Do You Have An Amazon Business/Import Business? How To Protect Yourself!

Hey everyone Alex Ryan here the
import-export coats welcome back to another video as you can see they’re
watching the unloading and loading off containers I don’t whether you see that
in the background it’s quite unique it’s actually quite an interesting thing to
watch I love watching this stuff it’s like you know I don’t plain spot I was
just sort of stuff you can see now it’s heading to heading to Tokyo but
the time and I see heading there a few days opening to knock the Sun but it’s
amazing these things and a question I get asked a lot is insurance how do you
how do you make sure that your goods are insured what if there’s a storm because
occasionally in a South China Sea there are a lot of storms as tsunamis
riders and armies the storms as gale winds container ships you’re locked in
that and it’s not uncommon to happen a lot happened in New Zealand about four
or five years ago when it containers just fell in the ocean right they lost
their life savings and you know how insurance works on most tips is if your
container is at the bottom of it and the ones at the top to fall in right other
people’s containers your container is safe you still have to contribute to the
loss of the containers above I don’t know whether you know about that that
it’s an old maritime law right at that city so speak to a shipping agent if you
think about the important containers you want to make sure that they are in
protected keep that in mind because you don’t want to lose your life savings or
you don’t want to be up for a lot of a lot of more looking after other people’s
containers so keep that in mind getting good shit be an agent get someone who
can really help who knows their thing like if you look at all these containers
here right there’s thousands of tens and thousands of a Brian I’m visiting a lot
of ports I’m actually here visiting quite a few for toss in a different
country yesterday looking at their port but uh you know these containers they
have to be insured they actually have to be insured and there’s is big money in
it but you know insurance you need insurance if you’re doing anything that
to do with containers you need insurance guys to keep that in mind alright that’s
it for me and I make this a very short video hope you enjoyed today’s video
guys if you want to get more tips visit my website I’ve got a free video program
there showing you how to choose hot products how to import from China how to
start an Amazon business and if you’re looking to standard yeah if you look at
start an Amazon business guys make sure that and you’re looking to do containers
like this make sure that you are choosing a good product for starters and
the shipping rates make sure you’re getting a great ship and rate talk do
shipping agent 40 capsules Berger about that alright so have an awesome day guys
talk to you real soon see you

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