Factors Affecting Plant Growth – Plant Growth and Development – Biology Class 11

Do subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today will be studying chapter Plant Growth and development in that we are studying topic factors effecting growth of the plant water nutrients oxygen temperature hormones these are the factors that affect or stop or cheese plant growth which will be starting today. factors affecting growth of fist is nutrient imagine if your mom doesn’t gives you food for a week or for a day what will happen you will not get energy in stacked crime or housing similar is with plants if plants get nutrients in sufficient quantity they’ll grow fast but if plants don’t get nutrients insufficient contrary that growth will cease or stop so a sustained supply of nutrients is necessary for plants this nutrients has to be vitamines and minerals soil all the sources next is oxygen if you don’t eat what will happen you will turn blue and die invention similarly the plants need oxygen for respiration remember photosynthesis oxygen plays very important role in photosynthesis next is what our body is made up of 90% water so plants won’t need water yes they will plants need water for all the metabolic activities for all the cellular reactions whether it is catabolism of catabolism temperature now the ideal temperature to grow a plant would be 25 to 30 degrees sensors if you are in a state like Maharashtra but if you go to Kashmir it could be below for 225 degrees Celsius depending upon the place like now life does not affect directly the kind of growth but the intensity of flight the quality of life the place where the plant is kept and the duration of flight effects land growth for example if you keep a potted plant in your house in that it will grow slowly it will take its own sweet tangible there is a time in the field will grow rapidly because Sun is directly present over there the last one growth hormones now growth hormones hormones hormones are present inside your body also similarly glands also have growth hormones and this plant hormones can either decrease plant growth or increase plant growth for example cytokinin a type of a hormone any shaped cells emission where as given in causes cell there is a hormone called as excessive acid which causes falling of links or sentience in terms [Music] factors affecting tango there is a factors affecting what it means this parameters or this factors are important to plan go and if any one of them misses the plan will not go or the plan growth will be reached and this factors are nutrients now climb for the growth you get all the essential nutrients from soil whether it is minerals nitrogen sulphur all of them a sustained supply of essential nutrients is necessary for plant growth depending upon the plant the nutrients may change but all plants need nutrients for the truth next is oxygen oh you only doxygen to press file similarly plants rest by with help of oxygen or photosynthesis yes the process to prepare time food is dependent on oxygen children what for h2 it is necessary for all the metabolic activities of plant whether it is catabolism and anabolism or any activity in done is dependent on water or h2 your body needs what 95 percent of human body is made up of water so glands would need water yes they do need not the next factors which affect plant growth are temperature growth occurs in the range of 25 to 35 degrees just include temperate climate but if you grow in cold weathers the temperature can lie between 4 to 4:30 researchers depending upon the plant for example in Rajasthan the temperature would touch a both have 30 degree sessions and cactus is fine with that temperature but then you go an apple in Kashmir it cannot survive in 35 degree Celsius temperature it means lower temperature light now when you keep a plant in light it grows faster experiment which was studied in lower classes so light is essential for further growth of the plant and plant growth is influenced by intensity that is amount of light that you put and the duration of light that will keep the plant entities lastly growth hormones of plant hormones growth hormones are enzymes that influence plant activity 5 to 4 months while they’re called fight over months phyto means plant and hormones are enzyme set up producing plants fight the hormones like cytokine death help in cell division so students in this part of the chapter we have started the various factors that affect tango I hope you all are clear about this factors and the way they affect plant growth thank you

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