Flirting at Work: Looking for Loving or Just Plain Bored?

uh… an interesting study and i
apologize to regain advance for citing a scientific study above all aim right
psychologist at the university of surrey shows that metaphor in the office for
nafta reasons you imagine they don’t know what kind of an attempt to have sex
with anyone but they do it by the boredom what’s your selection process of course the obvious really you don’t
think i didn’t read it over the top of people
i’d been flirted with a lot when i was just like you know that in the last hour inches responding so well yeah i’m going
so well now it’s just you know you don’t take it seriously i think they’re just you know kaiser i don’t understand men than anyone ever unless interest in them yet another finding others throw out
here we don’t necessarily have to talk with us but their emotional intelligence
level is low to the the psychologist at it i hate i’m not going the same direction
skill i actually think this is kind of interesting because i know from
experience like people of the state don’t shit where you
the what don’t they put it we work with but didn’t do it all time not
necessarily in this office because it’s like three women inspected it weird after just a few days uh… especially like if you work in
service industry like i’ve waited tables i bartend at all those people who got
and they’re not just for an abortive although that may be how it starts so i thought to be interesting well i was in town i’d been on a couple dates with people i
worked with a was you know personal a bad idea do not don’t date your co-workers but why in
wide because they were co-workers was a bad idea because like when it doesn’t go well
it’s weird late and you can ask them to help you with the project which is like but there’s ways around that table like
one of the reasons having to work so well in the service industry is it
you’re not too slick going up to the girl thing would you like to accompany
me to starbucks on friday lekin everybody hangs out they’ll party
together but it’s how you look up your you know that you like the person and so
i think it’s offer a little raising any of those people but yeah i think this is
more focused at like people in a like official office cassidy but i’m
interested to know what the people you know viewing this thing but the you four at your job it is it out of an actual
attempted up a summary just born on why not ’cause don’t you get endorphins obey
when you feel like your interest in silence finds a kissing you yeah work is boring i mean got a lot of mary people for in
those circumstances necessary to cheat although something like one of four
inevitably well which is sad but i’ve had friends will like they’re married and
like i have a work has been too you know it is something to take their mind up how
boring your job is yeah ed actually that sort of flirting liked by feeling interested in feeling attracted
connection stops you from

100 Replies to “Flirting at Work: Looking for Loving or Just Plain Bored?

  1. I never flirt out of boredom. If your job is that boring that you have to flirt to pass the time, why not do something else with your life? I prefer to focus on what I have to do to get to where I want to be more than anything at work.

  2. Sometimes part of doing what you have to do to get where you want means working a boring ass job to save up some money so you can move forward in life and get to where you want to be

  3. I'm a guy, I flirt with girls at work, but I like the penis. The conversions usually go downhill fast since they all know. .

  4. I disagree 100% with the study. The Psychologists seem to be "Femme Nazis". Procreation is just as much a reflex as sneezing. Put males and females together it will be attempted.

    But I do not recommend dating someone you work with. Not everyone you date works out. We all know this. Don't make enemies out of your co-workers.

  5. Eww, no one would want to flirt with Kim, especially when you already have Ana on board. Flirting is fine, just be careful it doesn't end up as sexual harassment, tread carefully.

  6. Tell people that men have a lower emotional intelligence and we have a discussion about flirting in the office. Tell people that women have a lower IQ and you get called misogynistic, hypocrisy anyone? No? OK, let's go about our days as normal!

  7. john, KIM seems condescending sometimes. 38sec… when ever she knows something she always has this attitude like "yea,. okay,. so., i know"…,she gives the impression of "oh k another tyt clip, this is okay but but uh"… shes doesn't want to be there.., or maybe ur energy just doesnt match hers..

  8. I'm currently dating a co-worker, If you both click on all heels aka have great chemistry why deny a great relationship just because you work together. Hell it sometimes makes work even better.

  9. ohhh come on guys! who wouln't want to go out with Ana even if you were a colleague of her.don't date with your co-worker?

  10. I like Kim, but she needs to be more vocal and smile more, she looks like it hurts to talk about, (or listen to john or the story's main character talk abou) things she doesnt approve of.

  11. 00:25 I wonder what that head role was about as well as the frustrated response 00:38 at johns response. He seemed to make an extremely valid point, but all she said was "ok". She should speak her mind should she have something of importance to say.

  12. I think they'd probably lump the two together. As long as its not actually attempting to get together with the person. – John

  13. I flirt for boredom, but also because I'm interested, but am to lazy to make an honest attempt

  14. Personally I do think flirting is cheating because there has to be some type of attraction to them whether physically or emotionally. but I also think people flirt out of boredom regardless if they are into the person or not because its a lot easier facing rejection. Example, that one girl (or guy) you have a huge crush on in comparison to someone that you don't really find attractive, too bad that the only people that do the flirting are rarely interested now a days

  15. I'm 18 and work in a restaurant and everyone hooks up. And the flirting goes on all the time, the flirting i do at work is usually with girls i'm interested in but i also jokingly flirt with girls that i'm not attracted for no particular reason.

  16. I miss Cenk Uygur's ginormous head and Ana. You two are a snoozefest, especially that Kim girl, no offense.

  17. I found my wife-to-be at work, we worked at the same place for almost a year.
    We have both moved on to different jobs but we still live together and get married next week. =)

  18. MY GOD!!! If I didn't check YouTube regularly, I could have missed this IMPORTANT news (LMAO). Good alternative media shit,for real.Who cares if another bill passes to take away our rights.Keep this important shit coming,TYT. Cenk,you have outdone yourself again!

  19. I often flirt as a kind of game, it gives insight into who they are and how likely we are to get along. If women recoil in horror to a flippant compliment, odds are her and I are not going to get along, if she is flippant back and has a good sense of humour, odds are we will get along, either as friends or as something more.
    Also, something John and Ana talked about a while ago, men are often "expected" to come onto attractive women, even if they're not after anything more.

  20. As for dating co-workers, different places I've been have had radically different attitudes to that, some places like colleges actively encourage it (ie one of my colleges proudly declared that many marriages have occured from people dating in-house).

  21. I also agree with Kim's point that if a woman flirts back, even if nothing comes of it, it can be a nice ego thing.

  22. Yeah totally agree with the research. Flirting and the reaction to your flirting is an entertaining game yet I would never ever cheat on my wife.

  23. I use flirting mostly as a form of social lube, it's not that entertaining, but girls generally have better disposition if you show them some affection. Not all of them though, some prefer to be treated as if they had no gender, which is cool with me too.

  24. It really depends on cultures too. I for a fact know that flirting happens a lot within the Latin culture and somewhat in the Italian as well. It is really just a play off words which comes off easier in the language. It is not as easy or lose in English/States due to sexual harassment cloud. Not saying it doesn't happen but it is not as easy. Though in general Latinos/Italians are horny bastards. So even though it is playful flirting at a certain point sexual thoughts occur among men. Music

  25. Flirting is the same as Friends with Benefits. No actual relationship, just meet up to have sex. I go my way you go yours just text me when you need it.

  26. I've been at work places like this. Where everyone jokes around and plays pranks. One of the things we did was flirt for fun. It just showed that we're close and can have a little fun but no one took it seriously.

  27. Flirt to work to attain information, use that new found knowledge to gain the upper hand on your coworkers. Use this technique to manipulate your way to the top, you'll be running the place in no time.

  28. John: "by feeling interested, by feeling attracted can actually stop you from cheating." disagree, i flirted with my coworker and as we continued my liking for him got stronger and out of hand. long story short, i ended up breaking up with my current boyfriend to hook up with my coworker. so no it doesn't stop you from cheating. however that doesn't mean you're bound to cheat either, it depends on the situation and this is just something you can't generalize

  29. Some do it out of boredom, but we are human and most of us can let it get out of hand and possibly develop some feelings for the women we work with. I know that happens so much at my work, and I won't lie, I have dipped my hand in the cookie jar, and I know who I can and can't sleep with, but sex is also a remedy for boredom.

  30. I will say this, i am in the military, and you should never ever date someone you work with. Most of the time the women you work with have already gone through and picked off most of the men you work with, even other girls, and so in turn you are the last picked. >.<

  31. Remember me Johnny? I'm the low sex drive guy! I can't get an erection but I can use my pleasure wand 😀

  32. Man, it looks like Kim hates John. Weird, because John is pretty awesome. Weird Kim. Is it weird her favorite descriptor is weird. Weird.

  33. I just think people need to be mature about it. Obviously don't [email protected]# your boss, but why not hook up with someone on the same rung with you? IF it doesn't work out, be an adult and deal with it appropriately. I knew a girl that was being aggressively wooed by some guy that she did not like. She turned him down. He handled it like a bitch. He would always talk shit about her from then on, give her an attitude and be uncooperative. She was a big wig's daughter so he got straightened out.

  34. I work at a bar… everyone flirts cause they are bored. And if something does come from it… bonus!!!!

  35. I was just about to post the same thought…as soon as he says men flirt out of boredom, she gives him a REALLY bitchy stare…. 0:14

  36. i met my girlfriend at work, and where i work theres been like 5 or 6 couples that started within the work place. were only a couple steps away from a giant orgy and i think its great.

  37. John could probably inherit TYT if Cenk ever stepped down…or course they'd probably need to change the name of the show. Or he could go do his own within the network.

    Whatever, the important thing to remember is that Kim is adorable and I bet my Isshin-ryu could beat her Jeet Kune Do. 😉

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