First Time Home Buyer Nightmares How Real Estate Agent saved buyer $40,000 in repair headaches

hey guys good afternoon welcome back to the channel my name is Han I'm your local realtor here in Southern California and I'm making this video today because some days in real estate it's slow you don't have any property to show you know you've done all your follow-ups you know all the paperwork is good and everything is just gonna find and dandy you know you've got a couple of properties in escrow and you know the loan officers are doing their things and the home inspections already done the contingencies already removed and you know sometimes you just have an easy day which is kind of cool you know having that freedom and having the responsibility that comes together and being real estate is it's pretty challenging and that's one of the reasons why I love being in real estate is because of the you know because of the challenge I've worked a lot of nine-to-five jobs in for and you know I I did I'll admit I got bored of the civility and I got bored of the you know just same thing every day but you know everyone's personality is different everyone's thought processes are different and some people love going to work and doing one thing and they're awesome at it they're super good at it and I can definitely appreciate that also alright so everyone's personalities different everyone's got their own everyone's got their own I guess things that make them happy and things that make them tick in this video today we're gonna talk about one thing that I just did for my client and that one thing is the fact that we we got into contract we did the home inspection and ultimately you know we backed out of the deal and I know it sucks to back out of a deal because you get super excited you get super you start telling your friends and family members that you got a home you found a home you found the right one and you know to back out and tell everyone that you know the home had issue or you know the home wasn't the one you know really kind of this you know it's really a downer for the agents and also for the buyers but the good news is that I was able to save the the buyers potentially save them from a $40,000 headache or a $40,000 issue on the home that they're buying and in this video we're gonna talk about that okay so it's super important that you have an agent to represent you on the on the purchase of your first home all the pressures are second third fourth fifth home it's super important because you know listing agents there they're good people they're good agents they want to do their job they wanted to the best they can also but at the same time their interests are with the sellers their interests is protecting the sellers their interest is getting the home sold so sometimes even though their intentions are good they overlook certain things or they brush turn things off and that's just human nature and this agent that I've been working with the listing agent had been in the business for thirty years and I'm not gonna mention any names I'm not gonna mention any properties here but this agent said oh you know I've been in the business 30 years you know I didn't really see anything around the home well we did the home inspection the home inspector said that there was potentially something wrong with the foundation because he had felt a little bit of sloping or a little bit of a low spot in the middle of the home and he recommended that we get a foundation inspector out there to inspect the foundation and to check the leveling of the flooring and make sure everything was good so this home had a raised foundation in our crawl space and I I got the home the foundation inspector out there to inspect the crawlspace he brought us fooling to measure the level or the evenness of the flooring and what that does is you know he can put it down and electronically you can tell you if the floor is higher or lower or you know if the floor is even in certain area so this this inspection costed about 150 bucks took about about half an hour or so to to kind of do a visual inspection and then come out with the tool to do a level inspection of the floor and so afterwards took about three or four days for the inspector to how the report and get that over to me in which are and which I had in turn given that report to the buyer so in moles in those home purchases you have a 1015 1721 day courtesy and this continuously period allows you to expect to help and if you don't like the home for whatever reason you can go and back out of the deal and get your deposit back most of the time you get a hundred percent of your deposit back you won't get your home inspection fee and any other inspection fees that you had spent on the home you'll get into their back so the good news is that are you protected you have the right to inspect the property so we got the home inspected the the report came back and oh my god it was $40,000 to correct a potential issue with the with the foundation and the the buyers asked me like well what do you think like I really like the home and you know I've got to have extra money to fix the problem I mean I've got the extra four thousand dollars to fix the home do you think we should buy it and I this is my personal opinion and this is my recommendation I told the buyer that okay great you that you now you know that the home does have a potential foundation issue you can go ahead and repair it spend the 40 grand to lift the foundation and go ahead and make sure that the forest level and also solve any of the potential issues with the drainage you know solve any potential issues you know put rain gutters in you know fix those a small plumbing leak I guess fix the popping leak you know just do everything that you need to do to make sure that the foundation doesn't move anymore or you don't have any potential issues but here's the thing you know that the home kind of foundation issue and then now that you know it's there you went fixed it then sometimes it's not the same I guess and I guess that part will always be in the back of your head that poor walls you in the back your mind that you know the home did a foundation issue and that it was repaired and that kind of makes me feel like you know the home isn't the same anymore you know and I know I know that you know these guys do a good job you know the licenses are bonded and you know they've got some type of warranty they don't want their work and whatnot to so I mean it dinner you should be just fixed at home and you know fix the issue with the foundation and then enjoy the home for the rest of the direction that you own it you know yeah but I guess my person and this is my personal views that you know the home it had the problem and at night and it had to be fixed and you know all right I just don't feel like I I would feel the same walking home anymore and that's my personal opinion you know the home isn't the same anymore because you know and that's the same for some people who say well you know someone died in the property and some people really believe that you know people have an afterlife and their spirits and there's all that stuff and that's just our personal opinion some people buy homes it doesn't matter someone tied to the home or not you know they don't believe in spirits it'll be the Coase they don't believe in afterlife they don't do them any of that stuff and say you know what that's not a big issue someone died didn't it great we know that someone died didn't it you know cognizant of that and you know what we bought the home anyways so that's the same with this foundation issue you know you could turn around and sell the home in the next five six seven eight nine ten years you can disclose to the next buyer that there was a foundation issue and that you know forty thousand dollars was spent on the foundation to you know fix it and resolve the issue and everything's fine so everyone's personal opinion is different I'll let you decide you know I'll let you decide and you know that's gonna be your personal choice that you made so I just want to share with you and just want to let you know that if you're buying a home please please use an agent use a buyer's agent to help you with the process do all the investigations to really ask all the most important questions that you when it comes to buying a home don't go straight to the listing agent and buy the home because you know sometimes you never know what's what happened you never know what you're gonna uncover and sometimes you know the agent just might brush it off say hey you know what homeless still there it's been there since 1955 go ahead and buy the home do you know do what you need to do to it paint it you remodel it and enjoy the home don't worry about the foundation and you know that has happened to some buyers and fortunate unfortunately you know some buyers get stuck with the $34,000 issue when it comes to buying their first home and I personally I've met a lot of buyers and I've met a lot of real estate agents and one of the main reasons they got into real estate was because they kind of got into the same type of situation they bought the home from the listing agent and they found out that was an issue that they could have either avoided altogether or they couldn't negotiated a deal and to save themselves a lot of money so my job here is to make sure that you get a home that is safe and sound it'll be there for you know the duration of the time that you know you won't enjoy it and my job ultimately is to help you in to investigate the property and to make sure that if you're gonna put your family in the home and you're spending thousands and thousands of dollars on it I want to make sure that you get a good home and you feel safe and you feel sound you can go to sleep at night you don't have to worry about the foundation issues or any other potential issues that go along with them and of course you know we're not perfect either and you know sometimes you know we're all humans that we do make mistakes too so you know I want to say that you'll get a perfect home for your personal but you know buying a home always comes with butts up you know all sorts of you know protector issues roofing issues coming issues so you know good needs to drive home warranties and we have other ways to help you kind of avoid these potential downfalls to buying off and with that said I want to thank you guys for watching if you guys enjoyed this information you guys like the video hit the subscribe button hit the like button and put this video in a playlist share with the friends share with the family remember again my name is Han I'm a local real estate agent here in Southern California service LA County Orange County San Mateo County if you guys are looking to buy or sell any real estate check out some of my real estate market update videos check out my other videos I appreciate if you guys share this information with any friends or family members and I make these videos with the intent that if I can help just one person if I can help just one person you know that's watching I think that would be that would be totally worth it because if I could save you tens of thousand dollars for me just making this 12 or 13 minute video that would be awesome if you guys appreciate the information here to hit the hit the comment button and put a comment below thank you guys for watching have a great day we'll see you in a suit

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