Board of Education deliberates School Superintendent’s Salary

doors for the last two and a half hours?? Members are talking about renewing the contract for school superintendent Kathyn Matayoshi. KITV’s CatHerine Cruz has the lastest: – Kathy Matayoshi 29: 55 -30:00 -“The thing that was most disconcerting to me was that there might even be a sense of retaliation or fear out there,” Matayoshi was responding to results of a survey of principals which included a climate of fear for speaking out. The union that represents the school administrators say the results mirror a survey it conducted earlier this year specifically about frustrations with a mandated teacher evaluation that some say is impractical. The school board heard a call to delay today’s vote and also to be more transparent about how Matayoshi is being evaluated. – Laura Thielen 6:04-6 : 23 – “There has been very little public outreach from the public and the survey has come forward to you was initiated by them principals not by you. To me it would be dereliction of your duty to make a decision today to renew the contract without reaching out to gather more public input.” Randy Roth 1:56 2:08 – “I would encourage you to take a very, very close look at the survey and ask the superintendent and share her thoughts, not just with you, but with school personnel before you make a decision,” – Daryl Gallera 9:13: 9:16 -“Principals are part of the solution not part of the problem,” Matayoshi said her leadership team is working on changes to the evaluation system — cutting the paperwork or how often teachers are evaluated. But even she admits she is running out of time. Kathy Matayoshi 32: 16 -32:28 – “Multi track schools start early so we need to get the word out to them as soon as possible, so if they do need to make adjustments they see the changes before they start school” Matayoshi may be in line for a pay raise. She makes 150 thousand now– which is more than the governor but less than two other of her principals. Lawmakers passed a bill to raise the cap to 250 thousand but the governor hasnt signed up yet. Matayoshi’s contract is up at the end of the month. Back to you– Paula ,Yunji?

American Chopper Rick Petko Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Knives, Now, Shop

The fans of the American Chopper will love
this video. Because in this video, we’re featuring an
absolute fan favorite of the show. A very skilled guy in the custom metal fabrication,
this guy joined the American chopper in 2003 and remained popular throughout the fan till
the end. We’re talking about Rick Petko. Hello and welcome to Frost snow where you
get all the latest updates about everything that goes around in Hollywood. Please subscribe to our channel if you don’t
want to miss anything. And now, let’s get started with the video. Rick was born on 11 September 1968 and he
is a native of Bath, Pennsylvania. Rick while he was growing up he was fascinated
by how bikes were made. He loved watching movies about motorbikes. And watching old models being remade into
new ones was his absolute favorite. His career would stat humbly. He was not famous overnight. For five years he worked at a company called
Pocono Raceway. He then worked for Hooters Pro Cup team and
at some point, he wanted a new surrounding. As a result, he started working for at OCC(Orange
County Choppers). Orange County Choppers are known worldwide
for their custom motorcycle. So that was his life, work, and work and work..but
his work finally paid off when he signed to reality TV American Chopper. The show not only made him famous but also
lined up a lot of work for him. Even when he left the show in 2012, the fans
had still not got enough of him. As of now, he runs his own fabrication shop
RPD&CO downtown Stroudsburg in Pocono since 2016 partnering with Jim and Linda Schiller. When asked about the experience in the American
choppers, he says that it great while it lasted but it wasn’t the core of what he actually
liked to do. Petko is married to Britanny Petko who runs
a wool shop. The couple got married in May 2012 and it
was recorded in the show itself. The couple shares two daughters together:
Everly Rose who was born in October 2013 and Lucy who was born in 2016. With all the remodeling and building bikes
and the show contributing the major part of the net worth, this professional fabricator
has a net worth of 1.75 million dollars. And that’s all for today on Rick Petko. If you liked this video, do give it a big
thumbs up. Also, mention down in the comments whom would
you like us to feature next in our video. And please hit that like button as not to
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Ask Limo U Show: Episode #136 – Do you need an office?

(energetic percussive music) (upbeat electronic music) – All right, so there is no magic pill of when you need to get an office, and actually, I would
tell the majority of you never get an office. Why do you need an office? You can be like Dave Uziel at UrbanBCN. You can be like Richard
Fertig was at Go Brilliant. You can be the way that we’ve
shifted our business model. Why not be remote? Why not work from home and save two or three or four or $5,000 a month? The big question is is how
many vehicles do you have, do you need to have your
vehicles inside of a warehouse? And I think a lotta
that depends on climate. But I don’t believe that
you have to have an office with dispatchers over here and customer service reps over there. You can use things like
Slack, and Flock, and email, and instant messenger
and FaceTime and Skype to have real dialogs just
like I’m doing with you right no in realtime to have communication with your dispatchers, with
your chauffeur managers, with your customer service
reps and with your clients to where you don’t have to be face-to-face across from each other. So I don’t really have a concrete answer, but I would delay it as long as you can so you can save as much cash as you can, and only move into an
office if you have to. That’s my piece of advice. I know it’s not exactly 100% specific, but it’s the best that I can do because every one of your
businesses is different, but the number one thing we
should all be focusing on is saving cash, and offices are expensive, and in my opinion, unless
you are a very large company with 20, 50, 100 employees, pretty much unnecessary. Thank you for joining me on this episode of the “Ask Limo U Show”. I look forward to seeing
you guys on the next episode of “The Ask Limo U Show”. (energetic percussive music)

12 things to do in LISBON, Portugal! We visit Sintra, Timeout Market, lookout & Park Bar | EPISODE 1

All right travellers, Lisbon is going to
leave you spinning! What are your first impressions? On this episode of Global
Travel Guides we have 12 top tips when visiting Lisbon and later we check out
century and beyond but first let’s learn the basics. Lisbon is the capital.
Portugal’s population has cracked 10 million people. The country is south of
Europe and as we’re about to find out its coastline, ceramic tiled buildings,
and historic palaces, draws crowds! I’m Kristina and this is my partner John.
We’ve been travelling together since we were teenagers. When we’re not working as a TV journalist and airline pilot, we’re exploring the globe. Subscribe and let’s
get lost in Portugal. Thank you to all our Global Travel Guide subscribers,
we’ve just started our six-week Europe holiday, with our first stop being Lisbon.
Here are our 12 top tips! Once you land hit the ground running with a free walking
tour to help get your bearings. Whatever you think the tour was worth is how much
each tip at the end. You know what the Portugese call the codfish? It’s the most traditional fish that you can have here in Portugal. Another Portuguese tradition is the
famous sweet cherry liqueur. For less than a couple of euro a shot it’s definitely
worth the taste! For this next stop you’ll be thankful you had a guide
because this lift can be a tourist trap. No way! Locals know if you walk up the
hill and along this bridge you avoid the crowds, skip the line and bypass the
elevator and be rewarded with the same view – free. If you are planning on using
public transport buy one of these cards. This is how they work. That includes ferry, subway, trains,
funicular, elevators it’s all included. You pay 50 cents for this
little card you pay minimum of 2 euros but you can put it with 5 10 15 and you
pay as you go and every type of public transportation. And one of the most
popular among tourists would have to be Tram 28. Packed in like sardines for a
couple of euro you’ll pass many sites andd charming neighbourhoods. We prefered to explore on foot, so we stopped by this National Monument, a church that took 500 years to build but seconds to be destroyed by an earthquake and then fire.
It reopened in 1994 and still showcases its scars. Josiah just gave us an incredible tour
of the city thank you so much for having us. Thank you! Can you tell our viewers
where they can go if they want to see one of your tours? They will go to and it’s people that are passionate about the
city. Well, I’ll make sure we leave the details in the description below.
One of the best experiences that I think we’ve had is putting a washing out here
in the balcony. How was that experience? I feel like a real local! Not a bad view either hey?
Talking about views, this is one of Lisbon’s most popular lookouts.
There’s buskers, and lovers closing locks. We just walked up here from our Airbnb. The stroll took about 30
minutes. In the distance you’ll spot Saint George’s Castle built 2,000 years
ago by the Romans. You can add this to your itinerary or just keep walking
until you make it to Alfama. It’s one It’s one of Lisbon’s oldest areas. Picturesque and
lined with shops and cafes claiming to have the best view in town. Take it all
in with some olives and fresh lemonade. Another cool view is from park it’s
literally a car park with a bar positioned on its roof top.
it’s a busy vibe… and ladies if you’re heading out don’t bother with heels here,
everyone wear sneakers for obvious reasons. So as the sun set over Lisbon,
and its Christ the King shrine we picked up dinner at the bustling Timeout Market. Put yourself in a food coma with presunto, cheese, Portuguese tarts and other incredible desserts because tomorrow
you’re going to need energy because we’re off to Sintra. It’s quiet romantic, it reminds me of a fairy tale setting. Tomorrow we are heading to Sintra, one of my favourite places in Portugal. You don’t want to miss it. It is just
divine. It has to be on your schedule… and as part of this six-week journey through
Europe we’re also going up to Porto we’re going to be checking out some of
the incredible beaches along Portugal. We’ll then make our way into Spain. I’m
feeling like I have vertigo! We’re also going up to Amsterdam, Paris
and then some Greek islands so make sure you hit that like button that subscribe
button and we’ll see you next time on Global Travel Guides.

Stock Market Recap 20-24 Jan – CoronaVirus Spreads To The Stock Market

hello financial investors and welcome to
you the channel my name is Brent and today we’re gonna be taking a look at
the four main and access where they’re gonna be taking a look at after our
remove it did the market go up did it go lower we’re gonna look at the entire
sp500 performance for the week jumping over taking a look at financials oil the
dollar so for gold bonds and ending it with mortgage rates this is our weekly
recap where we kind of keep we consolidate everything that took place
this week we put in a video and that way if there’s any time where you want to
take a look at what took place in a specific weekend the market you know for
2020 or 2099 I know I did a lot of I did a lot of these recordings back in 2019
up until about September October and that’s when I kind of cut off but I want
to get back to this because I like to see the historical movement of the
market and what sort of movement took place you know what was the big scare
for that week so that is what we’re going to be doing in today’s video this
is your first time here on the channel I would really appreciate if you do hit
that subscribe button below right below this video if you do enjoy this video
find a help we’ll hit the thumbs up button below
and if you have any comments or questions go to anything in today’s
video the stock market dividends personal finance real estate drop it
into the comment section I do read and apply to all your comments and let’s go
ahead and get into the video so we have our official read week in the
market and this is completely fine we’re down 1%
no biggie we’ve been hit much harder what 2017-2018 we had days where we lost
5% in a single day it’s really nice to see the market beginning to take a bit
of a break over the past six months this market has gone nowhere but up there’s
been very low you know very low instances where we had some negativity
back since September look at this just chug and chug and chug and chug and
higher so having just one week there where we have some negative and the
market we have some pullback that’s good I don’t think the reason for the
pullback was warranted that’s because big scare with the corona corona virus
but I don’t think it’s a big deal you know there’s much you know common the
common cold the flu has a much higher fatality rate versus the corona virus I
think has a two or three percent fatality you know with what I think
there’s a low number of people that have died from it with versus the high amount
that have been affected so it’s crazy but I don’t think it was warranted for
the pullback in the market but let me know in the comments section below do
you think it is a bigger deal or do you think that the media sorta just hype
ended up as they do with the Ebola or just some other thing that took takes
place the same time every year get people out of their house to get some
flu shots so sp500 down 1.0 3% in the five-day still in second place here
today up 2% the Dow Jones is in third place as far as performance of three
main indexes that is up 1.5 8% you can see some more negativity here within
this what was the difference between the S&P and the Dow Jones well we had Boeing
on the news did their planes are gonna be grounded just a little bit longer
they’re also gonna be taking out some debt and that’s going to be affecting
them here in the short term saw them kind of moving lower for the the week
early on and then Friday they kind of picked up in some green so kind of
interesting I do see Boeing moving down and I see a lot of price targets around
280 investors will really like it around $300 I think Boeing would be interesting
but I think it’s a little bit of a risky company at this time until they kind of
get their stuff together next year too so Dow Jones 1.2 to down for the week
you’re today third place at 1.58 Nasdaq is our winner currently here today up
three point eight two percent it is also our winner and the performance for the
week only down point seven nine so here down one point seven nine the
Dow Jones down to one point two two and the S&P down 1.03 for the week now of
you know of the other main index so the other main index here that we cover is
the russell 2000 and this is a good indicator of how we are doing
nationally here with the united states this is a lot of small mid cap
companies so some of the companies here ABM industries a 1-800 flowers we have yeah 100 flowers right there at the top
these are a lot of very smaller cap companies they don’t have a whole lot of
market capital market can’t think of the word but they’re just more smaller
us-based companies not so much on a national level such as your Procter &
Gamble’s Johnson & Johnson’s so this is how we’re doing locally they are down
2.2% for the week putting them into the negative for the year down 0.37% this is
kind of an interesting one they kind of follow and see how the performance of
the Russell kind of picks up in the future weeks does it move higher doesn’t
move lower that’ll be interesting so in the after-hours the stock market
continued to fall you can see the S&P the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq down about
point O 8 here in the after-hours now the big movement this week or this
Friday was just due to what was going on overseas in China now they’ve had
reports in cases of it popping up in Washington over in taxes over in
California as travelers are making their way back from China earlier this month
are kind of seeing this kind of get wild now if you have a high immune system or
just a you know you’re healthy you’re fit this thing probably gonna kind of
blow over you’re not going to see much of it you’re gonna see a lot of it hyped
up here in the short term but it’ll kind of blow over and then the market will
sort of recover in the next week or two but let’s go ahead and proceed one day
change here Boeing up 1.6 6% on the day so very nice
performance here at Boeing and tell blasted earnings they did earnings here
after hours on Thursday there were 5 percent there on Thursday after hours
continue to move higher on Friday an additional 3% putting them up up for the
day 8.1 3% very nice movement there on Intel anyone who’s bought this one maybe
a year and a half ago maybe two years ago have held it since that point
amazing performance I remember when Intel was back in that $40 range so
really nice to see Intel moving higher kind of getting with it now other than
that you can see a lot right out there but if you were to look
at one specific sector and say hey that has the majority green what would it be
there’s basically two down here in the defense so we see Boeing Lockheed Martin
General Dynamics Raytheon these are very defensive aerospace YZ style companies
and also utilities we see Duke Energy at point 2 1 we can see next era energy up
one point for Southern Company consultant and Edison and so on oil is
also sort of on my radar I’ve been watching oil get hammered this week down
7% here we’ll look at oil real fast 7.3 percent on the ETF that tracks the oil
fund USO very interesting I already own Chevron I’m actually really looking at
how Exxon is gonna be performing here you can see over the past week excellent
is down 3.6 3% Chevron down four point three one avi also losing out there I
posted over on Instagram today I sold that if a B I’ve been saying resistance
three times with a V three or four times with a be read at that Andy dollar mark
they could never break $90 and I believe 15 cents so I went ahead took profits
move sold about $12,000 $12,200 worth of ABI and moved it into ways into general
parts GPC genuine parts and Apple hospitality now Apple Inc but Apple
hospitality the real estate investment trust that was overall my IRA over on
meadow edge to posted that over on Instagram financials also getting really
hit this week you know they did really well during their earnings season plan a
popped up but they’re kind of losing some of that steam so JP Morgan down
almost three percent on the week Bank of America down in three point five
almost and Wells Fargo in that same area down three point four one percent I read
an article that was kind of getting floated around how the old CEO or
someone Flynn Wells Fargo would no longer be able to do something of the
sort I didn’t see the article I didn’t read into I just saw the headlines I
know those some article out there we related to Wells Fargo and that’s
there good for them so some of the biggest
sectors out there you can see as it kind of gets redder it shows how that they
got beat up here in the short term the most so we see CBS Corporation down 6%
avi Merck M gen Exxon Chevron Disney closing their location over in China
just due to the corona virus so lots of red out there Apple continuing to move
higher pushing now to 318 dollars so oil down seven point six percent on the week
down here to date down ten point seven seven percent financials really saw all
the big financials get hit so this one is down two point zero six D dollar is
moving higher for the week just slightly about 20 cents though started about
ninety 760 moved higher to about ninety 789 so a little bit of over about 26
cents there in difference what that dollar just moving higher we also saw
silver and gold move higher generally when you see the dollar move higher I
don’t usually see silver and gold moving but what the market the way it is kind
of get it into a scare factor I think investors are kind of moving towards
silver and gold you can see a huge spike here on Friday alone nice bike up
continue to finish stronger up almost 2% there on Friday alone put it at five-day
changeup point 5 4 % gold making a nice really nice recovery or just movement
here this week up one percent on the week both here just throughout the week
as positive positive positive part of positive that nice bike here on Friday
early morning and just kind of kept it throughout the day very nice so 1% there
on the 5 day here today up 3.5 5% bonds continuing to move just slightly higher
a week after a week I think I do own still quite a bit of buns over in my
thirst Savings Plan I know my 401k I had shifted it to primarily a vanguard
institutional index fund which is really just sort of growth with a with a yield
attached to it so I’m able to get some dividend yields paid out within my broth
401k from work and I haven’t touched bonds besides my
TSP in a little bit and mortgage rates moving down this week from three point
eight four percent last week two no three point seven seven and I’m getting
a ton of offers in the mail for rates of lowest three point two five with AP
wives of three point seven five so if you have a mortgage higher than four
point two five percent it may make sense they go out there talk to your local
loan officers you know talk to your local credit unions see what rates are
offering I have used better calm to get two of my refinances on my properties
for real estate I’m looking at another deal now trying to get financing for not
fine and not trying to get financing about looking at just getting
pre-approved because I’m going to be buying an additional hopefully two more
properties in 2020 I missed out it did see anything pop in for 2019 I’m really
hoping to continue to progress and move my real estate business further here in
2020 so that is all I wanted to cover in today’s video
just a very quick going over the four main indexes the movements in the after
hours the total performance of the S&P 500
what stocks were up and down using fenves calm the movement with an oil
financials $8.00 sowe’re gold bonds and mortgage rates so
that is what we’re going to be doing on a weekly basis just to kind of vlog the
style of the market seeing what really kind of scared or hype the market and a
given week and we’ll kind of go from there so if that is it with that said if
you have not yet subscribed I would really appreciate if you do hit that
subscribe button below if you did enjoyed this video fine I hope we’ll hit
the thumbs up and if you have any comments questions for me or just want
to ask a question just general to the comment section drop it in there I see a
lot of other subscribers viewers answering other viewers subscribers
questions and I really like that kind of building the community up and that is
going to wrap today’s video thank you all for tuning in I will see you next
time have a great day bye

Claiming Personal Independence Payment

Claiming Personal Independence Payment Once you’ve decided that Personal Independence
Payment (known as PIP) is right for you, you can make a claim by calling the Department
for Work and Pensions. Our freephone number for
PIP new claims is 0800 917 2222. If you can’t hear or speak on the phone
you can claim using the Next Generation Text service a video relay service or you
can claim by post. The call should take around 15 minutes. You can ask a family member, carer, support
worker, friend or someone who helps you to make the call but you’ll just need to be
with them when they do. If you don’t have anyone to help you with
the call, you can still ring us we ask everyone if they need any support during the call. We will need some personal information from
you, like your National Insurance Number, bank details and health or care worker details.
At this point, we won’t ask you for any information about your long-term health condition or disability during the call. After the call, we’ll send you a form called
How your disability affects you, along with an information booklet to help you complete
it. It can take up to 2 weeks for these to get
to you. Use this time to gather information to help
support your claim, which you can send in with your completed form. When you get the form you will need to return
it to us within a month – the exact date will be printed at the top. If you need more time, give us a call or use
the Next Generation Text or video relay service The form asks questions about
your ability to carry out a range of day-to-day activities and getting around. Please give as much detail as you can. Your
answers will really help us understand how your long-term condition or disability affects
you. Most people will be asked to attend a face-to-face
assessment with a health professional. It’s very important that you attend if you’re
asked to. Once you have had your assessment DWP will
usually write to you within a month to let you know whether you have been awarded PIP. You may not need a face-to-face assessment
if your form and supporting information clearly supports your claim. If you are disabled or have a health condition,
you may also be able to get help with employment or financial issues like:
Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, an ‘Access to Work’ grant to help cover
the costs of practical support in the workplace, or help with your Council Tax. There’s also lots of useful information
in the disabled people section on GOV.UK If you are experiencing financial difficulties
and you need urgent advice, you can contact your local Jobcentre Plus office, your local
council or a local support organisation. You can find their contact details on GOV.UK For more information online, go to: This video is a guide only. There are special processes for people who
are terminally ill. Some claims may also be more complex and take
longer to process.