100 Replies to “Fitton breaks down John Kerry’s links to Steele dossier

  1. Obama & his harems of RATS, believe it, OBAMA'S at the top of this treasonous regime, history will show it.

  2. kerry is the most scandalous person breathing air. a double barreled fraud does not even describe him. needs to be in prison for meeting Iranian diplomats after leaving state dept. regarding the hatch act. they just don,t get no lower than this man.

  3. Graham is swamp as well .. or swamp has so much things on him that he doesn’t want to put his neck on the line..
    He was the most outspoken rebel to trump when he was elected remember he is no more than veteran politician…

  4. Not Surprising! How can you be surprised? These guys are like a bunch of fleas on a dog's stomach! Turn the GOD on its back and you see 100 fleas running for cover!!! Same thing here! We need a huge dose of flea killer!! We need to get some people to keep the dems. from interfering in the presidential governance! The light Needs to focus on these guys!

  5. Don't forget, John Kerry went to Iran to talk to Iran when Trump was President. Who gave him the authority to represent the U.S.?

  6. You have to remember, no one in the deep state ever thought Trump would get elected. Based on this, they were very sloppy covering their tracks.


  8. There was a time when the democrats were about to win the disinformation war. Now, they (mainly leftists and deep state political operatives) are about to lose the facts war! The only reason they are now out of desperation trying to claim a moral high ground (as if there ever was one), is because they are in dire need of one. But, their sudden change of heart (while still playing dirty), is too timed, politically speaking; to be true.

  9. Kerry was an officer in the navy during VIET Nan, he tried to get medals for things he did not do. He " threw" a stolen Medal of Honor at The White House as a war protester. Canyou you expect him to be honest ???? No way Jose !!!!!!!

  10. Kerry rogue not paid a salary by the usa government he is on his own mi6 security intell agencies
    Dems by pass executive privelege

  11. Why is Iran being so belligerent, testing the US and Trump administration? What was John Kerry doing in the Middle East recently? Advising Iran how to disrupt the Trump administration. A definite violation of the Logan Act and treasonous. He better be held accountable for his actions.

  12. There are 2 rules of law. No law for them and they can make any law they want for us drones as they fit. Comey's looking like he's going to walk now and nothing will happen to Kerry. It's just the way it is !!!

  13. I admire this Fitton guy. I hope Trump uses this material and arrest all this crooked politicians implicated in the attempted coup against a sitting American President and execute them all.

  14. The Democrats have sold America out to the Muslims we need to take our country back get them out of our government who do you think runs Google YouTube Facebook big anti-American conspiracy….

  15. McCain's animus towards President Trump was as bad as Strzok; first he literally hands the state
    department the Steele dossier then as his last act he votes no on repealing ACA and screwed millions
    of Americans as a result all because of hatred of President Trump. Each day we learn more and now
    we find that Kerry was involved as well. I'd be willing to bet that Obama was just as involved if not the
    mastermind of all this because he had to of known what was going on at the highest levels of his administration.

  16. What is the punishment for TRTEASON in the United States of America? All TRAITORS need to be held accountable and punished Publicly. WWG1WGA. God Bless America

  17. AG Barr, is just as crooked as his boss George Bush Sr. was, and isn't going to do JACK!!! THE COVER UP IS GOING DOWN… REPUBLICANS – DEMOCRATS,
    shame on The Citizens Of This Country for being so Stupid. These People in D.C. are as Filthy as Scavengers In A Dump Site. There is No Rule of Law in America – certainly not for these Elite Political Criminals (THEY RULE US)
    and we bow down and take it.

  18. There's a YouTube video of trump saying he will show all the bad things that want to do to us
    My opinion is he is finishing what JFK started

  19. 《IF》Peace comes to the Valley, and Trump cannot lean his shoulder to the hurricane winds swirling around the Ship of State, what a mediocre world we inherit!

  20. The chickens are coming home to roost. They should look into the Republican members that were involved or at least complicit.

  21. Fitton.I might as well stop all ur doings Nothing will happen to them,why carry on?Retire & enjoy ur remaing days,life is short.

  22. John Kerry is a treasonous creep. Meeting with the Iranians and now they find out he's involved in the Steele dossier. He needs to be prosecuted and executed.

  23. Why is it so shocking? The entire Obama administration is corrupt!! That would include Kerry, who is a snake. His recent outright disrespect by visiting foreign governments was raising questions for us, citizens. Tom, you’re right! Congress is complicit. That’s why they’re so defensive! Thank you Tom.

  24. Thank you Thank you Thank you Judicial Watch! It's hard to take in how much was said in this video. He stated the democrats were involved in the Steele Dossier, who are they, which part of congress, etc?

  25. Many Republicans I imagine are guilty of things not yet known…..they are all freaking out! To me…..it's panic and self preservation!

  26. It is not a swamp, it is more like an establishment political cesspool, and remember this word, carbon stocks which the supporters of the fake climate accord have been getting rich from. Trump is doing a great job standing up to the establishment media and their fake news and polls.

  27. Thank you lou Dobbs and Tom fitton for all your keen insight you guys are always spot on . I'm sure glad we have good men like the both of you , speaking true words of wisdom. We absolutely love you guys.Trump what a man of honor and tough as nails we love you mr President . Screw the media and NWO we have your 6.


  29. This could have been avoided by acquiring the tracking packets from the NSA showing the Wikileaks release were on a disc or thumb drive and never hacked. But then we'd still need to dismantle the anti-american corrupt and greed driven democrat cartel paid for by Soros.

  30. Trump supporters: Put pressure on your republican rep to Stand for Trump and be very vocal about it -Or be gone..

  31. 90% of our government is involved with not doing a good job for the public and skimming off the top of their agencies and turning a blind eye to miss management malfeasance why because they are corrupt Democrats for the most part

  32. Our problem is the republiCANTS are spinless they're doing nothing to jail all the crooked DemonCRAPIC politicians

  33. Always thought kerry was a peice of poop hope he is held accountable for his actions. He is so rich it needs to be investigated. Tom fitton is such a patriot.

  34. VICTORIA NEULAND is the creepy crooked S.D. official …..TRUMP HATER ……and is still there??????? Come on Pompeo!!!!!

  35. I applaud Judicial Watch but what I want to know is who put out the hit on Epstein. I think that would answer a lot of questions, past and present.

  36. The government needs too have this phony P O S tried for treason as well! Lying fake purple heart recipient like that other shitbag blumenthal? F U both!

  37. Donald Trump best president we've ever had in the history of our nation no other president has done more for country than donald J trump and I am so very thankful for your service Mr. President I am thrilled that you are my president

  38. There are simply too many big fish rolled up in this net for any of this to go forward with any penalties being applied. face it government has devolved into criminal entities we have the best government money can buy

  39. That's why Scamming John Kerry has a Hate on for President Trump. Kerry made promises to other Countries that President Trump is Shutting down so Kerry will be found out to be on the Take with the rest of the Deep State Crooks.

  40. I agree Lou, Congress should be investigated. Once we have the FBI cleaned up. For now use the Federal Marshal.

  41. They have done nothing for the people for Americans but white wash their involvement and made excuses….every single one of these individuals need to loose their jobs……American people are sick of it and the hammer needs to fall on all of their destructive measures as well as their abuse of power ! Creating laws to resuscitate their poor work ethics and unproductive tax money waste! Coup," their all a part of! Find the affiliation……..!

  42. Anyone surprised? If ‘they’ say stupid crap it’s probably bull and the political figure is guilty of something

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