Fashion Advice for Men : How to Dress Business Casual – Men

Hello, I’m Bruce Marshall fashion designer
and Emmy Award nominated costume designer here to talk to you today about what it is
to dress business casual. Now for instance like what I’m wearing. Business casual means,
it’s kind of just taken down a notch. So you don’t necessarily need to wear your jacket
and you definitely don’t need to wear a necktie. And as you can see with a little simple pullover
you kind of make it simple. You keep the buttons undone on your cuffs so you can really push
it up when you need to really get to work, and that also, like I said with business casual.
Just like business casual Friday’s have become popular throughout the states. If you keep
it casual it doesn’t mean you should wear your old raggedy weekend T-shirts or your
cutoff shorts. It means you stay professional but you keep it easy, you keep it simple,
and that really works. Now as you always want to know when you’re keeping things casual
you want it to be really comfortable. So for instance you should always have a comfortable
pair of shoes and it doesn’t mean that it has to be sneakers or trainers, but basically
a loafer. A simple shoe type like that always works. And remember gentlemen, your belt and
your shoes should always match. That’s another tip.

49 Replies to “Fashion Advice for Men : How to Dress Business Casual – Men

  1. ok so hes gay, if you dont like him or any other gay guy then DONT WATCH IT.

    and thanks for posting eHow great help

  2. this guy is on point for men in their 30's i think. i actually have found some of his vids to be pretty helpful for me since im in my late 20's, am finishing college soon and will need to be dressing more professional for the corporate world of IT.

  3. @benzodiazapines ..i expect gays to be designing clothes for gays…not for staright mens..who have clearly different taste in fashion

  4. @LifesaGardenDigit1 I think it's wonderful that we can express ourselves through clothes, even our sexuality…but to discriminate based on sexuality, that I don't agree with…there's no reason to be homophobic about clothes.

  5. Great video; great advice! Two things I tell my clients: (1) Remember, in business casual, keep the business before the casual and (2) Dressing casual is optional, but looking good is not.

  6. I love Bruce Marshall's videos when ever I'm not sure what to wear for certain events I always get an idea from him. I Thank You!

  7. While a lot of you are clowning this guy about being gay, he is actually giving good advice and examples on how to dress for certain occasions. Just go out and actually try it. I'm not saying literally go to a club wearing a pink button down shirt, change the color.

  8. Great Stuff Man Ive done alot of different styles im now 27 and im getting old and i need to start looking more like an adult. I own a few $400 suits i have polos but looking for something new im a big man 330 6ft

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