100 Replies to “Creed Almost Destroys Dunder Mifflin – The Office

  1. We need a "read only" UN cyber security unit. You NATO turds need adult supervision. We can be proactive this time instead of having to go through all the non sense going on with the FBI.

  2. “Every week I’m supposed to do a quality spot check… and the one year I blow it off this happens.”🤷‍♂️- Creed Bratton head of quamity assuance

  3. Mainly senile and clueless but when the situation is severe…. there is a cunning calculating genius within Creed…..

    A true God

  4. “I'm not offended by homosexuality. In the '60s, I made love to many, many women, often outdoors, in the mud and the rain, and it's possible a man slipped in. There would be no way of knowing.”


  5. Pass the blame, the motto of the office world. This would be much funnier if I didn't work with scum like this lol

  6. Remember, it would’ve made perfect sense for him to silence Debbie right after all of this to make sure she can’t defend herself.

  7. “Every WEEK I’m supposed to do a quality’s check”

    Okay that’s cool.

    “But the one YEAR I blow it off this happens.”

    hmm um im wondering if im ok with this or not

  8. Anyone else notice that when he asked for the date that she was absent it was Wednesday the 11. Which means that friday was friday the 13th.

  9. omg i just noticed he says he's supposed to check every week but then he immediately says "the one year i dont"

    the writing for creed is so brilliant, they really created the perfect crazy person

  10. "Why do bad things always happen to the good people? It's tragic… It is just tragic…"

    -Creed, forever in our hearts

  11. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have a podcast that discusses episodes of The Office. The most recent had Creed as a guest:


  12. – Messes up

    – Figures out who to blame

    – Gets that person fired instead

    – Buys a farewell card and takes in some donation cash for fired person

    – Keeps cash and throws away the card

    A master of his craft

  13. I’m not condoning this… but I will say when creed gets himself into a jam he does what it takes to get himself out…I’m sure there’s some positive lesson there. He’s a Survivor…

    Like when he was a homeless man

  14. “Every week I’m supposed to take four hours to do quality assurance at the paper mill and of course the one YEAR I blow it off, this happens”


  15. i just watched this ep and i don’t get it ? so they sold paper to people with the mouse getting piped ? someone please explain

  16. Creed needed to "DO" his job. After all, the business of business is doing and doing it in an affirmative way. That's always been my motto. The Business Of Business Of Doing. Doing? YES!

    That is the BOBODDY Principle.

  17. Whoa whoa whoa, why is the title of this video blaming creed? He did his job. Debbie brown was the one who didn’t show

  18. I always find myself wanting more Creed, wanting to know about his life and his backstory. But I think if we knew too much about him, it would ruin his character.

  19. So Creed almost destroys Dunder Mifflin, gets an innocent person fired for no reason, blames it on Dwight, then steals money from everyone in the office. What an evil genius…

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