100 Replies to “Facebook Marketing Strategy: How to Build a Six Figure Business in Under 90 Days With Facebook Ads

  1. how can i charge people who are just learning ui & ux design. and how much should i charge?
    thanks neil your videos are very helpful.

  2. Hi there Neil
    I am looking to Refer people to my investment platform where its all automated and Speedy payments

    What would your take be on this
    How would you go about this strategy as this is not "selling" its "Referring"

  3. Great video Neil. Do you have any examples of setting up webinars for a web design/seo agency? Thanks!

  4. Your videos are so helpful and much appreciated, keep up the good work!
    I personally love facebook ads, have used them myself and generated a decent amount of leads in a short time so I can testify that this formula does work!!!

  5. Hey, Neil! You are the most influential marketer for me and I have one question. I'm in a niche industry targeting large corporations and enterprises. Which platform or method you would recommend me to use?

  6. Just subscribed recently and really enjoying all the valuable information you're putting out there. Thanks Neil you're awesome 🙂

  7. I feel Proud

    You're Indian!!!

    Indian Like – Neil patel , Sunder pichai , Ratan tata, ETC

    Love you from India

  8. Hi Neil! I have a fitness program geared towards post pregnancy, Get a body like you give a F*ck!, the post pregnancy solution. I’ve never done a webinar and not sure what I would do in it? Your videos are great!

  9. Excellent Neil, Beautiful Insightful Video, I loved it Man! Neil how to go for conducting Personal Improvement Webinars? Your Valuable suggestions welcome always, Thanks so much!

  10. Short videos filled with tons of content! I love it. Thank you
    I have a quick question. I’m a 40 year old woman trying to find a way to stand out in the fitness industry. I shared my story on Facebook back in May being very transparent with my audience about self doubt, alcohol abuse and the fear of feeling fake and it got a great response.
    I’m just having a hard to with trying to decide where to go from there.
    I have been in the fitness industry for 22 years and I absolutely love helping motivate and change lives.
    I would love any info that may be able to point me in the right direction. I have business coaches and I know I need to put out more content. My age range is 35-55 and I’m not sure if I need to focus more on Facebook or Instagram.
    Thanks in advance for any advice
    Holly Brown Drayton

  11. Hey Neil,

    This sounds like a great model but what are the odds of it being as successful for the average individual.

    People are going to want to pay for any of your content because youre well known, have lots of experience and are an industry expert.

    I want to do it, but I dont believe I have the credibility in others eyes to warrant spending the money. (Im about to graduate uni and have 2 years experience in the marketing industry)

  12. When you have "credit". Not everyone has it so when you say "anyone" can make money you could be wrong. It's a pay to play world and if you can't scratch up the dime to put in to the machine it doesn't run. Maybe you could change that to "almost anyone" can make money…

    I get it. The world is full of excuses and not having credit or a couple of dimes to spend on FB ads is just bullshit to that single mom trying to feed her kids and keep a roof over their heads. I guess when something is easy for you it should be easy for anyone.

  13. Hey there Neil. I loved the video that you just made right here…I'm Conflicted as to whether I should take webinar jam or ever webinar….is there a way I can have both of these products?
    I've been doing some research on the pros and cons of each…and I initially came to a decision on ever webinar because of the automation…although after seeing your post on Webinar jam I'm quite conflicted….what should I take?

  14. Hey Neil awesome video you are just soo cool and calm make it really easy for us to understand… quick question I want to sell anti aging cream do you think it’s a good idea to do it in a webinar or just use sales pages ??

  15. He"s not yelling. It's called being passionate about your life and work, Helping others is like a drug. It make's you feel so alive and stirs the soul.

  16. Neil, I love your stuff but telling people who may have never used fb ads or who may not have a proven product or service, to run up credit in fb ads is the worse advice I would give to anyone. The only guarantee is that they have to pay back the creditors. Otherwise I love your stuff, keep em coming

  17. Great stuff always!! It always worth watching your videos Neil. Thank you so much for all the knowledge that you share. I am a newbie in Digital marketing industry and your videos help me a lot, I really wanna work with you some day🙂

  18. Neil, your videos are great and you have a heart to help people out sincerely. Appreciate that greatly. I have been struggling finding the right product and traffic. Have been researching on affiliate marketing for a year and and a half, but yet to get a breakthrough. would like to do a webinar. Could u please guide? Thanks buddy!

  19. Hello Neil, thank you for the video. Do I need to show myself in the webinar ? or could I only do an Audio and a video that has images and subtitles?

  20. Hey Neil, love your channel! I'm brainstorming how to create a self-development webinar, helping people find their purpose. I really don't know what I could sell at the end. I simply love helping people out…do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much

  21. Hello Neil Patel, I would like you to help me create the content of my webinar to sell cosmetics, personal care and nutrition products. Thank you for your help and I will be attentive to your answer.


  22. Hey Neil,
    I know it's out of box question but I just want to know that which field is better for career purpose.
    As Currently I am doing digital marketing course. So, which is like more interesting part to continue as in career?

  23. Hi Neil Patel, I reach my first 50k followers all womens with a specific niche, thanks to your advice, now I need to focus on find products that can solve their problems. Only problem I have I am in Central America and payment methods not many options.

  24. Hi Neil. I am so happy to have a conversation with you. I am a beginner in Digital Marketing, for a Cloud Training institute (AWS , Azure). So, On what topic can we focus during the webinar? What would be the best things to sell through webinar jam?

  25. This video is retarded. I want to learn how to make money online not how to make money online from teaching others how to make money online. If I knew how to make money online I wouldn’t be watching this video in the first place. 90% of the money in this industry is made from people teaching others how to make money online but that is literally all of it, is there any actual online money making or is just selling webinars to people and that’s 99% of it???

  26. Like, I came here to learn and you’re teaching me how to teach even though i obviusly don’t know anything in order to teach?????

  27. Neil, when you say you quit webinars cause you don't care for the money,? You mean that found something that makes you MORE money, Neil?

  28. what about affiliate marketing? can I use a webinar for that? what about my confidence coaching? Can I sell that on a webinar? How?

  29. I live in the Middle East, Jordan. I am not sure if this will work in my country or my region. People in the Middle East are hesitant to buy digital products. Do you think there is a change to make money from this in my region?

  30. Well Neil, if all the people come to your company and go for the refund after 20 days. They are trying to take advantage of you which is not good right. Are you dealing with cheap people? Your company would be at risk man if you refund all of the clients

  31. Hey Niel I just wanted to say that your videos inspire me. After 9 years of Honorable service in US Army i find myself still unemployed after over year since. I now realize I can’t rely on an employer to survive. I hope and pray to become an entrepreneur on social media one day. I watch your coaching as much as I can and try to follow it the best I can. I just wanted to say thanks for you sharing your knowledge and the inspiration.

  32. Thanks again. I need help in creating videos. I don't necessarily want to sell initially, but educate about insurance products and convert them to becoming a client.

  33. Neil. I’m working on starting a blog called Overcoming Homelessness. The goals are to bring awareness to the problem of homeless and to help homeless citizens transition away from the homelessness lifestyle. What kind of webinar do you suggest I do?

  34. hey Neil. First time y see your videos. Amazing. So. How can i star making my own advertisment video with no tectnology. only my mobile.

  35. I have a confectionery product for Facebook marketing, is webinar effective for that, if yes what type of webinar can I conduct, please help with some tips

  36. How would a service business use webinars to get more work? Specifically I pressure wash, homes, roofs, driveway, concrete, wood striping and staining, gutter cleaning and brightening

  37. I don’t know what to sell or do online. I dropped $3k into a very charismatic salesman selling a digital marketing course. Later the same day I felt buyer’s remorse, asked for a refund, and was rejected. No refunds in the small print. Wish more people will have your stance on refunds in this video, Neil.

  38. Hello Neil I'm very new to marketing and the steps that you explained made sense in the beginning but then when you talking about the seminar you lost can you dumb it down for me 😂😂 I would appreciate it because I want to make a seminar about ASVAB ans how to pass

  39. Am wondering, is there anyone out here in the world whom can help Black folks, centuries detached from our bloodline maternal and paternal families, clans and ethnic groups from different African countries find ourselves? Truly re-attaching ourselves directly face2face? Something far deeper than DNA-tracing where one finds out they are 3% this, 7% that and maybe 21% such and such across 4 or 5 different African countries and also 8% from some European country.
    I am talking about REAL results where one can go knock on their direct family's door in Africa. Whom is offering such and how much are they charging for well over 150 million folks globally in need? Something a person like Oprah can't do, for example? Does such a person exists and offer webinars / podcasts on sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc? I don't even think the richest Black person on Earth right now, out of Nigeria, worth about 10 billion dollars is offering such a solution? Am I correct? Talk about a REAL…BLACK PANTHER 2019! Whom is THE ONE?
    Those DNA-tracing firms have been capitalizing off masses for a few good years now. Am surprised Dr. Louis Gates is not the richest Black Man on Earth by now. Just asking…Ancestor M. Garvey would be too proud.

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  41. Hello Neil, thanks for this video! As always… You're the man!! 😉 and I am a subscriber!! I'd like to start doing webinars, and need your advice. I am a photographer, I have an online Shopify store, I know how to use Photoshop pretty well. Those are my major strengths, I thought what would people listen to me about on a webinar? So I'm asking you Neil for some advice. I was thinking that I could do something photography related, like how to use photoshop, or how to take better photos for peoples online products? Heck I'd even have them fly me out to them, and spend the day showing them as much as I could within that time frame.. And what about the price I'd charge? I know you were saying $500, or $1000 ( heck if they fly me out for a one on one then maybe double that? ) . Thats why I'd really like your feed back, "I just don't know what I don't know". I really respect you, and would covet your advice greatly!! Ty Neil

  42. Hi, just starting out with Social Media Marketing and really like this idea of a webinar. But just need some inspiration on what is the best topic?

  43. Ok Im a dating coach where I help men how to speak with and connect with women by being their genuine authentic self? What potential product or service can I sell utilising this method? Thank you.

  44. Hi Neil Patel I'm a big fan. I just wanted to ask if you're doing Facebook marketing for restaurant franchise that has multiple locations is it advisable to have one Facebook page or one Facebook page for each outlet? Please reply

  45. Great stuff, Neil. Where I struggle with this stuff is I'm a digital marketer, so I'm really selling SERVICES rather than products. I can think of a million low priced lead magnets, but I struggle with how I'd then walk people up to becoming a client straight off a webinar – it's like I feel I need more of a multi-touchpoint approach so I really want to build an email list and have a webinar SERIES. Any pointers appreciated.

  46. Dude I am learning so much from you man! Thank you for all the great info you put out there! I am an indie recording artist and I run my own record label. Any ideas how to use this webinar model to sell records or merch?

  47. Hi Neil. Great content and tremendous value in this video. I’m interested in creating a webinar…the topic is on how to improve your credit score. I’m starting from scratch and don’t have an email list. Could I still do a webinar? Any suggestions on the layout of my webinar idea? Thank you for your time.

  48. Neil you’re D Man!!! Thanks for sharing such valuable information in all your videos you are very generous.

  49. Great tips, Neil. I have a few niche market websites that I am trying to monetize. So far to no avail…but I am just starting to implement some of your tips from other videos. Hopefully it will work with special niche websites. I am going through the sites now to improve them.

  50. Hey Neil why can’t I just ungate my webinar and run it as a video views objective on Facebook? Seems like more ppl would watch the webinar.

  51. What would I talk about on a webinar as a website design and SEO company and what would be my offer? Any advice would be great!

  52. Is there a notification add on Facebook i got 200 page likes but nobody se my post i made my Facebook page 2 days ago

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