COLREG Rule 26 & Rule 35 Fishing Vessel Engaged In Trawling

Marine Online The vessel engaged in trolling meaning dragging address net or similar to the water whether underway or a tanker will show at night the following light to all round lights are green light above a white light if the vessel is underway and making way through the water then it will also show sidelights understand light also if the vessel is over fifty meters long that also the conventional masthead light about the stern of the all-round green light during the day at all shall show a shape consisting of two cones with their a texts together sound signal in restricted visibility underway or a tanker one long last followed by two short blasts at intervals with not more than two minutes extract from rule 26 fishing vessels extracts from rule 35 sound signal from restricted visibility extract from rule 26 fishing vessels hey a vessel engaged in fishing weather underway on anchor will exhibit only the lights and shapes described in this rule be a vessel when engaged in trolling by which is meant to dragging through the water of a dredge metal other apparatus used of the fishing appliance shall exhibit 12 all-round lights in a vertical line the upper being green from the lower light or shape consisting of two cousins with the apex is together in a vertical line one about the other two a masthead light above the higher than the all-round greenlight a vessel of less than 50 meters in length shall not be obliged to exhibit such light but may do so three when making way through the water in addition to the light described in this paragraph side lights and a stern light extract from 25 South signals in restricted visibility in only an area of restricted visibility whether by day or night the signals described in this rule shall be used as follows a apologizing vessel making way through the water for found at intervals of not more than two minutes 1 prolonged last be our general vessel under way but stopped and making no way through the water sound at intervals of not more than two minutes to prolong blast to succession with an interval of about two seconds between them see the vessel not under command vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver vessel constrained by harassed a sailing vessel vessel engaged in fishing and a less engaged in towing or pushing another vessel shell instead of the signals described in paragraph ARB of this rule sounded intervals is not more than two minutes three blasts in succession maybe one beloved followed by two short last f1 a pushing vessel and a vessel being pushed ahead are rigidly connected in a composite unit they shall be regarded as a power-driven vessel shall kiss the signals described in paragraph a or b of this rule

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