Do Border Walls Work? The TRUTH

I’ve heard many people mock the idea of a
southern wall/fence/barrier (whatever the kids are calling it these days), but I think
it’s useful to lay out the issue in a fair honest way because there is so much misinformation
out there… First off, the reason why there’s so misinformation
is because whether it be the news you turn on, the feed you scroll through, or the search
engine you type into the top companies are run by rich liberal democrats who are more
interested in creating a globalized economy without any barriers than they are in creating
a U.S. economy with barriers. Most Americans benefit from barriers because
most Americans benefit when there are more “Job Opening” signs than there are people
looking to fill those job openings. The rich however love cheap labor because
it drives down wages whereas middle class Americans such as doctors, construction workers,
teachers, police officers have traditionally loved barriers by creating unions that block/cap
people entering their profession in order to keep their wages up. I’ve written a few essays on immigration and
a common question/critique I get is something along the lines of… “Anthony, do you REALLY
think a wall can stop illegal drugs/immigrants from entering the country? Can’t they just climb over it, build a tunnel
underneath it, or go around it? And not to mention most illegal drugs/immigrants
enter the country via legal ports of entry so why waste all this money on a wall?” These are all legitimate points, but it’s
not what I think that matters… it’s a fact… that a wall helps to reduce the amount of
illegal drugs/immigrants entering the country. The mainstream media will say the wall is
ineffective, but the whole truth is that the wall is ineffective by itself. But NO ONE IS ARGUING that a wall is the be-all-end-all. We need an all-of-the-above approach. We can have a legitimate debate on what type
and how much wall should be built, but to say we shouldn’t build a wall is to be either
delusional or dishonest. The reality is there is already hundreds of
miles of wall/fence that has been built by republican and democratic administrations
on the southern border. Between 2005 and 2009 the vast amount of progress has been made on our borders and ports of entry. The progress includes 9000 new border patrol field agents in the last 4 years, construction of 630 miles of border fence that create a significant barrier to illegal immigration on our southern land border. So the question isn’t whether to build the
wall or not, but how much wall? And the reality is our border security has
requested more money to build more wall. When we put troops in harms way we don’t politicize
what the troops request. If they say they need more tanks to carry
out their objectives we don’t look down our noses and say that’s stupid because tanks
won’t kill ALL terrorists because some of the terrorists will just go around the tanks. To understand why a wall works you need to
understand what border security has requested. They aren’t just requesting more wall, but
also more fencing, roads, cameras. This multi-prong strategy is essential to
securing the border and the wall is a key component because it offers three tactical
benefits. First, it acts as a deterrence for those pondering
whether to make the trek over. Second, it acts as a funnel for those who
decide to go around it and then are funneled into areas that are more heavily patrolled. Third, it acts as an obstacle by slowing down
the people who try to go over it, which with the cameras and sensors, will give border
patrol more time to race over there and apprehend them before they can get far. The vast majority of illegal immigrants come
with good intentions, but some are in fact bringing hard drugs like heroin, cocaine,
and meth. The U.S. is in the midst of a drug epidemic. To reduce the U.S. drug problem you have to
understand that drugs are a commodity. Cigarette-smoking is at an all-time low primarily
because the government has made cigarette-smoking more inconvenient and expensive. We can do the same with illegal drugs. Of course the government can’t directly tax
illegal drugs, but you can think of a border wall as a “tax” or “tariff” on illegal drugs
imported into the country because although it won’t stop ALL drugs it has stopped some. The more drugs confiscated at the border the
higher the blue book value of those drugs will be on the streets because the cost has
to be factored into the price and therefore the higher the cost, the less consumers, and
the less consumers, the less power the cartel will have, and the less power the cartel has,
the easier it will be to maintain order and security at the border. Yes, most illegal drugs likely pour into the
country via legal ports of entry, but drugs flow like water through the places of least
resistance. We know the border wall has been a hinderance
to the cartel because they wouldn’t have otherwise spent millions of dollars digging
tunnels underneath them. Let the cartel spend money and resources building
tunnels, which we’ll eventually plug up, because again the more the cartel spends on
“shipping & handling” the higher the overall price will be for the American consumer. This isn’t to say you can’t have legitimate
concerns over building more wall, but if we’re going to have a rational discussion then we
need to start by acknowledging the fact border walls help reduce illegal immigration and illegal drugs.

4 Replies to “Do Border Walls Work? The TRUTH

  1. Wow this is one of the best videos I've seen on this topic, no partisan bull shit, just laying out the facts and cutting through the slant.

  2. China’s legendary Great Wall is a collection of stone, wood and earthen barricades that meander for thousands of miles from the Gobi Desert to the North Korean border. Construction on the fortifications began in the 3rd century B.C. under Emperor Qin Shi Huang, but the most famous sections were erected between the 14th and 17th centuries A.D. to defend the Ming Dynasty against the steppe nomads to the north. These portions stand up to 25 feet tall and were built using bricks and a mortar made from slaked lime and sticky rice. Gates were positioned along key strongpoints and trade routes, and watchtowers were used to send smoke and fire signals in the event of an attack. The completed wall was once the largest manmade object in the world, but despite its grandeur, it often proved ineffective as a defensive barrier. The Mongol leader Altan Khan famously bypassed the wall and raided Beijing in 1550, and the Manchus later broke through in 1644 and brought about the fall of the Ming Dynasty. Democrats and liberals had nothing to do with that.
    Walls don't work.

  3. Liberals don't want a wall because part of America's soul is it's openness to the world.
    Trump talked you into destroying that, along with your environment, your parks, your allies and your reputation.
    You're a bigot. You fool nobody.

  4. In the 90’s the majority of Dems wanted a wall. Now that Trump wants one they hate them. I pass by hundreds of businesses and homes a day that have fences and walls I guess they do that for decor since walls and fences are not a deterrent.

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