China Investment in Africa

we are not countries that are best friends we are not countries that fully understand each other we are not countries with the same system values culture or nature of the economy but we are countries that have learned how to deal with each other I think we have to put certain limits on the Chinese investment but it's a danger for the Serenity in Europe for security in Europe in particular in the case of Africa within China there's enormous there's enormous amounts of competition between the various Development Bank's between the various commercial banks all looking for a stake in the African pie today China is a superpower that no one can ignore but everyone has an opinion about China is now the world's second largest economy after the United States this means that China has regained the position it held until the early 1800s as one of the world's richest countries the journey from widespread poverty to growing prosperity took 30 years during this time China has become the world's biggest exporter with the world's greatest financial assets currently invested on every continent it is only a matter of time before China surpasses the US as the largest economy in the world because China continues to develop what happened in Europe and in Sweden 200 years ago and one reason is happening now in China only on a much larger scale is inevitable is the working of the law of economic development it is because Iran has reached this particular stage of development where rural people are moving into cities what you are seeing is the largest ever urbanization process in the world taking place in China and that will drive China's economy to grow for at least 20 years to come this journey to modernization and prosperity devours so much energy and resources that China can no longer supply itself China must therefore import large amounts of agricultural products raw materials and energy which are then paid for with the profits from the consumer goods China manufactures and exports this trade has made China the largest trading partner of the EU as well as the countries in Southeast Asia and Africa and the second largest trading partner of Latin America and the u.s. to ensure access to energy and raw materials China invests in countries rich in natural resources in Asia Africa and Latin America the most extensive investments to date are in Africa where China's had contacts since the 1950s when African countries began freeing themselves from colonialism the airport in Maputo the capital of Mozambique is expanding this is proof of the country's growth which in recent years has been among the highest in the world over 10 percent an economic miracle that seems to persist but which is not solely based on the country's own efforts Chinese investment is unapologetically for commercial interests and this has nothing to do with altruistic behavior and and in some type of development partnership going forward for the greater good of the African continent alone this has also got to do with China's need it's it's national leaders as it grows and develops within its own country and perhaps in the future market opportunities for Chinese made products wherever minerals metals oil and coal are extracted or where there's a possibility to take over a fertile piece of land one is virtually certain to find Chinese business interests in Africa it is the enormous fairly unexploited natural resources that China desires today the country trades with 49 out of 50 for African countries and China has quickly established itself what we learn us because compared to now at least a million Chinese have already moved to Africa in Maputo newly arrived businessmen can even buy Chinese milk in the Chinese own store the cooperation between Mozambique and China has led to enormous growth there's talk of African lion economies but in one of the world's poorest countries it is the political elites who benefit not the so-called common people you

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  1. I think journalists should stop comparing China's business to the West. They are already jealous of China's progress around the world. Very greedy generation Uhn…

  2. then they only got Russia to turn to and there peasants that think there a super power but ain't got shit there weak ass piss

  3. the real truth China is doomed this super power crap is a joke my country will make them starve and collapse in an instant when we find different exporters for all our food goal and gold and it's gonna happen slowly but surely and the USA will do the same

  4. Chinese don't just invest in countries with natural resources – they invest in ALL countries. The common people have not benefitted? Come on . The commentator is an idiot obviously, reading from an anti-Chinese script

  5. Too bad Chinese are building Africa up primarily to facilitate its plan of shifting hundreds of millions of Chinese into Africa. Building is okay, but not making Africa a population center for Chinese. We don't need your swarming. Invest, okay, but don't infest!

  6. The need a welfare system like here in the US. This wold help the poor. The have not and non working would get halt. 

  7. I think the Africa/China investment is great. Most countries have done nothing but, strip the African Continent of its resources, and give little back to the Africans, or the African economy. It would be great if the Chinese not only help build the infrastructure of Africa but, also educate, train, and employ Africans.

  8. If u have ur own central bank to print as much money and whenever u want and if u have 1+ billion slaves and vast lands, anybody can be a super power of the world… but that's a dictatorship… Will Africa, Europe, Americas, Oceania, and Asia… all be under the control of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Dynasty…? Because that's what they are after today… (ck it out)

  9. Why does the west so concerned about China-Africa relationship? They put propaganda that only the political elites benefit not the common people! How do they expect significant changes to affect everyone in overnight? While in the west which colonised and gained long free labour, free resources has never eradicated poverty in all of its citizens? The are poor people in Europe, USA and even in Australia. Wealth Inequality in USA is so high with an increasing homeless desperate people one side and billionaires on the other side. Followed by European-Union then Australia poverty and inequality is real. Why do you think there is high suicide rate in the west?

  10. up,  my driver the bottom citizen of this country ( Tanzania)  said 20 years ago Chinese come bring city modernization, Chinese make life easier and happy…

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