Elvis Duran Is Engaged to His Longtime Boyfriend — Watch the Romantic Proposal! – News Today

 Elvis Duran is getting married!  On Friday, the Z100 radio host’s longtime boyfriend Alex Carr got down on one knee and asked Duran, 53, to marry him  In PEOPLE’s exclusive video of the romantic proposal, Carr creatively pops the question with the help of a black umbrella, which had the words “Elvis, Will You Marry Me?” written on it  Alongside a photograph of the lovebirds standing behind the opened umbrella, Carr acknowledged that while some might not think getting engaged on Friday the 13th is a wise decision, he’s not a superstitious man  “Yesterday was Friday the 13th. People believe that the day brings bad luck, but I totally disagree,” Carr wrote on Instagram  “I was born on Friday, June 13th. I’ve always considered myself to be lucky and blessed, as I was when Elvis came into my life almost 8 years ago…first as my boyfriend and now fiancé!!!! They say opening umbrellas in the house brings bad luck, but this time I don’t believe it I love you Elvis Duran!” he continued.  Duran also shared a photograph of the happy couple on his own social media account  Letting the image speak for itself, he chose not to include a caption. Elvis Duran/Instagram  The sweet news was also confirmed by Duran’s syndicated Z100 radio program Elvis Duran and the Morning Show  The radio program shared the news by posting what appeared to be a screenshot from Carr’s Facebook page, informing his friends and family that the pair had changed their relationship status to engaged

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