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Hey guys, welcome
back to my channel. I am so glad to be back. I know it’s been a couple days since I uploaded
but we are back. And as you seen in the title, we are doing the new
Covergirl full-spectrum line. I’m really excited to try
out these products especially because they are drug store and we were always
trying to save some coin over here, sweetie. So if you haven’t already
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every time I post a video and we’re going to go
ahead and get right into this video now deer season. So you already know I
always start out with my eyes, but you know what, we’re going to switch
it up today. Yes, ma’am. We are going to be doing
our base first. So the products I’m going to be
trying is from the new cover. A full spectrum line
and they have a foundation. It is the full spectrum
Covergirl Matt ambition all day shine free foundation. And these are the two shades that I think are the closest
I am in the shade range and this is entangled and 2 and then this one is
in deep golden one. So I’m just going to play around
see which one is better for me. I’m really excited to test out
this product and see you know, if it’s going
to be looking good. We gotta pray pray that this Foundation looks good
or all these products work out for me because since has somewhere
to go right after here, so let’s hope was
Christa guys dear Jesus, please let this make
a workout for your girl. Don’t be looking crazy
because I do not have no time. I’m literally sitting
down doing my makeup and I’m going to be leaving so yes, let’s go ahead. And get right
into the application. Okay. The first thing I noticed
with this product is that the foundation
has like a closure lock at the top of the pump which I really appreciate especially with this product
coming from the drugstore. That is an A+ for me because you know
what when you travel you do not want your foundation
spilling in your bag and getting all over your makeup
and I really really appreciate Covergirl for doing that. So that is
definitely some points. We’re going to be using
10 golden to Okay. And as you can see,
my face has a little break out little friend
wanted to you know, join the party today. We’re going to ignore
that ugly little break out. The coverage is
really really good like for a drugstore foundation. They are definitely
stepping it up. All right. So this is the foundation blend
it all the way out. I definitely think
it is giving really good coverage is definitely a full coverage Foundation is covering
up everything on my face and I really really like it. It’s definitely starting
to dry down. So hopefully it doesn’t like
dry down my face where it is literally sucking
the life out of it right now. It feels comfortable. It doesn’t feel heavy
or anything so so far so good. So the next thing I’m going
to be trying from this line is the full spectrum all day brightening
concealer from Covergirl and I have the shade
medium Tan Golden. It is oil free is suitable
for all skin types is medium to full coverage
and it’s a concealer that last is all day. That’s what we want want
to consider this not going to crack not going to break
look crazy in our eyes. So that’s definitely good
to its supposed. To neutralize blemishes
hyperpigmentation and dark circles and it’s supposed
to be brightening. So that is literally everything
we want to concealer. So definitely let’s pray
that this works out love that. Okay. It’s definitely like a
I don’t want to say then it’s not thick so that’s good. But I can definitely see what they say by like
medium like his medium to full I can definitely tell as I keep applying
that is building up. So let’s just hope
when I blend it out that it definitely keeps
the coverage as well a little bit on my nose
the bridge of my nose. And then some on my chin. So let me know if you guys
like this background or if you prefer my old background, I’m definitely going
to be switching out the both of them to give you all, you know, a little a little
different something something every now and then
but this is what I came up with for this one and I think I liked it. So let me know in the comments. Okay. So for right now it is blending
out very nicely is definitely not hard to blend out. So that’s always good when you don’t have
to really you know work that hard to blend out. The concealer is
definitely movable, even though I’ve letting
it sit a little bit. So I really really like that. I definitely think
for the amount that I put on that is giving
me really good coverage underneath my eyes and it definitely like Blended
in really really nicely. So if y’all can see
it looks good. I’m really really impressed. Like I don’t think
I thought I was going to be this impressed with
the concealer or Foundation. Like they both look
really really good. So that’s definitely amazing because this is drugstore
foundation check concealer checked so far so good. Okay. So the next product
I’m going to be applying it and you don’t really
have to apply this. I just want to you know
test out all the products that I received
and see you know, how they all work together. So this is the full spectrum Covergirl Matt ambition
all day powder foundation. So even if you’re somebody that doesn’t like
to wear liquid foundation and you want to just put on like
a powder foundation to hurry up and throw on and get out
the door then this will be for you or a good alternative
for a cheaper power. Foundation so they have
a full line of different colors. So definitely check this out. If you are someone that likes something
quick and easy, I’m definitely excited about this. So I’m going to just use
this as an all over powder. I don’t really need it because my face
is already matched, but just for the sake
of this video, I want to see if it has any coverage if it you know makes
it look more Flawless. So we’re going to go
ahead and try it out and the shade I’m going
to be using is 10 Deep cool. Okay, right off the bat. I can definitely
tell it has coverage. Like I can definitely see the product
being applied to my face. I don’t know if y’all can see
that but it’s not bad. Like it literally just makes
it look even more airbrush like adding this on top of it and I kind of want
to test this out and see how it works on its own because you know
what I’m going to school I do not be putting
on nothing y’all be bare face looking crazy. But you know, what if I found girl if I found something I
can just you know throw on and go put on a little mascara and head out the door
then I’m here for it. Okay something easy because I’m not be having
time to be doing a full viets and all that in the morning. I’ll be just trying to get
up and get there and come home. You know what I’m saying? So So far so good. Like I actually it looks
really really good. I’m really impressed
with this product as well powder foundation is
also a plus for me so far all of these products
look amazing on the skin. I don’t know if you can tell on camera
but it really really looks good. So I’m really really impressed
with this line so far. Okay, my camera is red
and decide to cut off. I don’t know what
it’s got going on. But like I was saying with the blush palette
I’m going to be taking the highlighter right
here is definitely more of a like a champagne color and applying it to my cheeks. Oh, yeah. That is so pretty it
literally looks so like just smooth on the face
and it is literally so blinding like it looks freaking gorgeous. So apply some
of that on my nose. So that was that pallet
definitely loved it. Definitely think
it looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to try out the
other palette over here in 300 because I love this when I definitely
will be using this all the time because the blush is really
really good for everyday and the highlighter is
literally a blinding. Like I will definitely
be wearing this all the time from the full spectrum line. They have some little pallets. These are the two
that I definitely could see myself using
this one is in reverence. This one’s in Pause / Chic. So this one’s like
a really neutral palette and then this one’s a very more
pinky like purpley palette. So yes, they also had one that was like full
of jewel tones. And I can’t remember
what the other one was, but definitely these are two that I know I will use all
the time as you can see. This one’s like the really
neutral palette and this is the one I’m going
to be using today because I’m going to be doing
a darker lip for tonight. So yes, I’m going to just do
something really simple easy. Throw it on your eyes and let’s
go medium brown shade right here and applying that in my crease. So I’m going to be applying
this all over my crease and just blending
this all over my eye because I just want to do is
just like a little simple kind of smoky look for tonight. So that is that
color Blended out. So I’m gonna go ahead
and do the other one and then we’ll come back and use
some other Shades next. I’m just going to be taking this
Deeper Shade in the palette. I’m going to be applying
that on the outer crease. And just smudging that upward. So that’s what we have so
far really really liking how it turned out. The next product I’m going
to be using is the Covergirl full spectrum defining moment
all day eyeliner. And this is in the shade Black is Black we
are going for a sultry very night time look, so I’m going to be applying
this in my waterline and I might even
smudge a little bit on my upper lash line. Okay, right off. The bat is really creamy. I’m barely having
to press it down and I know y’all can see it
is already applying on so. If you have really
irritated eyes and you don’t like to use a pencil that toes on your waterline definitely going to
recommend this one because it’s extremely creamy. Hopefully, it doesn’t smudge. That’s one thing that sucks
about having an eyeliner that is really creamy
is it might smudge but so far I’m really
really liking this. Really impressed with
the eyeliners definitely really creamy goes on very
smooth really enjoy this and it came out with a lot
of different colors. The other two colors I have is
like a little purple one. And until when I think they came out with like
a silver a yellow a white. I’m not really sure
but these are the two that I have that I think I
would definitely use so I can’t wait to try those out but eyeliner definitely
really really good. So I’m going to go ahead
and apply my lashes and mascara off camera and then we’ll be
back to do the lift. Okay, so I’m back. I went ahead and apply
my lashes and mascara. I did also add
an inner corner highlight. I use the little like
yellow shade in this palette the second shade right here. That is what I use
for my own corner highlight definitely loved it very
pigmented and I love how to open up the eyes since this is more
of a dramatic eye look and y’all I’m liking her. Because this is Ryan late, but the last product
going to be using for the Covergirl
full spectrum line is the matte liquid lipstick
in this is in the shade Fortune. I wanted to do something
like a little darker sultry since I’m going out tonight and I’m not going
to use a lip liner. So I’m just going
to apply this as is. Okay. So this is the lip I think the lips looks
really really good. I definitely add two layers onto it and it still
feels comfortable not as drying. So I’m really
impressed with that. I definitely
recommend this line. So I’m going to go
ahead and put on my clothes and I’ll be right back. Okay, so I am back y’ all and I’m really impressed
with all the products that I ended up
trying out today. Like there was not one product. They gave me a problem and I’m
really really really surprised. I think Cover Girl did a really
good job with this collection and definitely has a great range
a great variety of products for y’all to use even more like products that I
did not shown in this video. They came out with
lipsticks lip glosses. They have a concealer palette
they have just a lot of Colors to suit a variety
of different women which is really really great. So I definitely give it
to cover girl on that. I think they did a really
good job with this line and everything looks Flawless. So I definitely recommend going
to your nearest drugstore and trying out these products because I definitely think
they are really really good. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. Also, don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button if you haven’t already and
turning on post notifications so you can be notified
every time I post a video and I will be seeing you
guys in my next video. Bye my love.

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  1. HEYYY YALL!! Who is loving the new background!!? I did that! Lol 💁🏾‍♀️ 😂 I hope y’all enjoyed this drugstore makeup tutorial using all Covergirl products! Let me know in the comments below some other brands you would like to see a full face of! Love you guys!! 😘💗

  2. The foundation finish is so flawless, and the blush and eyeshadow palettes look so gorgeous! I 100% agree, Covergirl is totally stepping things up across the board.

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