Delivering Business Growth

what excited me most about the delivering business growth program I think was the idea of we have a lot of different opportunities to grow but we haven't been particularly disciplined about picking our biggest bets and then executing on those it's always great to be able to get out of the sort of the day to day business environment and go immerse yourself in the latest thinking think of it as a telephoto zoom that you know we can zoom in and and and give a very specific context but we can zoom out and offer the big picture what separates great companies from good companies is the execution and how much how much of their focus is more on execution versus strategy one of the things that I think that we're that we need to do better is to less what we want participants to take away and what they've told us that they take away from the program is about getting growth done 10% strategy in 90 percent execution I think the best thing that I learned one team one dream one plan I think the great part about the participants in the program is really just how diverse not only from industry but from geography from background really didn't matter where they came from I learned something that I could actually bring back to Canada and apply to my new business it was the right balance of theory and execution but also had the opportunity to working group sent with these ideas in action faculty has been absolutely outstanding professor Sahni and Sanjay have been in this the whole time it's a full comprehensive experience out of the classroom in the classroom during Syndicates but all geared towards action orientation and fundamentally making growth happening

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