Charles Sturt student Emily shares her Agriculture Business Management story

Hi. I’m Emily Walker. I’m a first year
Agricultural Business Management student, studying at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. I chose Charles Sturt University as it was
close to home. It has lots of large agricultural facilities as it is a big inland city surrounded
by agriculture. It has a great reputation within Australia and I thought it would be
a great place to study Agricultural Business Management. There are numerous scholarships available
at Charles Sturt University, I was awarded one at the start of this year which was called
the VP Bragg Scholarship and I suggest that numerous people coming to University should
apply for any scholarships. Do your best to get your application and you might be surprised. I was also awarded the Horizon Scholarship,
that is funded by AgriFutures. It is an industry scholarship that is here in Wagga. We are
provided with $5000 per year of our course and 2 weeks of industry placement that is
funded by the AgriFutures business. With the Horizon scholarship I have 2 weeks practical
placement in Mildura, 2 weeks at Westpac in the AgriBusiness section. There are numerous international experiences
that are offered through CSU. As I’m going into my second year in 2018 one of our subjects
in agricultural business management is international experience. That is through an elective which
can be chosen and students can go overseas with the opportunities to go to Japan, Papua
New Guinea or Argentina. Once I have finished studying at Charles Sturt
University my career direction is still not completely decided yet as I’m still in my
first year of university but due to my Agricultural Business Management course I can go in numerous
different paths such as going through agronomy and doing the science side of agriculture
or further into finance or management. In my first session at University I really
enjoyed doing the subject of Agri systems. It really focused on the supply chain of different
businesses showing that management is vital in a successful business and this is one maybe
career opportunity that I could go into. Charles Sturt University is very unique as
it provides large amount of practical work for us students to undertake. This is through
the working farm that is here on campus, which allows to be experienced to agronomy, different
livestock productions as well as research. My experiences of living on campus at Charles
Sturt University would be the great amount of friendships and connections that I’ve
made with numerous people here at the university and all the different social events that occur. The advice that I would give to someone that
wished to study at Charles Sturt University would be to look at all the different scholarships
available, but also to come to the My Days to see all the different facilities that we
have here at CSU.

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