Engaged Couples Raise Robot Babies

(baby crying) – [Voiceover] You were
doing so good, Kesha! – Oh, you need to burp him. You need to burp him. (wacky music) – My name is Patrick Thomasi. (mumbling) – Oh my name is Paolo Presta. – I’m Roni. – My name’s Caroline, and we’ve been engaged for about a month? – We’ve been engaged, I
would say, for three years. – Hey.
– Six pound robot. – Hi there. (gasps) – Of course we did! – What are we gonna go with? – We’re going with Tristan. – So that’s it.
– Okay, we thought about this. After months and months, our baby, meet Kesha, America. – This baby’s mostly used in high schools. – And it’s based on, like,
a real baby curriculum so that the students
can kind of be tested on how it would be to really
interact with a real baby. – You need to feed it and burp it and… – Rocking it.
– Changing the diaper. – It’s all being recorded. Like, it’s all being recorded in here. – And it can tell, apparently,
if you’ve mishandled it. If you’ve… Drop it or anything. – Or if you’re ignoring it. – And then when we’re done, there’s a whole report
that tells us how we did. – Which we’re gonna do fine. – Interacting with the baby. – Hi Tristan, you’re awake. – [Paolo] Say hi! – [Christine] Oh wait, let me just… Let me just (mumbling). – I’ve gotta learn how to
get into the car with a baby. (baby crying)
– [Paolo] Okay! – No milk, she’s not hungry.
– [Paolo] Nope. – Bringing him home for the first time. – [Patrick] Here you go. – [Paolo] Okay, okay. (baby crying) Here you go, here you… – [Patrick] Oh, that’s it! (Paolo screaming)
Yay! – [Christine] Welcome home. – [Patrick] Vegan friendly
for our vegan baby. – I feel so unprepared. (baby crying) (laughs)
– You wanna take the lid. (baby crying) – [Christine] He doesn’t want the bottle. – [Patrick] Oh, that’s it. (Patrick laughs)
Good girl! – We did it! We did it! – [Christine] Up we go, down we go. That’s what he wanted. – This is quite a workout. Now I get why, like, new moms have such good arms. – [Christine] I’m gonna look up how to wrap a baby. – When I was inside ordering the food, like, I was wondering, “Is Kesha crying?” Like, were you okay? Were you stressing? I kept looking. (Roni laughs) – [Christine] So just kind of like… – I don’t think there’s enough room for Junior in that. – [Christine] Alright, just put him in. – Yay!
– Alright! – [Voiceover] You want
him to be nice and high. – We’re gonna take her on
a little walk at the park right across the street. (Christine laughs)
You’re doing great. There you go. – You look really good holding her. – Oh, really? – Oh god, I’m gonna get emotional. You look really good, yeah. – We’re raising our baby vegan. Food! – [Paolo] Look, we’re home! You’re gonna see your home. Nyla! – [Patrick] Hi! – We have someone here, Nyla! – I think he’s up. I think he’s enjoying the show. – So, Kesha. There’s your godmother. – [Patrick] Autie Oprah. (yawns) (baby crying) – Oh, I think we did it. – Let’s go, let’s go show Kesha her room. – Let’s go to bed. (baby crying)
– God. How do moms do this? – Kesha! (baby crying)
No, no. – [Patrick] I thought
Nyla would be the one that would be crying. – [Both] Goodnight, Kesha. – Now that this experience is over, how do we feel, Patrick? – I think we feel like
we need to take a nap. – I’m kind of tired. I’m trying to remember. – Tired seems like the
right word right about now. – Yeah. – It’s a lot. It’s a lot to worry
about and to think about. – Our overnight experience
with Tristan was pretty good. He was a little fussy for a while. – When we put her to bed, she was… She was an angel, really. Like, she did not make a peep. – I think we did pretty darn well. – I think we did good. – I know, I think we did really good, too! – I really do think we did good. – [Voiceover] It says
that you guys got a 86% – 86%? I thought we’d do better. – [Voiceover] You guys got 100%. (overlapping shouting) – No way! – So I really liked seeing Roni with, like, the 5:00 shadow sitting there rocking the baby because, I don’t think you realize it, but you were like… That just made me feel really good about, like, I can count on you to do this in the future, if we have kids. – For me, basically, having a kid or having my Kesha for 24 hours kind of, like, made me
feel closer to Patrick and made me, like… Just, like, feel like… Yeah, like, there’s no second thoughts or something whispering
inside of you saying, “Are you sure about this? “Are you sure about him? “Are you sure about the kid?” – It’s prompt us to talk
a lot about having kids in the future and what we wanted. – Yeah. – I think this was a
really helpful experience. I think, like, that all
couples should talk about. – That’s a good question. Do we still want to get married? Patrick? – Yeah, I’m down. It’s too expensive to cancel the wedding. – Way too expensive. – [Christine] Marriage is
a lot easier than kids. (laughing) – [Roni] Yes, we are definitely still planning on getting married. – [Christine] Yeah. (wacky music)

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  1. Omg when my sister was in junior year of high school I shared a room and she had one of those baby's and it was the cutest little baby but he kept me up all night he was just crying and crying

  2. I had that exact doll for child development and first hour was pretty cool and then I cried for most of the next night and day and kinda wanted to throw it out the window

  3. Lol I just did this for my child development class and I still hear it’s cries in my nightmares 😂😂 I got 99% on hard though 🤷🏼‍♀️🎉

  4. I love how the gay couple did better than the straight couple. This proved that homosexual couples are capable of taking care of babies. TAKE THAT HOMOPHOBICS

  5. Mandeville Sisters 0-0 OMG my brother had one, it was so creepy and annoying it would wake me up at 1 In the morning 😅

  6. Has done the project in school.

    Hears different screams

    Knows what they mean and what baby wants

    Cringes when baby screams from neglect or neck break or rough handling

    applauds couples for being strong

  7. We use those dolls in childcare elective. People say it's annoying but I don't mind baby cries and just want to care for something. So it's kind of a dream.

  8. I really don’t want to be that kind of a guy, but don’t RAISE your children to be vegan. On a more health related note, growing babies need proteins and iron, which aren’t as abundant in vegan foods (true medical fact).

    On a more personal note, A good parent would support their child’s decisions and never force them into something when they’re young. That’s almost equivalent to brainwashing. I’ve known too many friends who’s parents have shamed them for eating meat and made me want to slap them

  9. I currently have one of these with me for the weekend, and I've never been so stressed. Like I've cried, it's cried it woke me up three times last night, and cried at least twice each time. It just horrible, if I had a partner, it would probably be better

  10. During the experiment all the liberals kept treating the baby as a late,living abortion and choked it to death.

  11. I did for two day, and that damn baby almost made me have panick attack. I still hear it cries and it's been 2 weeks.

  12. I did this in 11th grade…. it was on hard mode and I did it for 4 days, I got 100% even though it woke up 10-17 times a night on average and the total amount of cries in the end was over 70… I was genuinely confused at the end about why everyone always complains about how hard it is, I found it really easy

  13. I did one just recently for infant/toddler, best experience I ever had. I cried when she shut off, I wasn’t ready to let her go 🤣✌🏼

  14. gasps look guys more reasons to accept gays! There better at taking care of babies XD ( joke if u didn't know)

  15. I have this robo baby school assignment rn, and even though it’s kinda uhh heavy, i’m slowly figuring out everything like understanding her routine to know what she wants! Also to everyone who says i wanna try this so bad: Yeah i said the same thing before it woke me up 4 times in a row with ear shattering cries at midnight 🙂

  16. I think everyone should have to learn how to care for a baby using the robo-baby before having real kids.

  17. I want to see them do at least 3 days in a row so it will be a more realistic exhausting experience cuz you are not getting a break after 24 hours even with healthy babies.. imagine a sick baby.

  18. People are saying they did this in middle and highschool and I'm like "where?". I don't know anyone that did, are these rich schools?

  19. Everytime I hear the scream cry I involuntarily say head support, head support, head support!! I had to this project for school and it sucked

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