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um hello I’m Nigel I’m 13 and I’m in
business with my nine year old sister Nadia and we’re also youtubers and we have an
idea that we think would be really great for Lilly Singh’s audience, for a little
late with Lilly Singh. so who can I talk to or get in touch with to help bring
that idea to life? what is it that you’re trying to do? thank you so so much for being here. and welcome to the first episode of a little late with Lilly Singh. so seed squad. we actually do have some ideas of how you
can help us to be on there but we’ll tell you about that a little bit later.
get it, a little late…we actually recorded a pitch to be on her show and
so what’s happening is we’re just like trying to get in touch with her so she
can see that pitch. so mom you have any ideas of how we could do that?
so guys Lilly’s show is on NBC. so I’m thinking we try to find the phone number
for NBC. give them a call. see if they can put us in touch with Lilly’s show and you
know let whoever answers the phone know that we have this pitch we’re trying to
get to them and see how that goes. if that doesn’t work then my second thought
is to check into her production company. find out who our production company is
and see if we can contact them. so hopefully one of those ideas works. we’re
gonna try it after we enjoy this lunch. alright guys so it’s a nice day so we
decided to come outside to make some of these phone calls. wish us luck. Nigel is
about to make the calls. yes. Nadia’s gonna go and play for big.
all right here we go. you gonna watch this for the first call. okay go ahead so
first we’re gonna call Lilly Singh. you just have her phone number? no. so who are you calling? we just talked about it. we said we’re gonna first call
NBC because the show is with NBC right? so we’ll try to find that number and see
if we can get to touch her that way. all right. all right so look up the number
for NBC. okay. all right Nigel did you find the number? yes I did.
so what I had to do guys was I had to just go on Google, type in contact NBC
and this number came up. so I’m gonna call them. guys ready? cross your fingers
guys. you just gave everybody the phone number. it’s just NBC they get calls all
the time. I guess you guys could do the same thing just go to google and type it
in right? yeah exactly. all right go for it. I’ll put it
on speaker for you guys so you can hear. wait wait pause. whoa!
we’re so close to the music over here let’s go somewhere, where we’re away from this music so you guys can really hear. alright here we go guys we got a
quieter location. yeah. making the call. let’s do this again guys. cross your
fingers a second time. alright three two one. hello um hello I’m trying to get in
touch with a little late with Lilly Singh. do you have like a phone
number or anything so I could get in touch with them? hello? I think they’re
checking. good talk. okay see you later. what did she say? I said good talk because they didn’t say
anything, I don’t know what was up with that. yeah let’s try this again guys. here
we go. all right here he goes again. third times a charm. yeah she’s probably… she’s probably paying you back because you hung up on her the first time. guys I don’t know what’s going on. maybe they just
couldn’t hear Nigel because it was on speakerphone so now he’s gonna try again
not on speakerphone to see if that works. maybe crossing our fingers isn’t lucky. do not cross your fingers. loose fingers. loose fingers for Loose Seeds. Now what? they just hung up! what? all right all right guys so we switched
that phone and they picked up and spoke to Nigel right away so they really
must’ve thought we were playing a prank or something. but that really didn’t lead
anywhere they just told us basically to email the show, which we’ve already done.
so now we’re gonna go on to plan B and Plan B was… are you guys just fighting? no plan B is… what is plan b? we already discussed Plan B at the
beginning of this video. if that doesn’t work then my second thought is to check
into her production company. find out who her production company is and see if we
can contact them. so after doing some research I found out that she is actually being
produced by John Irwin who owns Irwin entertainment. so now we’re gonna call
Irwin entertainment and see if we can somehow get through to a little late with
Lilly Singh. so we’ve got the phone number right here. so put that in. so guys
we also just looked up Irwin entertainment’s website and on the
website it says that they don’t accept unsolicited pitches. so what that means
is if you’re gonna pitch an idea for a show, or to be on a show, then they
want you to be represented they want you to be represented by an
agency or something and we don’t have that kind of representation. even though
the kids model they have a modeling agent, but that’s a little different from
what we’re doing right now. so since we’re not represented you know when we call
there’s gonna be gatekeepers and those gatekeepers are gonna try to shut us
down and say that you can only pitch by you know being represented yeah so now
we’re gonna take advantage of these guys being kids. because you got to play up
whatever you got right, okay so we’re gonna play up the fact that nadia is
nine and nigel is 13. and so when they call…when Nigel calls I want him to
immediately say that and see if that helps to break through. so see if we can
get more information. all right here we go. wait one more thing. go. make sure you
guys have loose figures for us. and because last time every other
time we had crossed fingers and it never works but the last time they gave us
instructions and we had loose fingers. and that actually helped us. so have loose fingers like Loose Seeds. alright guys loose fingers. here we go
loose fingers! hi I’m Nigel. I’m 13 and I’m in business with my 9 year old sister, Nadia and we are also YouTubers. so we have an idea that we think would
be really great for Lilly Singh’s audience. so who can I get in touch with or
talk to to help bring that idea to life? that was pretty good. wait I have a question. did he bore you? you
just started yawning. yeah I thought it was pretty good. I actually thought it was pretty good too though. good. that was
a run-through and now we’re gonna go to the actual call. here we go. he’s got the
number. he’s about to call. but guys look at this. we forgot to grab some paper so
if we have to take any notes, write down anything, this is all we have – some
coupons from McDonald’s. that’s the paper we’re working with. hopefully they
won’t give us a lot of information. actually hopefully they will. yeah. all right okay okay
three two three two one. calling. yeah. Irwin Entertainment. um hello I’m Nigel I’m 13 and I’m in business with my sister Nadia and we’re also youtubers
and we have an idea that we think would be really great for Lilly Singh’s audience
for on a little late with Lilly Singh. so who can I talk to or get in
touch with to help bring that idea to life? what is it that you’re trying to do? so um on our youtube channel, it’s called
loose seeds, we actually made a like a little remix video of Boss by the
Carters – Beyonce and Jay-z and it was called kid boss. so what we’re trying to
do with Lilly Singh is, we made a YouTube video, but it was kind of
like you know low production. but what we what we’re trying to do is get Lilly
Singh and the production to help us create like a real cool awesome music
video. what what should I do next to like keep in touch with you guys? alright
thank you. thank you. awesome. we’ll we’ll follow up in a couple of weeks. thank you
all right, thanks. that was so cool. that was like the exact response we would
want. oh my god. that was tuff. I can’t believe that like first call we got in
touch with somebody. they had already received our email and read it, right?
right so he already knew what was going on. that’s crazy. that’s awesome. Nigel you did a good job man. high five. thank you. guys okay so I mean what can we say about
that. it’s like. that’s tough. sometimes you
gotta like think outside of the box. so yeah we called NBC they were like no.
then we were like okay what could be next. we have to think about you know what will be the next closest thing to Lilly and her production team. so we got the
phone number we got the email we sent off an email. made the call. they had
already read the email. so it was good we sent that first right? and boom so
they already knew what was happening and the follow-up was great. so we’ll give it
a couple weeks and see what happens. awesome. I mean if we wind up on the
Lilly Singh show guys from all this then that would be great. that would be great.
but here’s what you guys can do want. talk about that Nigel? yes
so guys we really really need your help. so here’s what you guys can do. go on
Instagram or Twitter and tweet / DM Lilly Singh or a little late with Lilly
or any connections that she might have to tag her in your post. all that.
everything. to try to recommend us for her. so yeah please do
that guys. so just say something like you know have Loose Seeds on your show
Lilly. yeah it’ll be great like the audience could be happy to if so could
we maybe you guys yeah exactly when you guys like to play a part in helping us
get on the show. and you can say I did that they are on that show because of me. and then when I’m like 18 getting my award I
would be like I could not be here without you guys. also what else we get
out of the show hopefully we will so I’m just gonna say we will. but sorry . that’s
right, be positive don’t why don’t we get on the show you guys can watch it and
make sure you please like it on TV cuz it’s really a funny. but it’s fun and
exciting. I forgot the word for a second. yeah a little late with Lilly Singh. guys I think Nigel did a really good
job on his phone call. if you think he did a really good job let us know. you
know let us know in the comments because he did his thing and that’s what it’s
about in business. it’s about you know pushing yourself beyond your comfort
zone. doing something that might feel like a little weird, a little scary but
you do it anyway. Nadia what could we say to get miss Lilly
to put us on her new show so we can blow up on youtube like she did? I’m cute.
Nadia that’s that’s not it. there are a million cute kids in the world. yeah we
need something that’ll really get her audience excited. mm-hmm.
let’s check our YouTube channel yeah hmm let’s see here she packs on her parents.
that’s what’s up. she’s about that girl power. I’m here for it. okay
she likes music videos and Beyonce. hmm she’s in the Beyhive oh yeah.
Nadia I think I’ve got an idea. Hi Ms. Lilly. I’m Nigel and Nadia. and we are kidpreneurs building our brand through YouTube. Congrats on your new show our
mom let us watch some of it it’s really good. yeah you killed it with your new
music video intro. speaking of which we’ve made a song called kid boss and
it’s a remix of the song boss by the cards Beyonce and jay-z. we even made a
music video of it for our channel but we would love it if you could help us
recreate the video with all the professional touches that we know you
can add you know making like a real music video. our channel is all about inspiring
kids to start their own business and we’ve been hustling to grow it for the
past few years. we’re small YouTube channel right now with about 2,000 subs
so we know your audience will be impressed with the big popular youtuber
like you helping out in supporting two small youtubers like us I mean we love
Ryan’s toysreview but how much press can one kid get? geez. am i right? just kidding. no disrespect.
so please please think about it and let us know. and Mommy Seed wrote the lyrics. Peep the lyrics.

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