to tell you what something is gonna be but if my opinion I think that it's wise to hold some precious metals how much at depends what is your portfolio look like how much money do you have to invest what are you doing with your money currently do you have some savings that you need to unload into something real what is your personal situation and that's really what it comes down to I can't tell you what to invest in I can give you financial advice but I certainly can say that it has been known to be beneficial to hold on to gold and silver gold is incredibly rare all the gold mined since the dawn of civilization would fit into a 20 meter by 20 meter by 20 meter cube you're seeing everything ever mined in a hundred and seventy one thousand ton brick and Wow that's a lot of gold in a way if you see the size comparison here it's really not that much so essentially this is just telling us what we are encountering we are seeing an asset that has limited availability it is used for different applications and the price hasn't risen in years it's very unique in that way the gold tree where gold comes from and where it goes so you'll see at the bottom source of gold and at the top is the uses of gold so the sources whether we're looking at areas in Asia like China for example or South America chale maybe were seeing the gold come out of Russia and so on and then the applications at the top whether we have the gold mining companies a physical gold bullion the exchange-traded funds investment funds all of these different mining ETFs you have all of the different coins and so much more so that's just an idea showing you where the gold goes where it's coming from and of course this is a different situation with silver silver is often used as an industrial metal it's very important and the supply cannot be maintained because so much of it is used today now 20 years from now who knows what they'll use maybe it'll be a completely different metal they won't use silver but for the time being silver seems to be very limited and very important that doesn't mean that the price will go up that just means right now today that is the fact I can't predict what the price will be at I just think that it's interesting it didn't see the benefits of quantitative easing that's all and very quickly to finish off jewelry is so important for many countries who give it as gifts consistently traditionally in the East this happens you're gonna give gold coins you're gonna give jewelry and that happens to be a store of wealth in a way but also as part of the cultural aspects all right this just shows you different percentages and the amounts and so I'd like to finish off the video very quickly just wanted to let you know that if you wanted more videos like this if you wanted some details that I don't really cover on my daily news type videos you gotta check out my main channel you scroll down to the bottom and you will see the how-to and Solutions playlist and you will also see the eazy-e course so check these two out I think they're really important really informative and you should definitely be looking into what I have in here because these are sort of the Evergreen videos they're always good to see always informative and so definitely check them out that's all for this video if you found that informative please give me a thumbs up when you give me a thumbs up you're supporting this channel so I do appreciate that very much and last but not least if you want the financial education you were not taught in school these two books have everything you need from the foundation the asset classes making money I talked about gold and talk about all the asset classes in these books so check them out at the link in the description if you want the audio book that's available at the money GPS com

MS in Information Systems, University of Maryland Smith School of Business

this is MPA pot TV and welcome to the University of Maryland's Robert H Smith school business I'm you hu and I'm here at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business today we're taking a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most popular programs the Master of Science in business and information systems not only will you learn about the program but we'll also look at the types of careers that this master program will lead to and also will life on campuses really like today you'll hear from the programs academic directors peter weiss and kate stewart you'll also meet some current students the MS and business and information systems is a one-year full-time degree that has a variety of components to it we have a technical component and a business component and it's intended for a person who's interested in getting an advanced degree and therefore becoming more competitive in a business environment but with the technical focus and information systems is a great career path the curriculum is broken into two main parts so we have a set of core classes and a set of elective classes within the core we really focus on building depth and skills in three main areas the first is information technology obviously it's an msi program the second key area that we focus on is analytics this is a really hot area right now a lot of companies are trying to find ways to leverage huge data sets for business intelligence and competitive advantage so we really tried to give our students some skills through a set of about four courses to understand you know how to handle those data sets how to gain some insights from them and then the third area is business and management you know this is a msis in a business school so students take a set of courses to understand you know how the technology function kind of fits into the rest the organization how that impact organizational strategy what are the unique issues to understand in managing information technology projects taking on a master's program isn't always easy you might be thinking how will this help with my future career and how can I take advantage of all this program has to offer well one of the benefits of the MS and information systems is its flexibility well the program is designed so that it can be completed in one academic year but it could also be stretched out to one half or even two years so we find that a lot of our students prefer to stay for one half years and that allows them to you know stay in the program a little longer stay in the area a little bit longer maybe get an internship we encourage those students to get internships during the summer so there is flexibility a session or I will shoot you that it's gone quinesha feet on beyond today Cornell's John Connor away to chicon door to negotiate da da da da casa con Castillo Shankar Giorgio's lager – war how does it bein kind of opened or unusual routing shoot out a tension and push ashore to hold similar work abating John to say make a since it over your put on a project Horatio and your finish later Thank You Mia cancelled o hunting John – and you put me in no control okay see saludos you should consider where you want to study when choosing a master's program because you could be spending up to two years there here the University of Maryland it's situated right outside of Washington DC which means a quick hop into the excitement of the capital city and as you can see here on campus it's a beautiful green park-like environment this is a beautiful city lots of park space is almost anything you can think of to do here the Washington being a large metropolitan area and it's also the nation's capital a lot of employers are headquartered here so with an MS and is your job opportunities are quite varied there's all sorts of options for you you can be a business analyst that's a typical job opportunity and a lot of our graduates go to work for consulting firms who provide analysis for other for other industries you can also go into development you can go into project management data analytics has become a very hot area right now where more and more people require information systems people to analyze the data to collect they've collected and look for business trends well Jenna say how to some program 200 Angela professor Muhammad T now a Woma she also might hope Kermit you wanna achieve a tomorrow with Han documents was he here who are a whole bunch woman quicker materia and although the tone today are enormous in the world program just took us into the endocrine he fit on the fit on the team UK so I would tell someone who haven't decided yet that you should really figure out what you're interested in what you're interested in business and information systems and see all those courses offered by Xin the school that really fit what you want to do or want to know about and but to me I really recommend this this program it's very very great well that's it for this episode of MBA part TV I'm your host you a shoe if you want to learn more about the Smith Schools master in information systems we should check out their website at our H Smith dot u md edu and remember to visit us at NB a podcaster comm to register for the latest video and audio shows you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news and insights on your application process good luck

Grixis Dragon Control – Magic – Arena standard constructed BO3 Vs Grixis Control – The Eldest Reborn

this guy's got the nickel ball as we call it like onatopp oh we got plenty of lands to comes this come into play a little laggy this mental Aguilar over the last couple days does he have a daughter Asia that's fine what do you like it's a good choice when he's playing the mirror he knows everything we have now you got rid of Al and so have anger as RAM Paige ready and real close to a ritual lease or draw some cards maybe should've kept the hand but you never know definitely the mirror just keep playing lands I guess we do have a ritual you just have to play any creatures I don't know if he's playing there he might be playing for boloss as well I don't think I'm concerned about he knows literally every card in her hands and we are just landlords right now so let's see give it a lens Louise keep drawing him he got him muzzle use them so that's six lands we should be in good shape seven lands I just need to draw something to play we got rid of all the big boys I don't think I'm gonna need some others play one hole lucky one bet so we're going to the side boy we need to take out Ritualist hood and probably car narium and things like that because he is maximizing his ball loss here straw card I don't have enough to play it unfortunately it's gonna be good play so okay so okay we can make him discard the ball off he's not playing any counter spells that we can lose scene we just added that so I'm glad to see it wort we have all the answers but for how long for how long let me use this now I get it back here it's gonna be nice I'm gonna hold onto that land here's no we have it so I think ritual what L do L just reborn see how this works so is Liliana D here sacrifices to creature let's do nigga boss and do this okay this is a game we got from the game I got a disinformation campaign he's got a tutu zombie but he does have three more cards so I would say the advantage is here's at the moment look like a dupe of play there's no reason to not get it out there I hope he doesn't have the counter he doesn't we got six and lands you need seven to flip them so we're looking at either draw land or thought erasure let's go to game 2 you know I have to make creatures that's plans August Planeswalkers angrist would have page into the gutter journals now I really didn't play to my creatures they plant but you didn't we play a bowl a sieve it does have an elder spill we're gonna do one more elder spell it wasn't my job to make cards I think this is our sideboard here still focused on the draw I mean the the discard portion we ship it to rest remind me after this will put the rest in the sideboard gonna be a tough Kate I didn't need those I didn't need those so take that out put niacin in there's a discovery well let's save it for let's say but it's a different disinformation campaign first and then we'll take advantage of the surveil for discovery I'm going to take a chance and try to get the most from our cards so we got it for a land he still has a lot car sorry lands a lot of blue one black thinking about what his plays gonna be okay the way things get like a bow loss or something okay I can handle that he hasn't even seen one house II don't know so let's do I don't need a for 34 cards here let's do this first we got plenty of lance carnage is gonna be nice so thought erasure so we'll do a carnage next turn just to keep him from kicking escorting cords dispersal is also an option I like a lot so we're definitely doing the the discard this is two discards here discovery dispersal is a draw slash discard and then to Carnage's I'm not sure we is looking for here okay nice can't even pose and do this and drop some cars let's do this first they lose two cards it's gonna haunt those that's cancer of course I've got some good ones folks we got some good ones if we ever get to play this discovery I'm gonna pick up both of these I think I have one Vedek bedazzle if I want to get rid of if I want to get rid of a sconce oh and it flips I want to do this again I don't think an arse it has anything to do with them with that so there goes there's both us cards as Lilliana we can play discovery well yeah we have one with how many dispersals do we have okay got an extra one we don't need lands so let's get rid of those so we can get to draw carb that's okay we got to put the two lands in the graveyard and we get our disinformation campaign back if he plays a card here we play dispersal and he has to sacrifice his Narcy I should have played that because he could have needed to he'll hold on to it so he could discard his land I wanted to play a disbursal I played this intermission campaign like the wrong card there I meant to put that back in his hand so that's a punch on my part may have work to work to our advantage honestly yeah hmm oh no fine fine here's a car left in his hand fortunately he still discards his card yeah we missed it we could have got rid of that in our sit and we and now it's costing us because that when we play the wrong card let's get Riverlands let's give a winter all here you've come in with how much you can do these messages

Kevin O'Rourke, Ireland discusses renovation strategies

but from my perspective the key challenges for governments in relation to implementing the rector innovation strategy and e2 driving it are to actually kick start the process to show leadership to gain political consensus to actually give confidence to the market and I think a couple of key elements to that are number one they need to actually if you like get the buy-in and get the trust of the key decision-makers in the marketplace and one of the key elements within that in turn is the whole question of bridging the gap between investment that the investment perspective that public if you like our social good has long-term benefits that governments have to look after versus the private investor and the one key way of bridging that gap is to actually have an intelligent array of policy instruments that actually are well coordinated in order to deliver the sort of market momentum to get the wheel turning in the market as it were

How to Construct a Histogram in Excel 2007

in this video I'm going to show you how to construct a histogram in Microsoft Excel now I've shown how to do this inside Davis because SIA Davis is much easier to use but if you can't use Sai Davis that's fine you can do this in Excel but there's no built-in tool to do do this automatically there's one that you can download as an add-on but if you're using a computer that's not yours you can't really do that so here we've got a random data set in inches for example and so what we'd like to do is construct a histogram which is a graph showing if we separate the data set into bins how many measurements go into each bin in other words say as is the case in this particular data set the data goes from negative 1.5 inches to 1.5 inches we can separate those bins into say 1/2 inch increments and then see how many measurements lie in each increment this gives us an approximation for the probability density function or the derivative of the cumulative distribution plot so let's go ahead and do that first thing we're going to do same thing we always do go ahead and copy the data so we have the original copy in case something happens so I hit ctrl C to copy ctrl V to paste and then we're going to sort this data column by clicking on data and then sort it wants to expand the selection we don't want to expand the selection so we continue with the current selection and we see that yeah there our data is negative 1.4 to 1.3 so we'll go from negative one and a half to one and a half so to do this what we want to do is we're going to make a column over here and just call it bins that really doesn't matter you don't really have to do that but that's just a reminder and then in order for this to work correctly in Excel we need to format these cells as text otherwise it's going to try to convert what I want to name the cells into a number and so for example I want to go from negative 1.5 and like I said let's do bins of 0.5 inches so if I want to go negative 1.5 to negative 1 point 0 now that's saved as text if that had been a number it would be trying to do math that etc okay and now let's say negative one point zero two negative zero point five negative zero point five two zero 0 to 0.5 0.5 to 1 and 1 to one point zero to one point five so just so we're nice and neat let's call this one point zero and then all we're going to do is literally count the numbers the number of data points in each area in other words how many data points do I have from negative one point five to one point oh one two three four five okay so there are five data points there negative one point oh two negative zero point five here's one two three four five six seven eight nine ten okay zero point five two zero so here we are we can use the cell numbers to count so from 17 down to 31 so one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 okay 0 to 0.5 so here is zero to zero point five one two three four five six seven zero point five two one zero point five going up to 1.0 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and then 1.0 to 1.5 is three so now we would like to plot this and so what we can do is we can go ahead and select this data set and this is just going to be a label on the x axis and then this is just going to be the count so let's generate what we want to generate is a column plot so let's go to insert and we want columns and so what we want to do we want to make a column plot with this data but the columns in a histogram do not have any space in between them in other words for this to be meaningful we need a continuous data set so we're going to hit insert and then column then we just want a clustered column just a 2d plot and here we can see hey there there we go negative one point five two one we have five and so you know this looks like we expect except we don't want these gaps here get rid of those gaps click on your data set left click then right click and hit format data series and here we can set the gap width set it to no gap and hit close and we can see there's our histogram this legend doesn't really mean anything so let's delete it and let's give this access some titles we do this by going up to the chart tools while we selected our chart up to layout then access titles primary horizontal axis title let's give it a title down here and let's say measurement in inches if you have some more meaningful thing to give this like case weights or you know quarter diameters or something do that but make sure you include the units and then we want to add a vertical axis so let's add a primary vertical axis we want sorry access titles and we want a rotated title and this is just the number of measurements and there we have a histogram