Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Highest Movie Salaries – Top Earning Films

Dwayne Johnson’s success as a celebrity is
a tale far different than several other actors, as he had established a very profitable niche
before jumping to the silver screen with his wrestling career. few have the talent and patience to transition
from one profession to the other, and for him to accomplish this so seamlessly deserves
a lot of credit. Johnson’s secret to banking big is something
he equates to hard work and discipline, which is hard to argue against, given how amazing
his gradual climb to the top ranks of paid talent has been. Though he had a few bit parts in roles in
the early 2000’s, his first leading affair was for The Scorpion King, which featured
the character he briefly appeared as in the successful horror franchise The Mummy Returns. For The Scorpion King, he netted 5 and a half
million dollars, which is virtually unheard of for an actor’s initial foray into headlining
a film. His giant price tag was a result of the audience
he had built up for years as the wrestler known as The Rock. The loyalty of his past fans paid off for
Johnson, literally, when he scored 12 million dollars for the 2003 movie The Rundown. This was a significant point in Johnson’s
career, because it was from then on that over 5 million a picture became a benchmark for
future roles. In fact, it has been over a decade since Johnson
has earned less than this amount from a role. Even though The Rundown did not light the
box office on fire, what was an inferno was how much Johnson was raking in on a yearly
basis. For Walking Tall he earned 15 million dollars,
and for Hercules he took home 12 million. This was before he even entered into the Fast
And Furious franchise, which has dominated the movie landscape since 2001. Dwayne Johnson’s first dip into the Fast and
Furious pool was in Fast Five, and with 4 previously successful movies in the series,
it only helped aid him get a larger bonus from the box office returns. As the character Hobbs, he took in millions
of dollars in income, and the upcoming spinoff film Hobbs & Shaw co-starring Jason Statham
is rumored to have given him his biggest paycheck of all time, with whispers that it is around
18 million and change. With a net worth of 280 million dollars, Johnson
has mastered the American dream, and averages almost 3 movies a year. His enormous demand by audiences was said
to have gotten him at least 10 million dollars for Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, which
was a smash hit with fans and critics alike, and the studio having already greenlit a sequel. Johnson’s career has been a tremendous blend
of hard work and good fortune, mixing franchises with sequels, and teaming up with hot talent,
such as Kevin Hart and Vin Diesel. Even when he is on his own, he is banking
millions per role effortlessly.

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