100 Replies to “Gaetz on Sondland hearing: GOP did their best work today

  1. πŸ‘‹Right Rep did do their best work today and America thanks them for their bs, deflective questions planted in lies. I learned a lot from these hearings . Why did trump sign off on the aide and then waited until getting an opportunity for "a favor to look into the Bidens" to apparently look into corruption. Why not express to the Congress he still has corruption concerns?

  2. Common sense tells you Trump leveraged the WH visit and then the aide. Quack quack. Does anyone think he really cared about corruption?

  3. The Republicans aren't really doing such a good job – or maybe they are considering the evidence is mounting. I assume they are playing to an audience that won't watch the hearings or get their facts from an non-bias news source.

  4. Make the DNC Pay! Americans deserve a financial reimbursement for the Entire Cost of all the hearings based on knowingly false claims! Pay up Schiffty! You, Chuck and Nancy have cost probably over 100 million dollars covering Your BS! The People want their Money Back!

  5. The American people don't know why Trump held that aide. Trump hasn't told us out of his mouth why he did all he did. The Reps at the hearing don't know why he has done these things. They just appear to be well trained lawyers grabbing at all kinds of defenses. It's like a defense lawyer that will argue on your behalf even when they know your guilty. Defense lawyers know that it is up to the prosecution to prove their case. This is why their questions are like pulling straws and don't have nothing to do with what Trump told them.

  6. There is a coup a foot. An active coup. People need to understand what that means, and the long term implication of this on American politics moving forward. This is not I don't like this guy. This is calling the President of America a spy, agent and traitor. This is how do we overturn the Constitution of the founding fathers. How do we break this system. People don't seem to get what is going on right now. When they do …then yes we are looking at a possible civil war.

  7. I want my elected officials to ask questions and get answers! We shouldn't blindly give away our tax payers money in the first place

  8. But trump said he never heard of sonland, wow, trump deserves everything he is about to get!!! Including prison TIME, YEAH YEAH, ITS OBAMAS FAULT, ITS HILLARYS FAULT, I WONDER WHAT THE REPUBLICAN SPIN WILL BE TOMMOROW, LOL LOL!!! i wonder how trump will look in his jail uniform without his hair piece!!! Omg, lol lol lol!!

  9. -confirmed quid pro quo
    -said trumpβ€˜s personal attorney (rudy Giuliani) was heavily involved
    -stated pompeo, mulvaney and trump 100% knew about it

    What drugs were you on to think this is not a disaster?



  12. The democrats absolutely don’t want the Trump administration investigating corruption much less cleaning it up because they would lose their power and it’s all about the power they can dictate over the American citizens while continuing to line their own pockets through their own corruption.

  13. Come on, it's time to be thankful , since the holidays are here spend time with your family and turn off this drivel fictitious shift show Santa knows who's on the president's naughty list.

  14. lmao i love how fox forgot to say that he said he (trump ) didn't want anything related related to quid pro qro after getting caught for it xD. Man fox is so bias its pathetic. Now everyone in the comment session is getting on Gordan after giving trump 1 milllions dollars years ago.
    Man fox is just looks stupid at this point. Learn to watch other channels besides fox. Best bet to actually just watch a closer look or trevor noah or other comedic tv show hosts.

  15. What we witnessed today was the end of the republican party in America. It stands for corruption, hatred, lies and dictators. We also witnessed the end of fox news.

  16. No matter how much they try to twist it… The republican defense collapsed with that testimony. I'm not happy with the facts but we have to admit… it was really damaging to hear that the president, Pence and Poopeo were all involved in trying to bribe and force Ukraine to make up dirt on Joe Biden. It's really crooked and saddening… And that deep state channel he was running with Giuliani… It's seriously crazy unacceptable πŸ˜¨πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ βš–οΈβš–οΈβš–οΈ

  17. Sondland testified that Pompeo, Pence, Mulvaney, and Bolton were all aware of the scheme to coerce the Ukraine President to announce investigations into The Bidens and 2016 elections.
    Those men need to testify.
    Also, when Trump told Sondland, "I want nothing", it was AFTER the whistle blower had made concerns about Trump's dealings with the Ukraine public.
    Despite Republican efforts to claim some kind of victory today, the fact is that Sondland revealed that he absolutely WAS pressuring the Ukraine to announce investigations, on the Presidents behalf, and that "everyone was in the loop."

  18. FoxSued? If Biden/his son WERE guilty; why hasn't Ukraine announced those investigation, ANYWAY?
    Thanks for PROVING how FULL OF SHT you/Reps/Trump supporters are…
    Try reporting the news.
    Instead of a BULLSHT narrative…

  19. Every criminal in jail today should request a mistrial. With how idiotic the American Justice system is, not to mention how corrupt it is… the entire prison population probably got a biased trial from their judge and prosecutors. How can American Politicians lie to the American Public any longer, by saying everyone gets a fair trial, when they cannot even offer the American President a fair trial. How can any American even expect to get one.
    I hope I never get arrested and sent to trial. I would not feel safe or secure with any feelings of being tried fairly.

    Not even Americans feel safe anymore, I feel like any day or any slip up will land us in 1984.

  20. So Trump doing in the shadows the contrary of the expression of the people's representatives public bipartisan decision to help Ukraine is ok?

  21. If that is your best: nunes told sondland that democrats did something very, very bad in Ukraine…trump sent giuliani to investigate!..then sondland told everyone that giuliani, under trump orders directed the extortion racket….Great work republicans, the piece of the puzzle everyone was looking for! with friends like that who needs enemies! LMAO!

  22. That is your takeaway from a testimony that states that Sondland, Perry and Volker were all directed by the president to work with Giuliani?
    Pathetic attempt at gaslighting.

  23. That magical moment when a cult of zealots starts to realize that their charismatic cult leader isn't actually the new messiah, but rather instead, just a common con man swindler crook…

  24. Someone need to look at Sondlands 4 Democrat Lawyers ( who supplied them & who wrote his 23 page opening statement ? One of those Lawyers is the Lawyer for Stephan Harper , the FBI Spy in Russian collusion Hoax and who was paid over 1 Million Dollars in 4-6 payments, and the Whistleblower who noticed these irregular payments in a audit , was outed and Fired by the State Department????? Washington Is Dirty
    And sondland has had Protesters outside his family Business for a week , his family has been intimidated and phone calls making threats …….Do you want that type treatment in your Country , that's not finding the truth , it's corrupt and these Democrats are so dishonest and HIDING MASSIVE CRIMES

  25. Aww look at these ignorant and gullible republicans getting misled and brainwashed by fox News. Maybe watch the the hearing yourself and make a judgement. If you still feel the same way, God help you. It just really suck being this dumb.

  26. Ok Tucker open this video saying that Mr. Gaetz saw the whole thing. OK then why just summarize the ending there where many keypoints he could of hit on like when Sondland says that β€œmany mischarcterize saying different things but this was indeed a quid pro quo”. But he also said that Trump and Guliani never mention that aid was being held up. Instead Gaetz goes on to elaborate how Trump is wary of giving aid that had already been approved and that was part of Trump’s administration goals.

    I think its better to talk down the point that the aid was never held up and instead defend the president stance that he wanted a meeting where Zelensky would be willing to end corruption, something to that tune. I’m just sayingπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ In a story where there is money involved it will always more than likely end up being depicted as corruption.

  27. TRUMP IS GUILTY AS SIN ..! Extortion.. Bribery.. Obstruction.. Abuse of Power.. More on the way..! THAT'S THE. TRUTH..!

  28. I dare you all to look at who susan rice is married to….then keep looking.
    CBS, CNN they all married or related to someone who worked for obama/biden/hillary….the media is using our freedom of speech against us and the corrupt left in bed with them.
    Talked about a stacked deck….and then after you gather that disturbing/aggravating info….take a hard look at how badass President Trump is and what he is still getting done for us and has gotten done in 3yrs to any other previous presidents 8yrs.
    This country needs a business man running it…democrats need ejected to iran where they'd fit in.

  29. This is sad. Republicans are acting like a pack of wild dogs….turning on that one in the pack who did something to hurt the group. The testimony stands for itself, it was illegal for Trump to hold up aid once Congress has approved it, per the constitution. Republicans claim to want to defend the constitution; but that only happens when things are benefiting them. Trump fuc*** up. Take this loss and suck it up buttercups.

  30. Democrats have to tell their voters we don’t like investigation of political rivals while that is what they are doing

  31. Hahahahaha what a bunch of complete losers every one who makes excuses and watch’s this garbage and supports trump are a pathetic excuse for an American

  32. Ha ha. The team Trump narrative is crumbling beyond repair. The steam roller of history is coming and you will end up under it

  33. Fox News ought to be ashamed of themselves. Not only did they denigrate a Purple Heart recipient as a spy, now this clown is spinning the fact that Sondland admitted to a quid pro quo. I used to blame Trump supporters, but now I know that it's Fox news and it's goons that's causing the damage. Why only 3 minutes of testimony? Why does this goon Tucker run headlines "Sondland admits no quid pro quo"? Shame and sad.

  34. Not all quid pro quo arrangements are criminal in nature. Trade deals, like the USMCA for example, involve quid pro quo arrangements with mutual benefits: US dairy products will not be slapped tariffs by Canada in exchange for tariff-free imports from Canada. Another example is when the EU helped out Greece with loan guarantees to solve their shortage of funds in government in exchange for Greece implementing austere measures to cut spending. Only quid pro quo that profits a government official or his relatives/friends personally from a transaction that is considered as improper and corrupt. Withholding US aid in Ukraine to properly vet the newly elected government that it is serious in being transparent and in rooting out corruption in government does not profit Pres. Trump personally or his family & friends, but helps the furtherance of clamping down on corruption both in the US and Ukraine. While the quid pro quo committed by former VP Joe Biden holding on to $1+ billion US aid to Ukraine until after the prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings (where his son Hunter Biden continued to receive $83,333 per month for sitting on its Board doing nobody knows what) was fired, was considered as improper and corrupt, as it profited Hunter Biden. This is an example of corruption that Pres. Trump has been trying to eradicate, in keeping his promise to the American people to DRAIN THE SWAMP IN WASHINGTON D.C. Many millions, billions, and even trillions of US taxpayers money have already been reported as "unaccounted for". So it has become one of the top-most agenda of POTUS to properly address and get resolved accordingly. Remember, it is the duty of POTUS to enforce our laws, and that includes rooting out corruption in government. That is why POTUS issued that Executive Order on December 21, 2017 to address just that, as well as other human rights violations. Everyone should note that the US and Ukraine have an existing comprehensive treaty agreement to cooperate in investigating and prosecuting crimes (which include corruption) signed by former president Bill Clinton.

  35. Hilarious spin from Gaetz! Sondland's testimony could scarcely have been more devastating to Donald Trump and his place in history. My favorite moment was when a break had to be taken so an obviously cold-cocked Devon Nunes could clear his head and have a good cry.

  36. πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

  37. Another network in the fake news world. Only a moron with no ears and eyes would believe this crap. The President is guilty and it's time for the GOP to release all documents to the American people to see once and for all. Is he innocent of all crimes along with his taxes. Or is he another crook and fox news is his cover up. Stop the bull and report it as is. Be journalists we the American people want and need. Or are you fake news as well?

  38. Today it was proven that President Donald Trump bribed a foreign leader for political personal gain, and that is GOP their best work day πŸ˜‚.

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