Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver Talk About Working Together on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

So I wanted to talk to you
a little bit about what it was like
to be on set for The Force Awakens, versus now in The Last Jedi. Different director. Unusual vision that people
weren’t expecting. The level of terror
I think was different. The Force Awakens
kind of had no idea what the end result is. It was all new and I never worked
on anything that size or scale before. You know, the first film
had just come out, so there was a whole host
of other things going on, for me at least, over like,
oh, my god, people really like this. If they really like this,
are they going to like this? So there was a lot of that,
a lot of questions. This second time,
you just knew more. So whenever you kind of know more,
for me, I relax a little bit. Because it was such a wonderful set
to be on, again, like The Force Awakens, it settles and becomes
just a wonderful, a wonderful work environment. And what was your process
creating the character of Kylo Ren? It’s hard to say because
I feel like it’s still kind of ongoing. And inevitably,
the more personal you make it, the more you kind of chip away
at the scale of the thing you’re working on. Not that it’s easy,
but, you know, you have conversations and you’re like,
okay, this is why I’m doing this, where I come from and everything. So I think now,
it will feel more familiar again. Because it’s like getting to know someone. So what’s it like
working with Adam Driver as Kylo Ren? Adam is an incredible actor. Working with Daisy, it’s great. She is a–
such an emotionally available person. He is so amazing in this film. Seriously, I can’t speak
highly enough about him. It’s easy to be in scenes with her because I could listen to her,
you know, all day. She has just great instincts. So in the very basic sense, oh, he is the most amazing
scene partner. And do you have
a famous Star Wars quote? Do or do not.
There is no try. It’s nice because
it could be a lot of things. Because I don’t think
doing the thing, is the doing the thing. It’s just, if you try,
you’re doing it anyway. That’s what I take from it.

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  1. I love how Adam & Daisy talk about each other! No wonder they have such great onscreen chemistry! Cannot wait to see this film! I hope they do a joint interview one day!

  2. I was going to say "why not do a joint interview?" but obviously it's more awkward to gush about your costar when with them lol

  3. Sorry for saying this, but when you have nothing else to say about your co-star, than such as general things like "she's a great actress/he's a brilliant actor"….it makes the situation obvious that the " we are besites" thing was made only because of the marketing. I couldn't help but notice how hard Adam is trying to avoid having any interraction with Daisy, especially during public appearances. If you have a good, friendly relationship with sb, than it doesnt make you feel uncomfortable…

  4. Remember reading the NYCT interview with Daisy in which she told she was crying and went to complain to Rian because she had to work with Adam and Mark instead of John. It's quite weird reaction from an actress, like acting is not about having fun with yoyr best friends and relatives in front of the camera…There are things you don't say in public, especially not in front of the whole cast…it must have been very uncomfortable for Adam and Mark hearing it…

  5. I imagine Adam going shopping and moving his shopping cart quickly away from the Star Wars merchandise at the end of the aisles just to stay indifferent.

  6. Oh my Disney: OMG I love Adam driver I cannot wait to see what he dose in the last Jedi also I like Rey because she inspires girls so much they are both amazing people love this vidio by the way you are so lucky to meet these people and interview them I would love to meet Adam driver and of course Daisy ridly so I can say how amazing they are I myself love Star Wars sooo much!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Their onscreen chemistry is soooo goood! It was very intimate.I felt I was a third wheel when watching their interaction.

  8. I honestly think Adam Driver was what managed to stop it being a bad film, Daisy was good as well but Driver was actually unreal, the only actors who outdid him in the entire saga were obviously Mark, Harrison and Carrie with Euan McGregor being the only prequel actor.

  9. If Disney care at all about these movies then they will recognize that Kylo and Rey's relationship is the best thing about the new trilogy. The Last Jedi raised it to another level and developed a strong intimacy where you can tell that he is able to be Ben Solo with her. They are a balancing act in each other's lives. Reylo is the true love story of the new Star Wars generation.

  10. Can't imagine more strange couple to be.😐 I was so impressed by them in movie to play rey and kylo.😍 But in true life, on the red carpet there's no chemistry between them.😑 It makes me sad somehow.😒 She laughs with john or domhnal, she is so delighted. Perhaps adam's uncommunicative nature scares her away. They talk about each other nice things but not face to face…

  11. Tlj was amazing!! That chemistry..oh my lord..it was off the charts!! I’m truly hoping more good happens between Kylo & Rey, and they grow closer. Daisy and Adam are amazing. I could truly listen to them talk about anything all day long.

  12. Adam Driver is such an amazing actor, it is unreal, the raw emotion he expresses in his performances is just pure perfection he also seems like such a down to earth nice guy

  13. I love how they both like working with each other so it makes it more wow and they have so much onscreen chemistry because of how well they get along

  14. One of the biggest critics about the prequels was that there were no chemistry between the main characters.
    I guess that now, no matter if one likes this new trilogy or not, there could be no complaints about chemistry 😀

  15. I agree with both of them being incredible amazing actors I do agree with adam though because I do love daisy's british accent.

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