Eve Online: Tutorial for Complete Beginners! – Ep 3: Industry! Mining! Crafting!

hey you folks quility here and welcome to another fluid of our EVE online guide for complete beginners in part 1 and part 2 of this series we completed the in-game tutorial technically we have one more step of a tutorial that it's prompting us to do but we can more or less ignore it and now what we're gonna do is we are going to learn first of all we're gonna learn how to travel between systems which is very easy to do and then we are gonna pick up our first career agent job and we're gonna learn the in the industry side the industrial side of EVE Online which is involved doing some mining and some crafting and it's very very very cool by the way control f9 toggles user and face over here so aura here wants us to choose a career agent you know what I'm gonna do because the trial basically over I'm just gonna go ahead and like quit the tutorial here so that we don't we're not getting any of the aura popups sorry or no offense but we don't need you anymore so what we're gonna do is she want us to go to the agency go to the agents and mission tab over here and go to career agents and I said at the end of last episode career acient and mission agents are similar in in a great many ways but career agents give you missions that are well suited as a tutorial as a beginner they will introduce concepts to you and also give you tons of free stuff you don't want to skip on this so we're gonna go career agents all of these career agents are in the same place they're all in the CalSTRS system which is three jumps away they're all at the same space station the federal Navy a can't Naval Academy let's close this for a second to talk about where we are in the top left corner we can see where we are we are in the durapan system which is in the crux constellation which is in the essence region and specifically we are close to planet durapan seven the seventh planet in this system and we're quite near to the 21st moon of this planet that's where we are located at this time the number over here 1.0 is a very very very important part of EVE Online this is the security status of this system 1.0 is the highest security status there is an EVE anything from 0.5 and above I believe is is high sec high security systems although really like point 7 and above is is true high sec as high as possible what does high security mean this means Concord the space cops are very active here if someone were to attack us in this system the space cops would almost instantly warp to us and obliterate the enemy and by that by someone I mean another player not not a non-player character not an NPC not a rat as its referred to an EVE Online but if another player attacked us the space cops would almost immediately jump on top of them and just obliterate them the space cops will kill everyone really really fast the lower the security rating you're in the longer it takes for the space cops Concord to respond and at a certain point they might stop responding in particular once you hit zero that is known as null SEC null security and in fact technically it goes below zero for various things as well but zero and below that is full-on lawlessness anyone can attack you at any time with no repercussions whatsoever null SEC is awesome there's tons of good stuff to do there lots of riches to do but it can make you poop your pants a little bit so it is definitely worth considering because it's fun don't ignore it don't be like no I don't want to go there I'm just gonna play in high security but for the purposes of this beginner's guide that we're doing here we're gonna spend our time mostly in high security so we have to go and get to where these career agents are so how do we do that our career agents we know we're in derp –nt and that's not the button I want to hit sorry right over here our career agents they're all in Callister so we want to set a destination we want to plan to go there two three jumps away so you can again right-click on anything to do stuff hey set destination also in this user interface there's a little button here to set destination if we hit this we're gonna need a new little pop-up over here yeah you might not have thus killing spree thing this is an event that's going on in EVE currently we have now set a destination I don't need this window let me just hide this we have a route so our destination is the cows trisystem our next jump to get there is renin if we go ahead and open up our galactic map by hitting the map button over here well should get a highlighted route we got this blue sparkly route now it's gonna show us where we're gonna go we are in derp –nt we're gonna go through renin then through algal guile I can't pronounce most of these and then over a coaster over here so three jumps one two three all these systems are fairly high security so the 1.0 all the starter systems are 1.0 0.9 that's that's about as high security as you're gonna get in high security it's really high security point nine point nine point nine totally safe nothing for us to worry about from other players over here we'll see other players if they've tried anything and it's possible it would basically be a suicide on their part they would basically be committing suicide to attack you some people will do that and that's that's gonna be okay we're actually gonna learn in a second hey what happens if our ship gets blown up what if we literally literally just blew up our ship right now what if we self destructed how would we deal with that I think there's a good learning opportunity um I'm trying to remember I think if we self-destruct we should get our capsule I've actually never done this you know what let's not do it now because I've got some stuff in my cargo hold that I want to use for a next tutorial anyway okay we've set a route we've got our destination don't worry we'll be building up our ship real soon here it's gonna be exciting we've got a route we've got a destination how do we actually get there well to go from system to system we can't just warp to it systems are too far away for us to warp instead we have to use jump gates or stargates to jump from system to system now they show up in your map as these round circles of little arrow here's a Stargate over here that lets you jump to a system this will let us jump to the troughs quest sorry system this jump gate round circle with an arrow jumps to the renin system hey the writing system is our next stop on our path notice that's yellow when you have a destination a jump gate will be highlighted in yellow to let you know that it's on the next route what I can do here is I can right-click on it now I can warp to it and whatever but let me do is jump just like how we automated the task of docking to a station we're to automate the task of jumping we you're an equipped jump first our ship is in a line to that Stargate then it's gonna activate the warp it's gonna warp to it and then once it's completed the warp it will jump through the Stargate at any point if you decide to sort of change your mind now once you're warping you're locked into the warp but you can just go ahead and hit the stop button by hitting the minus button over here or control spacebar and you can cancel the next step if you decide you don't want to jump you can just sort of control a spacebar and then when you when you end your warp you won't go through if you'd like so this is manually jumping what's gonna happen if we do this it's gonna warp to zero like within zero meters of this thing we're as close as it can possibly get and then jump right away your ship also has an autopilot feature which I will showcase as soon as we are done this jump over here so there's our jump gate all the jump gates look or the stargates look dramatically different it is pretty cool though I got it's a very funky there's some lots of NPC friendly police ships patrolling around this very safe these gates and high security so now we are jumping and we are in a new system we are now in the renin system and why are we all see-through when you jump into a new system and we haven't actually talked about the little things that show up over here the various sort of buffs and debuffs the ill effects when you jump into a new system you are cloaked for one minute you are completely invisible and actually invulnerable as well even if a giant nuclear explosion went off next to you you wouldn't be affected as soon as you do anything this goes away if I were to double-click by the way I haven't talked about this if you double-click in space your ship will turn and start moving in that direction have a nifty doesn't doesn't come up very much but it is really cool so now we're moving in this direction over here as soon as I should that command the cloak broke and I'm technically vulnerable that way if you jump into a system you have a minute to breathe look around make sure everything's cool there you go excellent so we've got that now we have to now jump to the algal Gale system are still two jumps away from a destination so again I could right click and choose jump and what the jump will do again it will align to the target it will warp to within zero and then when warp is done it'll jump through the Jumpgate the other thing I can do is down here this little autopilot button right here the little a at the bottom of your screen if you click this autopilot is engaged the autopilot will fly through your entire route without you having to do anything whatsoever it's very very very convenient but that convenience does come at a slight price instead of jumping to within zero meters of the target right so when we do it manually it warps us to within zero meters of the target and then it's a-me able to immediately jump through the stargate autopilot will warp you to fifteen kilometers away from the target and that means you will then have to fly in a non warp speed to the target now the autopilot will handle that for you it'll drop you out of warp within 15 kilometers fly to the jump gate and then jump through it when it gets close enough but that means that there's gonna be a period of time I don't know if it's gonna take you 10 seconds or 20 seconds I'll append on the speed of your ship you can see here 15 kilometers and there we go we're out of warp and now the ship is gonna accelerate you see the acceleration down here it's all happening automatically it's gonna approach this gate and then jump through it when it gets close if you are in a dangerous area space a low security area space this is a period of time where you are vulnerable to being attacked and it pretty if you're holding if you're a very valuable ship even if you weren't in dangerous area space it might be worth for someone to suicide to kill you and then they'll switch to an altar have when their teammates come over and loot your stuff from your destroyed corpse suicide ganks are a viable gameplay option to destroy very valuable ships you don't have to worry about this with your little critters if someone want to do it they'd be losing money it wouldn't hurt you one bit but you see this whole like delay this is a time when you're sort of vulnerable not only that it's technically it's slower right we would already be in the next system already warping to the next jump gate if we had done this manually instead of being on autopilot autopilot is a little bit slower and a little bit more dangerous but it's very convenient I've gotten toggled off the autopilot here so I will simply jump to the next system here in coaster like this and I'll do it manually at some point we're gonna talk about scar go container see this yellow cargo container this is not the same as the yellow from your autopilot yellow thing is in this list comm service has restricted access this cargo container belongs to someone else if I were to go over there and loot this cargo container I would be flagged as a suspect in a crime and for the next I believe 15 minutes any other player any capsuleer will talk about the lore in a little bit are free to attack me because I'm suspected of a crime now the space cops Concorde will not attack me if I'm only a suspect but other players can so there was anything in their screen that's map yellow other than your autopilot destination so here is the autopilot route to the station that want to go to so I'm gonna go there I'm gonna walk to it sorry doc do it um anything else that's yellow be a little concerned and be careful now luckily by default the game is set up to not let you do things that'll let you be flagged as a suspect or a criminal which is the next level up this little get green pip right over here by our I don't know capacitor loadout or whatever this is called this is your safety on your ship when it's green it's not gonna let you do anything that would get you flagged as a suspect or a criminal if we click on this we can switch to partial safety if I do this now it's yellow now the game will let me do stuff that will get me flagged as a suspect but still won't let me do things that would get me flagged as a criminal so if I were to accidentally say target another player and try to shoot the game would be like whoa whoa whoa whoa this will make you a criminal you're trying to attack an innocent player and it won't let it won't let me do that by default unless I switch the safety to disabled completely so for you in high security space like this you're probably gonna want to leave this circuit to safety on green until you sort of know that you want to do slightly nefarious things you know sometimes it's totally worth going and trying to loot a yellow canister because there might be something really valuable in it I don't know I'm gonna leave that up to you all right here we are docked at the federal Navy Academy and you'll see there's a tab here for agents there's also guests here's everyone who's in the station we got 71 people currently docked at the station we should talk about some of these colors too since we're talking about that these green stars these are people in our corporation in EVE Online you always have to be in a corporation if you're not if you're not in a real corporation a player run corporation you'll be part of a NPC corporation for sort of newbies and these are other people in that corporation doesn't really do anything doesn't doesn't really mean anything but it's there someone here see this guy with the yellow skull this guy's a suspect if he were to fly out into space anyone could attack him without repercussion so he's probably just parked here and waiting for that 15 minute suspect flag to go away I think it's 15 minutes anyway you can also see that in local chat sometimes if I go and expand this and go a local chat so you've got some green things this is everyone in the system so 98 people in this current star system and you can look through here and sometimes you'll see things there's heavy smoker again that's suspect over there and sometimes you'll see people with I guess flashing red stuff those are criminals criminals who will get attacked by space cops if you're in a high SEC system criminals won't last long because the space cops are going to take care of them I may be a little bit wrong about the coloration don't quote me on it and as usual check the comments down below for real experts in this game we'll give you some feedback okay so we are here to do an agent mission and we're going to do the industry mission and learn about mining so the agent list on the Left we've got the business career path exploration advanced military military and industry we're gonna do industry over here so we're going to talk tootinest refastened over here we can double click on her we can right-click on her and say start conversation or we can click this little button over here either way we're gonna have a chat with the mystery so making mountains out of molehills this is a ten-part sort of mission that we've got over here and it's super worth doing the flavour Texas is quite interesting for a lot of these I'm gonna not read these because I'm gonna try to save my voice our mission here is she wants us to mine 1000 units of veld spar feldspar is a very common or she wants us to mine this and return it to her so we have to have 1,000 units of elds bar and then we have to drop it off at this location this location here cow stirs second planet first moon federal Navy Academy that's where we are now she wants us to get this and bring it back to her and if we accept this mission right away we will be given a minor one so I'm it's a mining module at level one mining module our reward for completing this 285,000 disk and an additional two hundred thirty-three thousand if we complete it within six hours it's only gonna take us like five minutes to do it at most but you know keeps you going oh this missions got a little collateral we're gonna have to put up $1 I guess in exchange for this mining thing to accept this this mission sounds great to me I'm gonna go ahead and accept this done so um how do we mind you guys alright let's take a look at our ship fitting we're gonna close this window and we're gonna hit the ship fitting button again we've looked at a couple times the tutorial got us to equip a couple of guns hey that's great but what we don't have right now is the ability to mine we need a mining module ownership to be able to mine some stuff our initial startup ship actually started with one oh you know what this would be a great idea to did a great time to demonstrate what happens if you lose your ship let's talk about that if I go over to my inventory over here so you're fighting Tori it's right so I have my ship here my Bellator excellent I'm gonna left-click on the voucher and I quickly leave ship this is exactly the same thing that would happen if our ship were blown up for any reason we would now be in our capsule this is a ship we're piloting right now this is just basically a tiny little escape pod tiny little ship but it's still a ship if your ship gets blown up in space you will suddenly find yourself ejected out in your capsule here whether your characters are known as capsuleers for this reason and this is a fully functional ship you can fly around with it you can go between systems you can do all that you cannot however fit any modules whatsoever it has no slots so you can't really you can't really do anything with it but you can go everywhere with it and it's totally fine so now that we've lost our ship quote-unquote how do we get it back well first of all we're gonna go into inventory if we check the ship hangar we can see we've got two ships in this in this Starbase there's the capsule which is green because that's what we're piloting and then there's a revelatory here our Corvette so I can right-click on this and I can say make active and then I'll be back into this the interesting thing is well let's say we didn't have it because it had been blown up actually let's do something totally crazy I'm gonna right-click this villager I'm gonna I don't think I have to do this I don't remember I'm gonna strip fittings all the parts that were installed on the developer I'm gonna strip them off by doing this I can I can also do it through the fitting screen but I'll just do this strip fitting so this is now gonna be a naked ship I'm gonna check the cargo hold of the ship so we had some stuff in our ships cargo hold I'm gonna grab all these I'm gonna drag it to the item hangar so this is in the Starbase the item hangers in the Starbase so our vector is got nothing in this cargo hold and it's been stripped of all fittings I'm not gonna right click on this and trash the ship what oh my god it's our only ship you guys what are we gonna do well as a capsule er we are very important people as such our corporation or Empire or whatever the flavor is for it always offers us a complimentary Corvette no matter where we are in the entirety of this game over here on the right just below undock there's a button that says board my Corvette it says click to board your complimentary Corvette we're going to click this we're gonna get a brand new villager shiny and you not a scratch on it lovely an exact duplicate of the ship that we started the tutorial with oh hey look at that if we take a look at the fitting screen we even have our original fittings we have a civilian Gatling gun a civilian miner and a civilian afterburner boom you can always get an extra a new Corvette whenever you want by the way you can rename your ship as well change name brussel sprout yeah it remembers names that you like to use there you go this is now the brussel sprout whoo excellent okay so enough of that we have a mission to do some mining now your default ship does actually come with a civilian miner but a civilian miner is slow seen this tooltip it says it mines at seven cubic meters for every ten seconds actually if we right-click on this and sit click show details so this is the civilian miner it's got numerous different tabs the civilian miner actually doesn't even mine at the 7 meter cubic meters or maybe rounding it's 6.9 oh yeah there we go let's say the base value is 6 the civilian miner mines at a rate of 6 cubic meters per mining cycle which is 10 seconds we have a few mining skills that we started off with with our character so we'd actually mine at 6.90 so that's our speed about 7 oh my god there's a giant thunderstorm outside I can hear the lightning I hope it doesn't kill my my internet or my power yes so this that is that is pretty slow could we do better well we were just given a minor one not civilian again everything that says civilian is garbage we got a minor one as part of accepting this mission so right over here if I right-click on this and say show info mining mount 40 cubic meters and this is before modifiers so right the civilian one is six this is 40 oh my god that's a lot faster so what we're gonna do is we're gonna right-click on this old civilian miner I'm going to unfit and now this miner one that's in here I'm gonna drag it in here boom and then if we mouse over rocks you see we're actually gonna mine at 46 cubic meters per second as a result of our skills oh that is so much better now this has the old civilian Gatling gun because I did go and destroy my ship I'm gonna go ahead and unfit this as well and I'm gonna quip one of these light electron blasters instead I'm then gonna go ahead and load it done and I'm gonna take the rest of these iron charges here just gonna shift-click to select them both I'm gonna drag them both into my inventory over here lovely so I have a minor I have guns I could equip to minors to mind twice as fast but I kind of like the idea of having a gun over here so we're gonna go ahead with this ship and we've got a mine out a little bit of else bar not much we only need a thousand units which is basically nothing so we're gonna undock and for this mission we've got a specific spot we're supposed to mind the Valspar from I don't actually know if the mission says you have to mind it from there I don't know if you have to but we will so um yeah so we have a location to warp to as part of our agent mission age ignition over here warp to location so we're gonna go ahead and do that and there should be a big ol rock for us to mine there may or may not be an enemy hey but that's what we've got guns for right exactly you do solve people in green here people at our part of my starter corporation when you see three people that's what they are they're part of your corporation which right now our again our corporation is relatively meaningless because it's just one of these starter NPC corporations and doesn't really do anything in fact it's just costing us something when we complete missions there's an 11% tax rate that our corporation is charging us so it often is a high priority for people to either create their own like it like tax evasion corporation or join out of the corporation with a zero percent tax rate there are corporations out there that do charge tax rates but then do tend to give you stuff for it so we have just warped out over here and it happens if I turn around I can see the big ol rock we're supposed to mine from but let's say I'm like oh god where is it I don't know it's using like just trying to visually spot things that is not the path to victory instead we're gonna take a look at the overview it's our overview over here right we're using that to see enemies we're using it to see stargates we're using that to find stations but we can also use this to find mine about stuff there's actually a tab over here for mining so there's a general tab a mining tab and a warp to tab you can make more tabs and you can highly customize these tabs but that is not a topic for this warp – these are all the things in the solar system that you can actually right click and warp to include just like random planets here's Cal store 3 is a planet there's not necessarily anything there but you can warp to it the mining tab will do two things one it'll show you anything that you can mind so here's an asteroid over here and it also highlight asteroid belts so there are four asteroid belts in this system we could go ahead and walk to one of the asteroid belts and mine that out but where we are here 6000 meters away from us there is a Valspar asteroid and it is our mission to go and mine that so how do you mine well your mining a laser which we have equipped here works similarly to a weapon what we have to do is we have to target something so this asteroid over here I'm gonna go ahead and lock this target now we happen to know what's behind us there it is it's getting locked on then with it's locked on and selected you're gonna hit your miner now in this tool tip our optimal range with this is 10 kilometers excellent so I can stand here hit this button and we're gonna start mining this asteroid that's it now you'll see the little white circle here when we're shooting this white circle sort of cycled I think every 2 or 3 seconds or something like that it's quite quick with our mining laser it cycles once every 10 seconds and at the end of 10 seconds we will get some of this Valspar if I open up my cargo bay so here's my cargo bay with a Brussels sprout you can see my ammo over here actually what I'm gonna do is I'm going to right-click I'm gonna stack all just stack the ammo together there we go so as soon as this is done a mining cycle we're gonna have a bunch of Valspar or in our cargo bay over here now our cargo bay on a villager has room for 135 cubic meters of stuff which actually isn't terrible this is this a fair amount of space at this point that you'd want for what you need but in the long term it's really not much and in particular in your mining it's not very much this will fill up very quickly now you can find ships with larger and larger cargo bays the very large cargo bays are known as US haulers and various industrial ships they have a large cargo bays and they can carry a lot of things from point A to point B there you go we got some builds bar um there are also dedicated mining ships mining ships are interesting because their cargo bays tend to be fairly small but instead we're going to talk about those grow and bay later on but then they'll have an ore Bay and so this is dedicated storage that only fits or but it's gonna be large in and very quickly in this mission we're gonna be given a venture ship and the venture has five thousand cubic meters of space for or plus it mines a lot faster so we're gonna go ahead and stop the mining over here which I can do by just plugging off my mining laser or just running away this popped up because we have enough no don't have enough I need a thousand units I only have six no man dirt I interrupted that that cycle for nothing yeah we need a thousand units for this so we're gonna let another cycle go by I know it's very exciting content at this point I enjoy mining quite a bit especially since a lot of places the asteroid belts there will often be NPC villains over there that you can spend your time queuing at while you're doing the mining I enjoy doing it while doing things like watching Netflix admittedly in high-security mining there's not a ton of excitement though as enjoyable as it is it's not gonna necessarily be super in like whoa this is crazy sauce but once you if you move to a low-security or even null security area and you do mining there then it's a lot more exciting in that you might get murdered constantly while doing it now that might be a lot of fun or might be very frustrating things of course get better if you're part of a large group of people a corporation a fleets different things like that you have large groups of miners working together there's actually ships that improve the rate at which you mind if they're nearby they sort of command ships often what will happen is you'll have groups of miners working together where they'll fill their cargo hold then eject the ore and some will come by with a freighter and pick up all the ore and then do delivery runs that way while everyone just keeps mining which is great okay we now have over a thousand units so we're gonna go ahead and do is we're gonna go and dock to our station once more right we're returning to the station here and we'll turn in this quest we should get a venture out of this there's some mining easy you can also get ships with mining drones drones are one of my favorite things in EVE Online there are tons of fun to use there's combat drones there's drones for a huge variety from jobs including mining and with the mining drones it's kind of amazing you'd like warp out to say an asteroid belt you release your drones and they just scatter and start mining from all the rocks and they bring it to you and then go back out and they could bring bit to you and I find that that's what's quite cool yeah let's just dock we'll turn this in I think we'll get the venture right away not sure there might be one other mission they might want us to reprocess the or I don't remember the order of this well we'll find out in a second so we've done this we now have to go and turn in this completed quest so over on the right we see two Mestre over here it's in green this accepted mission we can complete it we can also use the shortcut key over here to start conversation which I'm gonna do there we are and we're gonna hit complete mission right down here boom so we're gonna get a bunch of money excellent and she's got another quest for me so if I request another mission excellent so what she wants now is she wants titanium or titanium I should say and if we complete if we give her tritanium she will then give us a venture the venture is the mining frigate it is lovely this is the thing that's got a bunch of cargo capacity as well as massive bonuses to your mining speed this is a great mission we're gonna look at the venture and drill over in a second but yeah we get it for free and then we get some extra money if we finish it fast enough all we need to do is get hurt right a neum so how do we give her tritanium well she mentions there we can use do reprocessing so feldspar which is what we mined let's take a look at our inventory right in our inventory we've got a bunch of feldspar feldspar is just or what we want to do is you need to reprocess the Valspar and get the actual minerals out of it in this case feldspar has tritanium if you right-click on this you can reprocess this over here so it's got an exclamation mark cuz it's like well this will destroy the thing but he okay that's fine in a reprocess the Valspar so it's gonna reprocess 157 well it's not actually it processes it in 100 unit chunks so it's actually just gonna do a hundred of this and leave us with 57 and it's gonna produce something you can see this tooltip it's gonna give us 207 tritanium note that there are variety of skills that impact this reprocessing reprocessing efficiency and belts power processing are all skills you can have and these will all impact how much stuff you get out of this there's also a little bit of tax that you have to pay at the station to use this feature there's ways to lower this and of course you can have player run stations that can have all kinds of different options there too but I'm gonna go ahead and reprocess this so if we look it did take all the Valspar out of our inventory of our ship but if we go to iron hangar we will find the 57 build spar because you have to have at least 100 to process it and we'll also find 207 units of tritanium so we should be able to complete this it says cargo-hold but even if it's in our item hangar we should be able to complete this over here as long as it's in one spot if if parts of it were in one place in parts of it or another we wouldn't be able to complete it but as long as you get it all in one place we should be able to hit complete mission get our venture and a bunch more money so I'm not gonna request the next mission right now because what we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about the venture I go to the ship hangar you'll see you've got a venture over here now it doesn't actually show up in the list on the left why is this this adventure is like it's like an Ikea thing it's currently packed up in a box and you can tell that because it's got a quantity listed let me give you an example if I go over to the item hangar you see these um these maybe these Gatling guns see how they don't have a quantity listed that's because they're not packaged up in a box same thing though the afterburner is a good example both of these say one and one and this one doesn't have a number if I go on right click and say stack all these two afterburners were stacked together in a quantity of two this one is not because it's not boxed up but we can go ahead and change this if I reek right-click on the civilian afterburner first of all note while I can buy this item I cannot sell it from this bottle maybe we'll talk about buying and selling later on but I can't sell this whereas if I right-click on this one I can sell it you can only sell things that have been packaged so if I take this afterburner and I just hit repackage it'll put it in a box there you go see it's got a number now and now if I stack the law stack up and they can all be sold done and done so my ship here this adventure is also in a box I could right-click on the sent of this venture and sell it if I wanted to but I don't wanna what I want to do is I want to assemble the ship boom so now I have quill solos venture it's in the list over here and it's ready to go I guess it still has a quantity no there you go refresh the view by clicking out doesn't have a quantity so we have a venture here now the venture is a frigate class ship it's bigger than a Corvette which is what's here let's go ahead and switch into it I'm gonna right click on this and I must say make active so we're gonna get into our venture and I think it's clearly industrial ship but I think it looks excellent I really love to design the ship visually speaking I think it's just lovely lovely lovely lovely now if we go into our fitting screen this icon over here we have no modules installed on this this is a Barenaked venture so let's fix that we're gonna go into our inventory what I'm gonna do is up Knight my villager over here I'm gonna right click on this and I'm gonna strip out all the fittings so that we have access to them in our inventory again I'm gonna strip you down done excellent and actually I'll take the iron charges and put them in the item hangar so now all our stuff is over here excellent so we're gonna open the fitting window and go to work on a rancher actually let's find out what makes the venture so special if I right click on the venture here or here or anywhere we're gonna go get info show info rather and we're gonna find out about this thing so this is my brussel sprout sorry I've clicked on the Bellator my bed the venture there we go quill solos venture which it can also rename change name get rocked there that's our ship get rocked if I close this and reopen it there get rocked it's a venture here so the venture has these bonuses over here first of all if we have the mining frigate skill for every level of this skill we get a bonus to our mining yield so every cycle every ten seconds when the mining finishes we're gonna get 5% more rocks for every skill level this also applies to glass gas cloud harvesting which is another thing not only that though but this venture even ignoring your skills starts off with a hundred percent bonus to mining so just by the fact that we're flying a venture we get twice as much or during our mining we also have this bonus to ship work or core strength this is a more advanced topic but well if you were in a dangerous area where people did want to like kill you okay normally if you can't attack you would just try to maybe warp away you know right click on something warp and then try to warp out before they kill you excellent you're safe ships can pack various modules that can prevent you from warping away the venture has a bonus to its warp core strength it's very difficult for any one person in fact it might be impossible for one person to stop you from warping away unless they really wanted to this it's really easy to be able to always escape as a venture and escape ganks which is kind of nice again if we're gonna be in high security space it's not much of a thing but I love the venture and it's got tons of space if we go ahead and look at the attributes so it's only got the 50 cubic meters of cart the cargo capacity but it has an ore hold over here with 5,000 cubic meters it can hold tons of ore and mine very fast awesome so let's go ahead and equip some stuff on our ship we're gonna go throw hey we want a mine with it right let's throw a miner one awesome and let's go and put on two guns sure let's do that these light electron blasters we're gonna add one then I'm gonna add the other what I got an error can't fit the light electron blaster because your ship doesn't have any turret slots left but I have an extra slot here what's the deal well while the venture has three high-power slots it only has capacity for two turrets let me show you where we can see that first of all if we get info we can go to the fitting tab over here umm high power slots three well we're using two of three right now we got three medium and one low but there's an icon over here this is how many turret hard points we can use we have room for two turrets actually you can see that on a fit as well right up there let me um let me strip this down again yeah don't ask me again there you go so you can see how they're empty if I go and put a miner module a miner module is used as a turret slot there we go one of our turret slots is filled if I put in an electron blaster the second turret slot is filled it was a bit of a graphic glitch there but it's filled I can put something else in the high slot but nothing that counts as a turret so that will affect your design there's lots of great stuff you can put in there I'm quite partial on putting a salvage module oh by the way your screen might look a little different your screen might look like this instead of like this we're gonna talk about what you can do with this later on both the hulls and fit screen and the hardware screen let me just close this for now so just keep in mind there is a limit to the number of turrets and sometimes there's a mismatch so we can do this the thing is if we're gonna be mining with this thing really what we want our two minor modules now unfortunately I don't have another minor one I could if I remove the gun here I could put in one of our civilian miners we know these civilian miners are haribol and they're really slow what it really like is another minor one how do we get one of these well for that we have to turn to the market so let me close these windows and we're going to talk about the market so there's a button over here for the regional market this is where you can buy and sell everything in the game and it's worth noting as far as I know you will never be selling anything to non player characters only players will buy stuff from you there can be non player characters sellers for certain basic items in the game that will be provided in there that you know it's sort of bootstrap the economy right these these items exist because some NPC somewhere sells it but almost everything you're gonna buy in practice is actually gonna be from a player and not a non-player character there's tons of different categories of stuff that you can go through you know plan if your infrastructure command center that sounds quite of interesting ships oh I want to I want to buy a battle cruiser sure a standard battle cruiser from the Gallente people who have brutix that sounds quite cool oh that cost thirty nine million ask well that's quite expensive actually it's cheaper than I would have thought but to be honest how much money do we have if you open a character sheet or if you mouse over your character you'll see it there I currently have eight hundred and thirty one thousand discs you'll probably have something fairly similar if you've been following along with this so I mean we're not buying one of these but and this was made by a player all these are being over sold by a player over here now worth noting that the sorting you can sort by price I think by default it actually sorts by jumps now this is how far away something is station isn't literally the station you're in now and this is something one jump away two three three three five jumps away and so on your station won't necessarily have the cheapest one so which is clearly the case of brutix there's someone in the station selling this brutix for effectively 50 million ask but if i sort by price we can find one for 39 million if we're willing to just travel three jumps away which is nothing so I tend to like sorting by price and then sometimes what I'll do is I'll look okay find the station if I want to buy it here that's not necessarily worthwhile well we're not here to buy a brew takes what we want to buy is we want to buy a mining laser now I don't know where and here it is it could be in any kind of category it's bright I think it's an ship equipment but let's let's pretend I'm not sure we're going to type in in the search here I'm going to type in mining one mining I or maybe there's one oh it's minor that's the problem minor I hey there he is so we've got two categories or there's something called minor I in here oh my god my power just died so my Internet's probably gone I'll probably get this connected in a second so but there's blueprints there you can buy and then there's the actual component itself yeah it's not gonna give me any prices cuz my power just died folks were 39 minutes in 38 minutes then I'm gonna put a cut in here anyway couldn't talk really fast before I get to connect my computer dies thanks for watching I'll see you next time bye bye

27 Replies to “Eve Online: Tutorial for Complete Beginners! – Ep 3: Industry! Mining! Crafting!

  1. NOTE: HiSec, Solo mining in a Venture is a safe, relaxed activity that you can do while you watch videos on your second monitor (Netflix and Drill?) However — it's not actually *that* profitable and can lead to boredom/burnout and a feeling that you're just "grinding" in a non-fun way. Keep watching this series to learn about Exploration (we make 10mil ISK in just a few minutes in Episode 4!!!) and Ratting (killing NPC pirates). Of course, if you enjoy mining then do mining! (Maybe consider joining an industrial corp that mines in NullSec for big $$$).

  2. I don't need to buy an extra miner as one of the rewards for my next mission is the same miner. I will have two just by completing the missions. Right now I need to buy more ammo as I ran out due to pirates.

  3. 24:27 You didn't interrupted mining cycle for nothing. You get part of full cycle ore quantity proportional to the cycle timer. It's actually a real thing for active miners with advanced lasers, which have like 3 minute cycle, to do a part of a cycle on a small/depleted asteroids to get the rest of the ore and to start a new cycle on another roid to save some time.

  4. You don't need to tell what happens when your ship is blown up. If you will do all career missions there will be IIRC two missions where you have to lose your ship as an objective. Hopefully, you, dear Quill18, will do tutorials for all career agents and show us. IIRC it's an advanced combat agent who gives you this suicidal missions.

  5. Never… ever….ever.. autopilot between gates. Autopilot leaves you 15 k off the gate, prepped and ready for any tankers to come along, bump you or blow you away.

  6. Hi Quill are you planning to make a guild in EVE, I would like to join, or what is ur name in the game ? 🙂

  7. A little more info about a system's sec status.

    All systems with a security status of 0.1 or above have sentry turrets defending all aritificial, non-player owned, non-mission objectives (this means jump gates and space stations) These turrets will engage any red flagged (criminal) player with-in their range. Also, players can't use jump gates or dock into stations, if they recently unlawfully attacked the station, the gate, another player or the sentry turrets.
    In systems with 0.5 or higher, in adittion to the sentry turrets located every-where, in greater numbers (sentry turrets in high sec systems do a boatload more damage) there are also police patrols (both from Concord wich is an universal police task-force, for wich you can do missions if you choose so, aswell as the NPC empire in control of that system) that will oblitarate any player that un-lawfully attacks another player/npc/structure in that system.

    This means even if you jump into low-sec, you won't die instantly, but it's not rare to see player gank squads camping low-sec jump gates, with ships that can actually take the damage the sentry turrets dish-out and survive with-out a problem.

    WARNING: Players in beginner NPC corporations should take extra precautions not to venture into 0.4 or below system, especialy in starter ships, since every player on the other side WILL shoot you as soon as they see you, on suspicion of being a scout (basicly a spy) since it's a common practice to make a noob character and send him/her ahead to scout for other player fleet's.

  8. Veldspar is veldspar. If you wanted, you could buy some off the market and turn that in for the mission.

  9. I was actually in a mining corp a while ago and it was super fun. It was so much more than just point and click mining. You’d have to deploy with a combat screen, have preset escape points, have a logistics chain to ship your ores back to maximise time in a belt and so on. It was some of my best times in the game.

  10. I really appreciate you doing these videos Quill, except I'm little concerned I may be selling my life away if I get into it.

  11. I have to say, this episode makes the game seem far less interesting. Mining is firing auto-firing a laser at a rock and waiting? Maybe the context of the tutorial is really dumbing it down but it's not even a matter of having to know what the ore looks like? Quill talks about using drones but how much more automated could this get? Processing ore is right clicking and selecting a menu item, as if some kind of space smelter is a standard feature on even the cheapest ships? For a massive MMO with corporations and such why isn't this handled with a literal industry?

  12. Just saying, Pandemic Horde gives newbeans a starter pack that vastly exceeds the rewards from the career agents.
    Plus actual real life people to help you and fly with, plus nullsec space in which the actual game happens.
    Join up, dont burn out of eve bored in highsec.

  13. For any new player, learning that Jita 4-4 is the main trade hub in the game is a must plus there is a Keepstar 1 jump out in Perimeter. These are the 2 main trading stations in the game.

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