Exposing the black market for human organs

– This is Bangladesh. Some of the people here are so poor they’re choosing to sell their own organs to make enough money to live
and to feed their families. But if you can believe it, that may not be the
worst part of this story. MSU’s Monir Moniruzzaman says this may be the worst
example of exploitation in history. This is not a happy story but it is an important story. – We are in a village in Bangladesh where a number of people have already sold their bodily organs. I interviewed a poor rickshaw puller, who already sold part of his liver and he did not receive the money
that he was being promised. – [Monir] Despite the situation, the government didn’t take proper action and doctor put a blind eye on it because more transplantation
means more profit. – [Host] So he says this
whole issue doesn’t exist, not officially and it gets worse. Tough living conditions and little money means people take out loans but those loans can turn into the reason some put their organs up for sale. – [Host] This is Selena. Four members of her
family have sold a kidney. She says she and her
families are outcasts now, shunned by their own
community for what they did and it goes way past the social suffering. The store owners health
has been deteriorating since the surgery. (speaking in foreign language) – [Host] Monir says it’s barbaric. It seems like something
from some crazy bygone era but this is right now and it’s the technology and
medical advances of right now that are making this possible. – My research explore how
new medical technology and the exploitation of the poor intersect within a market economy. So I am looking at mostly how different form of bodily exploitation are likely slavery and prostitution and how the body parts from the poor are being transferred to the wealthy few. – [Host] You know, this
whole story is just bad. In Bangladesh, it’s illegal
to sell your own organs, it’s illegal to broker those deals, it’s illegal to buy organs. Monir found out that last year some organ sellers
reluctantly came forward and told police they’d sold
their organs to brokers who stiffed them on payment. Police arrested the
brokers but not the sellers who were also breaking the law. But guess what? Turns out the brokers
with money bribed the cops and they’re back on the street. (speaking in foreign language) – [Host] Monir is using his research and the atrocities he’s exposing to push authorities in
Bangladesh and worldwide to put an end to this. He’s getting in front
of government agencies, human rights organizations, even the United Nations but it’s hard and it’s complicated.

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  1. Wait a minute, NGO's loaned that guy money? I thought that NGO's were charitable organizations that relied on donations from the public so why couldn't they just give him money that he needs instead of make him pay it back?

  2. Poor corners of the planet fall into destitution for the government's familiar cruel practices desperation apparently also comes with a high price tag.

  3. There's a black market for everything. It's all about making profit. They know these poor individuals are desperate for money to support their families and to survive. What do they do? They offer a low price, for example: $30 for a kidney; when that kidney could well be worth $500 or even more. I don't understand, why would you reproduce when you know your children will suffer? Organs are worth tons of money. Organs can save someone else's life.

  4. Ganon talaga ang mangyayari sa katawan ng tao kapag nabawasan ng vital organs…ikamamatay nila yun…they need to eat nutritious foods to survive. ..but, the money will disappear for less than a year. ..

  5. Fuckin rich people getting rich because they can and poor people who actually might have a chance if they ever get ahead can't… Fuckin sick of this human race if they gonna do that man it's families they messing up not 1 person damn

  6. They don’t sell their own. BS! That’s why I hate MSU. The government sells them. I refuse to watch this. If this title actually matches this BULLSHIT

  7. "This situation doesn't officially exist."

    That is political speech for, "I don't want to do anything about it, so my strategy is to pretend it isn't happening."

    Yeah, how did that work out for Reagan when he pretended the AIDS crisis wasn't happening?

  8. And what about donating money to save the children and unicef? Fook those are scams with all the money they have they don’t do shit to help others it’s 2019 come on

  9. Brah this hit me so different this is not right bro as people we have to stand up for situation like this we all human that’s crazy brah

  10. I’m in the USA spending money I stuff I don’t need everyday these folks selling they organs so poor that’s so sad I feel terrible as a society

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