Furniture production on the way to Industry 4.0

with Network production the woodworking industry is on a direct path to the future project industry 4.0 the machines are smart and independently controlled production resource efficient and tailored to customer needs for this to work smoothly it is important for all components involved in the production process to communicate with each other information flows are efficiently organized and monitored by a production control system the central element in this production is the smart workpiece it tells the Machine how it has to process every workpiece is individual and is created as a digital component in the virtual world with all specifications and parameters that is where the workpiece is given an identity and can then communicate with the system components via the barcode the smart storage saw a combination at the start of the production line provides flexibility and high speed in the plant the advantages of network production can be seen clearly here the panels are sorted fully automatically and optimally fed into the production process bada makes it possible to optimize the plant the transparent presentation of comparable data from various machines and plant components enables a comprehensive analysis the sorting memory plays a key role in network production all components of a commissioner compiled their and passed on together for final processing network production is the guarantee for individual and efficient production tailored to the customer the Muslim Vic vanilla muffin we need to move away from mass production and towards customized products and in my opinion network production is indispensible nerfect on up lingua the advantages of network production cannot only be seen in industry but also in small and medium-sized enterprises growing customer requirements and the increasing lack of specialists mean we need a rethink starting network production is also the key to success in the future for small and medium-sized enterprises Yochanan teal and window into a module box and media hallmark with our motto growing with the whole my group we ensure that everything small to big will grow with us and with network production we have already set a big milestone in this sector internet thingy we will integrate the Internet of Things in our systems and will further develop it in our customers interests as our customers partners that's your fun it's so that we can make a seamless transition into industry 4.0 definites you on and travel from network production to industry 4.0 a vision becomes reality you

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