Construct 2 (free) for Beginners

hello guys and gals and welcome to my latest video it will be about creating a platformer so if you go down to if you click new and go down on the select template or example you could go over to a platformer and it'll basically give you everything you need for a basic platformer so here let me run the layout there we go now it is loading it loads up a tab that you use and so basically it gives you a complete example but how doesn't tell you how everything works but you could see how everything works so all these they had they have what would be called solids so you would go over to behavior click solid these have the behavior jump through so you could jump through them and these ones have movements so you could just jump around etc and so basically it's it shows you an example of what you can do another one you can do is go over to file new and you can even have real time strategies real time strategy one so let it load and here it is as you can see it has multiple so you can't really actually use all of them so it'll automatically go down to a four so then when you hit run layout of whoops it I'll load this and so as you can see here the mouse so you select those to click for him to move there and you could tell to shoot and you could select all of them there four of them and tell them to shoot and watches my army gets destroyed you so it basically gives you an example of what to do so surely try something yeah hmm seems like in this example then up just scroll up Oh got a lot more to deal with so you screw Lynch pull out and you could have them over here and yeah I have to say conflict 2 is pretty pretty handy and pretty cool for even it with the free version anyway this was just a quick video see you guys in the next one

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