Configuring a journal rule for selected users of your Office 365 domain

Greetings from Mithi, welcome to a series
of self learning videos on understanding and using Vaultastic, the easiest and the most
secure email archiving solution yet. In this video, we will learn configuring a
journal rule for selected users of your Office 365 domain. Before configuring a journal rule, make sure
you have provisioned all the required users on the corresponding Vaultastic domain. If a user is not present on Vaultastic, email
messages sent from or received to that user will not be archived on Vaultastic. Make sure that you have configured a SMTP
mail route to Office 365 to route mail to Vaultastic. Set a recipient ID to receive non-delivery
reports or NDR’S. To archive mail for selected users, you need
to create a distribution list of Office 365 users for whom journaling needs to be enabled. Then define a journal rule for the distribution
list to start archiving the email messages. First, let’s see the steps to create a distribution
list of users. Log on to the Office 365 portal and from the
home screen click on the admin tile. Click on the group’s drop-down. Click on the groups option, choose distribution
list as the type of group to be created. Fill in the details and add in the relevant
details. Once the group is created, open the group
and add members to the group. Members of this list should be the users of
Office 365 domain for whom journaling needs to be enabled. Close the window as you finish creating the
distribution list. Next, let’s configure the journal rule to
archive mail sent or received by the members of this distribution list. Log on to the Office 365 portal and from the
home screen launch the admin center. From the left pane of the admin center, navigate
to the exchange admin. From the left menu on the exchange admin interface,
select the compliance management option and choose to open the journal rules tab. Click the plus sign to create a journal rule. This opens a new journal rule window. First provide the journal ID of Vaultastic
in the format [email protected] Office 365 will send journal reports to this
ID on Vaultastic. In this case for domain,
ID to receive all journal reports will be [email protected] Give a name to the rule. Apply the rule if the message is sent or received
from a specific user or group. Choose the newly created distributed list
of selected users from whom archiving needs to be enabled. Add the group ID and click OK. Journal all messages, that is, sent to or
received from local users as well as external users. Save the rule. Now as per the rule, all mail messages of
all the users of the Office 365 domain will be archived on their respective accounts on
Vaultastic. Thank you for watching the video, for more
videos stay tuned to the YouTube channel, Vaultastic.

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