if you see the carpet is up from the stairs which is great and everything has been pull up the closet putting bags so all the closets or empty alright and here goes one of the spare bedrooms which is amazing it's so great the floors have started to come down and it looks so so good I mean it looks so good the reason why the floors is this particular color is because this is the color very similar to downstairs and my mom you know she's just one kind of master for sauces and I have to do too much but thus far it's looking so good okay so in here is the other bedroom and the bed is gonna go here and I'm also gonna be painting the walls in here so my mom's walls is flat paint so everything is gonna get a really good coat of satin mm-hmm so everything is gonna get a coat of satin now let me just say I think what I'm gonna do is have my mom for her master furniture in here cuz I'm working on getting her furniture for the master bedroom so we're gonna see how things work out by the time that gets on with the floors and my time I'd get done painting I tell her don't worry about it and then this is the master bedroom in here and then the master closet also has everything pulled out so this is going to be really really good I'm excited about it I think it's gonna look great so the walls right now this is green color and I want to lighten up the space because the room is really nice I just think the color isn't the greatest so here's the quick look at the room and what I want to do is possibly change the light fixture because it doesn't give off a super bright light paint this one color and then paint the wall of color and possibly out of you guys can see there's a little bit of that space I might just go ahead and do everything just a really nice glossy white I'm gonna go look at some paint colors today to figure out what colors the master and what colors gonna be the whole entire house but she has French doors here which is really great the floors are gonna look so so good but I'm also gonna start looking for some furniture in this space to see what's gonna go in here and then yeah I'm excited I have to get some spackle so that way any bit of holes or inglis anywhere I can go ahead and drill them and get them repaired and fixed before I paint or any sort of like you know anything on the wall I can go ahead and patch up before paint goes on to give the wall a really nice clean but yeah so if you notice this is the old color it's giving off this kind of golden peachy color pink it's not that color let me see let me see if I could see the real color it's kind of like if the color is the cantaloupe color that is not the color I'm gonna end up growing Ashura Williams like I said I'm gonna find another color that way it can kind of transform the space let me see if I can show you guys her closet the light in here isn't let me see all right so this is the closet if you guys missed it her closet is from what's her closet from my mom's closet is from California closets for some particular reason my mind wasn't working they came in and did the full measurements and installed to her specifications of what she wanted for her closet when I paint I'm gonna try to fix all of this stuff right here I'm gonna repatched everything up so that way she doesn't have any sort of damage on her wall anything summer fix all of that there's stuff everywhere there's stuff everywhere you guys so my mom plans on retiring and another two to three years and she plans on being home a little bit more I don't think she's really gonna retire cuz my mom likes to work but I think she now that she's gonna be home more she wants to do a little bit more in the house and this right here is the third level downstairs it's like a small loft so here is the space downstairs which I am going to enjoy decorating I think I'm gonna do something a little bit more drastic down here because when you kind of come in you have the door which the doors are gonna get a coat of paint also my mom has been here for over I think over 10 years and the wall color is the same Walker from when she purchased the home and it's a flat paint for the walls to look like this after the 10 years it's really great because you guys already know flat paint just there's no bueno but because she doesn't have any kids I think it was able to last this long so with this space right here I think I'm gonna do something a little bit more personal and intimate down here so it's probably gonna be really really really light and relaxing the biggest thing is when she comes home I I don't want her to feel like she has to bring her guests all the way upstairs if she doesn't want to bring them up there and she doesn't really utilize the space that much so I want her to be able to utilize it the stairs is gonna get all redone and then I'll give you guys another view of the space right here I am so excited she's excited too she's at work right now my mom works all the time so the fact that she won't have to work so much I'm excited so let's go ahead and go to the paint store you guys Oh Oh all right you guys I am really really excited the colors are gonna come out so nice I am really excited what I'm gonna do is kind of tape the colors up on the wall I did get two of each color so I can put one on the dark in and one on the light that way when she kind of walks in she'll see the colors and see if she likes it and then I'm gonna go home and then I'll be back here in like another maybe a week or two weeks and then depending on how you know the colors coming up and then the floors and stuff like that it's gonna take me a little bit to paint cuz she's got a lot of rooms in her house and stuff so it's gonna take a second for me to get everything together but the first thing I want to do is start like spackling the walls like covering everything up well the scuffs in Nixon things like that so when I paint the wall is like really nice and smooth and cleaning everything like that and I clean the baseboards because that's gonna get a new coat of white paint and I think that's it are we doing crown molding I don't know but um my mom so my mom is not into decorating she's not answering any of that stuff whatsoever that's just like not her thing which is fine it's not it's not it's not something that everyone hold up my mom is not into decorating at all whatsoever which is fine like that's not everybody's thing so when I started ask her like what she wanted what color she was like baby I don't know do whatever you want to do so I was like I can do whatever I want she's like yes and I'm like great you know so I'm definitely excited because I said I'm doing a whole lot of stuff so she just asked me for like what was the budget that I needed for each room and stuff like that so it's gonna be slow we're just gonna get done it's gonna be a little slow I took some pictures of the wallpaper I think the wallpaper would be really nice in her master bedroom and then I want to organize her closet this is going to be the end of the video right here I'm gonna go to two furniture stores to go look for something for the master bedroom because she's getting all new furniture in that space and then I have my own personal things that I have to get done and then I'll see you guys I'd probably be back home did I do an intro for this one if I did and I'll do it when I get home but I hope you guys have a really good one I'll see you guys next time alright so I'm in my mom's house and here goes the floor he goes the colors I think that's gonna be so much better than this taupey color this right here is gonna be all white the wainscoting I'm gonna do all white right here it's not gonna be the same thing so this whole thing this and in front of the steps I'm gonna get rid of that okay I'm gonna do all that white going up up and then I'm gonna do a lighter color here you


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