Deidra’s Story: An Opportunity for Healing & Growth

I was a heroin and meth addict off and
on for about ten years of my life, and at the end there, life was rock bottom. I
didn’t know whether I was gonna live or die. I just felt like the end, I died that day and when I came inside here I
was raised back to life. I would try to see hope but hope wasn’t in my
peripheral vision like it was just like I felt like I was just seeing this
narrow road of darkness and it was getting deeper the further I walked down
it. At a young age you’re supposed to
feel love and affection and you know I see my kids they have so much innocence
in them and like I ruined a lot of that innocence dragging them through my
addiction. But being here I feel like God has restored that innocence and restored
that love and affection and hope. It was really hard. I was used to the way, traveling and going
to motels and hotels and all that stuff and just staying with my grandma, my tia,
and all the time, and my mom just leaving and coming back, leaving and coming back, and I got used to that but now it’s better because I get to stay with my mom
for a long time ,forever. I grew up in a violence filled home, it was
there’s just a lot of domestic violence that was going on. And my mom, my dad would beat up my mom every day, and I kind of feel like there was no morals or
guidelines. So I just went full throttle like no respect, no morals, no not caring
for anybody who got hurt along the way. I knew that I needed
professional help and that I couldn’t do it on my own. But I just didn’t know
where to go or what to do or how to look for it. It’s just been on this road and
not with knowing where you’re going or what you’re doing or what you need to
help was or how to ask for help. The tools that they taught me, just you’re
able to heal, they work with you and your pace. So mine just happened to take two
years. Something that inspires me to do that is my own children, like just
watching them and if we can just kind of plant a seed in a kid’s life. One of the
things that is nearest to my heart is the relationships that I’ve grown here
at the Gospel Rescue Mission, like from the volunteers, to staff, to my case manager,
there’s just so many lives that I encountered that have touched my life
and that I’ll take with me forever. It’s just that relationship and that
bond that we have together in this. It’s like family like growing a new family. I
just recently got approved for housing and I get a go pick up my voucher
tomorrow and I’m really excited for that my kids are really excited for that I
want to go back to school, I want to work with children, if it wasn’t for the
Gospel Rescue Mission I definitely wouldn’t be here with my children right
now. Either they would be in the system and I would be in the system by being in
prison, it’s just I would be in a really dark place and I’m thankful that God
brought me here.

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