100 Replies to “Dwight Impersonates Jim – The Office

  1. Let's be real, who else in the comments section has already seen the series like 10 times but you still have notifications on

  2. I just noticed Karen was always the one at Jim’s desk. While Jim was the one at Pam’s desk. A little hint of who is more invested.

  3. Pam should have been killed off after the first episode. Such a terrible actor, just a waste of oxygen. Jim is only likeable when he's involved with Dwight, otherwise he should have been killed off too. Dwight rules!

  4. One thing I hate about The Office fans is that they are 12 yo and feel the need to quote everything from the show. Like we get it, you watched the show. You are the almighty.

  5. Wait how come jim is sitting in dwight’s desk. And who the heck is the guy sitting in front of jim? And where is dwight?

  6. 0:25 I was waiting to see Pam’s jealous face in the background because the camera always shows Pam being jealous whenever someone talks about flirtacious or romantic stuff with Jim.

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