Engage Your Audience With Community Posts

The cool thing about the Community tab is it allows us to reach out
and interact with our audience, via quick, bite-sized
pieces of content or questions. It’s nice to ask them “What’s
your favorite topic here on my channel?” “Well, I like grammar,
or I like pronunciation “or I like when you have some guests.” Also, sometimes I want to tell them something I forgot to
say in a video, for example. So I can just say “Hey, guys, you
remember that video? I just meant…” I need to know from my Ricksters,
directly, my fans are called Ricksters, what they like most about my channel. So, whenever I go and
travel, I actually ask them “Hey, Ricksters, I’m traveling again. “What do you want me to
make foreigners eat this time?” So then they will all write:
“You should make them eat Hajmola, “you should make them dance
to this song, you should do this.” So they are empowered. They can
give me a lot of answers, which is great. As a channel that doesn’t usually rely
on personality, we rely more on scripting, it’s been a great way for us to
show the more ‘personality’ side of us. If you have a traditional
series on your channel the Community tab allows
you to break from that format and interact in a new way,
without upsetting your release schedule. And the good thing is you can also
have access to all your subscribers. So it’s not like you’ve posted
on any other social media: they might see it, they might not see it. On the Community tab, whatever
you post, everybody’s going to know. Community tab has
been highly effective for us mostly giving us the opportunity to reach
to the audience without our normal format. They’re now not just my ‘viewers’,
they’re actually my community who also engage and bring
something to the community. You’re building a greater intimacy with
the audience, getting them more involved. And, as a by-product, they tend to be more
involved in viewing your videos as well.

100 Replies to “Engage Your Audience With Community Posts

  1. Please Please Please have a way to disable these community posts in my feed. It clogs up my feed with worthless text from people I’m not even subbed to

  2. This is the best feature Youtube has done lately! No need to channelize subscribers to other social media platforms for quick communication, because this feature has everything we need! Thank you, Youtube! Sincerely, Content Creator.

  3. 아 시발! 노오오란 따지 비공개 영상을! 공개 영상으로 바꾸은 개 그렇개 성적적이고 잔인한 행위인지 몰랐내요!

  4. You guys were nice enough to let me use this polling feature (which is great!) but after posting my questions – where do I go to see the results?!

  5. Loving this feature on my other channel – it's weird how just the other day I was thinking of how YouTube could be more social media connected (rather than having to post to Facebook, Twitter…etc.) and boom – here it is!
    Can't wait until it comes to all.

  6. This has been a fantastic addition to our channel. We make use of the poll option mainly, so our community, The Bibbklegummies can have a more democratic influence in a lot of the decisions we would normally make ourselves. We have always advocated that our viewers are our community and this makes it so much easier to engage with them, no matter what time zone they operate in.

  7. I don't see the Community Tab. There's nothing they speak of in Community settings in Video manager, unless you're talking about Discussion. You should make these things clear.

  8. Why only on mobile? I can't see community post in my feed in desktop! I don't use youtube on phone, i don't like to watch videos on a little screen.

  9. I had assumed that these subscriber feed posts I have been seeing recently were people discovering and taking advantage of the old /feed url method, in which the old style feed posts could still be made. Disappointed to see that it was removed, and now this is the only method available – a method which only select people can use. Bizarrely disappointing, and very strange to see people praising this change. Now none of us can make these community posts anymore, and you've locked it out to certain channels.

  10. LOL they are so disconnected from their own platform. LOL I have been saying this for years now. It will be another 10 years before they listen to me about multiple audio tracks for multiple languages.

    Or the ability to replace the audio-track in a video. Instead the think their clumsy audio editor is suitable.

    Don't expect anytime soon, because that makes sense.

  11. How does one ENABLE the community tab on their own channel? I don't see mine. Is it only enabled after a certain amount of subscribers? what's the deal?

  12. You guys stopped communication between standard viewers and only allow communication on the video's page?
    What is wrong with you???
    Why stop communication between us? Tear down that wall! Give us all Community Tabs!!!! Creators AND Viewers!

  13. Это что, параллельный Ютуб? Тогда уберите комментарии. Придумали для авторов двойную работу. На комментарии отвечать, сердечки ставить, в соцсетях переписываться и раскидывать свои ролики черти везде!!! теперь еще и Сообщество тащить… на хер надо?

  14. Right. So it's twitter but with a twist. The twist being I can't find or use it. I guess I'll stick to twitter then. Fucking useless video.

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  16. а подписчики могут что-нибудь написать в моёй вкладке "Сообщество"?

  17. I truly hate YouTube Posts masquerading as videos in my search results. YouTube is not a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter. If you insist on having this feature, please make a seperate section for it.

  18. If you’re looking to get 1000 subscribers but it seems nearly impossible well IT IS NOT!!!! I am a living testimony I just hit over 1000 subs not even two weeks!!!! Subscribe and I will subscribe back that’s how I made it possible!!!!!! Thank you sincerely Ladies and gents❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  19. Question (and please answer, google): Do subscribers get notified when I put a new post up on my Community tab?

    Edit: and why are images there cropped to square when uploaded in widescreen??

  20. Hi! I have a question. What size of pictures should be in community? Before I put there my thumbnail of previous or next video and it fit perfect. Full picture in the feed. But now it's cropping and half of picture on the right and left sides are cut. Can you help me?

  21. Hey guys in the Youtube support group. I have lots of new questions and ideas for my YouTube channel, but I don't know how to contact you? When you see my comment please reply, I need your help!

  22. Someone know the best resolution for the image? i mean if i put a normal image is so big for movil so wich ons are the measurements for movil and pc

  23. When your shitty posts get into my home page….i feel that you should be executed by firing squad in red sqare.
    Keep it videos only!!!!!!

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