Dominance Hierarchy: Understanding The #1 Thing Women Hate in a Man

Uncle C
back in the office. And today I wanted to speak about a topic
that I do not think is talked about very much when it comes to dating and when it comes
to masculinity, fellas Now before we begin, registration for my attraction men’s masterclass
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software to actually help you and this is going to be the number one trait that women
despise in all men is the number one thing that they cannot stand. And there’s a lot of fellows that are running
into this. There’s a lot of fellows that are constantly
finding themselves in this spot. There’s a lot of fellas that are wondering
why they can’t ever just get on the horse and get going. Fellas, in the long run, the number one thing
that women are going to despise and men that is going to turn her off is going to be low
motivation. It’s going to be a man who is not motivated
in life, who does not keep her on her toes. Who does not make her feel as if he is a leader? Now, here’s the thing, the most attractive
thing to women is going to be masculine drive and ambition. A lot of men fail to understand this though,
if we break this down step by step logically, why women would be attracted to a man who
is highly ambitious and who is highly motivated. It’s because of the fact that he does not
settle. Okay, this guy is a warrior. This is the type of guy that wants to take
life by the balls and kick ass. This is the type of guy that probably has
something to show for himself, one of the biggest things that pisses me off when it
comes to dating is this. There’s men who stigmatize other men for being
wealthy or for being rich. When that guy gets the majority of the women
and what they stigmatize them with his ego all he just gets the women because he has
money. It’s like, No, dude, wake up. Why does he have that money? Why does he have it? Well, he has that money because he has value. Because you see what a man learns how to be
motivated when a man learns how to be ambitious, and not only just be ambitious internally,
but actually take action with it, provide value with it to himself and to show others
that he’s worth that money. What happens is that he carries himself differently. He has different social skills and you have
because nobody just shit out a million bucks and gave it to the guy. Nobody gave the guys some Success. Nobody gave the guy anything. Unless he’s a trust fund baby. I’m talking about the normal people that have
to go out there and work for what they have. The reason why they have more value is because
they’ve learned how to maneuver themselves through life. Do you get that in order to acquire the wealth
in order to acquire the money, you had to have a value in yourself skill service or
product that was good enough that people wanted to pay for not only that you had to convince
them to buy it, which means you had to move your words the right way. You had to connect with people on an emotional
level. All of a sudden, that man has more value. That’s why she likes him is because his demeanor
is different. He’s driven, he’s forward. He’s direct. He’s a man and people go always a rich provider. That’s why she wants him it’s like okay, maybe. Maybe that’s true a little bit. But that man is going to walk talk look and
feel different than you will ever make her feel. It’s because he’s doing something. The number one thing that women are going
to despise long term ism in a man is A man who has low ambition and low motivation, a
guy who is not focused, because she’s going to be looking at that man going, okay? What is this guy doing with his time? What is this guy doing with his life? What is this guy doing as a man You see, women
always need to be stimulated. They need to be stimulated. She is an emotional woman. If she’s moving at a quicker pace than you
and you appear lazy, that is going to kill her attraction. They need to be stimulated because their mind
is all over the place. The thing is, is that if she sees that you
are settling, if she sees that you have low ambition, if she sees that you are not willing
to go out there and fight day in and day out and keep that ambition and keep that drive
if she sees a guy sitting on the couch all day watching drinking football, watching,
drinking beer, watching football, what type of signals Do you think that’s going to To
bring in her head, she’s going to say what can this man do? What can this guy bring? And you can’t blame women for being hardwired
like this. Genetically, they want the stud. Genetically, they want the guy that’s killing
it. Let me flip over to the whiteboard quick to
explain this to you, and how this actually matters. Now you see men and women date differently
on both aspects. And this is called the dominance hierarchy. If you guys watch Jordan Peterson, he speaks
a lot about this. But the thing is, is he tells it to you on
this intellectual level where it’s like, dude, just get to the point. So here’s the thing. This is how men date men date across
and down the hierarchy. Meaning if you have a if you have a dealer
right here that works at Mercedes Benz and he sells 250 grand a year. He makes two 50 grand a year, and his social
status is high because of his occupation. The fact is that he will still hook up with
date or marry a girl if she is cute, and sexy and flirty. Even if she is a waitress at the diner. It’s because men do not qualify women on that
status. And on that success, they’re going to qualify
her on how fat harasses and how curvy she is. Hate to be truthful, but that’s just how it
is. That’s why men getting all asked her because
she doesn’t like you for you. It’s like bro, you don’t like her for her
either. You like her because she was shaped like a
Coca Cola bottle. And that’s what you’re attracted to. So don’t hate the player hate the game. Just understand how women and men date. Then if you flip it to the other side, women
are going to date across the hierarchy and up. This is how women do it. Meaning that if she is a normal, average everyday
girl, she’s going to want a guy who was a pretty good salesman. If she’s a girl who’s a dentist, she’s going
to want the CEO of a fortune 500 company and if she’s riana Okay, if she’s riana up here,
she is only going to want ASAP Rocky, you have to know how this works. If you can understand how this works, you
can actually start to play to your strengths and weaknesses. This is why low ambition literally kills a
woman’s drive for you her sex drive goes down she does not appreciate you
so you guys are going to hear this saying a lot. The thing is don’t hate the player hate the
game. And this is why I don’t like pill colors. These pill colors are telling them this is
female nature. This is female dynamic. They all hook up. They all cheat they all straight. It’s like Dude, no, no. What you believe in comes true. It’s the law of attraction. It’s the law of everything. The energy you put out is the energy you get
back. Okay, well what does that mean? If you’re not on that moral ethics, Bs and
the energy you put out as Energy you get back, guess what type of women you’re going to attract,
dude, you’re not going to attract a girl that wants to actually put her best foot forward,
you’re going to get SL ups. You get that all of these men that try to
hook up with women and get them in the sheet so fast and just get to that point. That’s what the whole interaction is based
on is how fast can we smash? How fast can we slam? Do you get what that’s doing? That’s enabling them to be more sexually provocative
that’s enabling them to be more promiscuous. And then the same men that are sleeping with
these women are then bitching and complaining because these women are straying. It’s like Dude, all you did was qualifier
on how fast she can sleep with a dude, how fast she can sleep with you. What makes you expect that she’s now supposed
to reciprocate loyalty and good quality traits to that, dude, not only do you have to understand
how women date, you have to understand that the energy you’re putting out is the energy
you’re getting back. If you’re a low ambitious, man, you’re not
going to deserve a high quality made because men and women date differently. The number one thing that is going to kill
desire Any woman for a man is a man who is lazy and not ambitious. If you liked this video, I want you to subscribe
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23 Replies to “Dominance Hierarchy: Understanding The #1 Thing Women Hate in a Man

  1. I love how some tool bag keeps disliking your video. It’s like he waits for you to post haha. Tells you we’re he’s at in life. Good stuff C

  2. Bro I don't think the pill collars are telling us about women's nature to hate on them. They're teaching us women's nature so we know what to look out for when dealing with them and what to expect out of em. That way we don't get screwed. That doesn't mean the pill collar guys are telling us to only rely on that piece of information to attract women. They're also telling us to get on our grind and self improve. You might be closer to them than you think

  3. He's 100 % correct fellas, I was in a relationship years ago where I did exactly what he is talking about. I was not very motivated, going anywhere in life etc… and she had just got a job promotion and was moving faster than me and eventually it killed her attraction to me. Hard lesson, but I learned it. Like the saying goes, "don't hate the player, hate the game", I would personally change it to, "don't hate the player, Master the game"

  4. So, let's get to the point: the essence and idea of blue and red pill stems from the movie "The Matrix". What do those two pills stand for in the film? For waking up and experiencing the hard truth (red pill) or for getting back to sleep and living an illusion (blue pill) as the mass majoriy is doing. So, everybody who speaks and teaches the hard and honest truth is automatically red pilled. That's all there is, haha. Just because some guys who call themselves red pilled, is not meaning they are necessarily representing this concept in the best appropriate way. And that does not mean that this colored pill concept is BS. But from that point of view and from that concept you too are red pilled. I do get you want to make a difference and you DO have a different approach.

  5. Casey the type of guy to go out in public, smack the shit outta his hand and say, "But before we begin.. Fellas! Registration for my masterclass is now open" .

  6. 7:00 so time is not our friend. the more time past the more men need to higher their social status !!! women only has time till age 40 because she can bring child to the world by that age and not above !!!

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