100 Replies to “Glow of AMLO’s first year in office may fade as violence persists and economy stalls

  1. If he wanted to start some crazy new revolution to free Mexico, USA has there back. People are already dying for nothing. The problem is there is a cultural respect for shady gangster motherfuckers in positions of authority. White Daddy is over it. They get rid of that cultural cancer and a revolution might kick off. Two classes of people in Mexico, Pissers and Pee-on. Needs a revolution, muy pronto .

  2. People go to Mexico to be "treated like a king" what they call it when your constantly harassed by beggars and very very very poor people, selling garbage. Was cool at first than it's kinda grimey and twisted culture of accepted oppression. How in 2020, do we have a country next door (wanting exactly what we have for the past 100 years) that's still this behind? Mexico needs to work on Mexico. Although if your considering buying a track home, reconsider. The way these cabrons slap a house together, is a crime. So many cracks in ceilings now from just wind. Just wind! 30 year old remodels look like Japanese carpentry compared to what's produced today. CABRONA UNITE!! Make me RICH!!

  3. 3:29 Ah! I was wondering when you socialist shills would get around to blaming Trump! Nice – your voice barely cracked as you shifted from news reporting to full-blown leftist propaganda mode.

  4. I have lived and worked in Mexico; the basic problem is the country has a population too large for its economy. In other words, it's poor. Additionally, the education system is not up to world standards, while poor keep growing their population. The average Mexican adult has not finished high school; he will either 1. become a gangster 2. illegally work in the USA 3. become a father to another poor child

  5. Pro-corporate newspaper attacks pro-union & pro-wealth-redistribution candidate after ONE year in office. Gtfo of here, WaPo

  6. Let's just go into Mexico and spread democracy .Mexico and many other countries need there governments overthrown!

  7. God, do I not like that man. He is not what mexico needs. I hope mexico is able to bring in someone better. Being half Spanish 🇪🇸 and half Mexican 🇲🇽 I can’t help but want the best for them. They’re the 15th richest county in the world! Mexico could be paradise! They need to separate themselves from the trashy, corrupt countries of South America, and stop considering themselves “Latin America” when they should be focusing on being part of what they are! North America!
    I think if he wants to win the people he should do a sting, and send 10,000 troops to each location that’s filled with cartels, and get all of them all at once. No Mercy. The military is the last non corrupt section of the government. Use it. They got the money, and the power. Something is going to have to change, or bad will happen.

  8. Lying sacks of shxt. Mexico is stronger than ever. It's just a trump run for presidency the reason the Washington Post and New York times talk trash about Mexico. The Mexican president has a dialogue every morning m-f … No more corruption. No more American intervention. I'm American and love America but America is being mislead by the fake news.

  9. Really Washington post? Would be nice to mention too that all this violence is happening in states that where formerly run by opposition parties.

  10. Corruption Comes to USA. PRI and PAN maked Mexico Danger A lot. And They live Now in Londres. Protected by Londres and Washington. How Trump Said " I love oil".

  11. He is just fine, the next step would be to legalize Marijuana in the US and Mexico. This would stop giving power to the cartels. Also decriminalize drugs add recovery homes for all who want it. Then watch the country change.

  12. don'tl go to school for the money go to school to make a change for your country. Change takes time. It will happen as long as the Mexicans people stay in this track. God bless you AMLO

  13. So amlo slow down immigration to the US on his first year. Creates welfare programs to help young youth go back to school. And removes himself from corruption. And stays firm on his own principles and don’t allow the US to get involved. So far sounds like his doing something. He still has 5 years to go. So people need to relax. His done more then all previous presidents before him. Give the guy the time.

  14. And where all the deadly high-powered weapons coming from? 
    ("Mexico, my Mexico–so far from God, and yet, so close to the United States of America!" ~ Porfirio Diaz ~ )

  15. Regarding the cartels USA has a lot to do with
    If you have a high drug demand you will always have suppliers
    USA should invest in rehabilitating its citizens and stop selling weapons to the cartels
    Your corrupt politicians and the military industry only cares on making money that is why they push Calderon to declare the war on the narco cartels so they can sale weapons not just too the cartels but to the Mexican army as well
    Divide and conquer isn’t that the same tactics they use on the Native Americans? The biggest genocide in world history.
    Who’s the puppet master that is Killing my Bolivian Brother sisters?
    The world knows that you’re going after their lithium mines
    Bolivia has the biggest reserves.
    Beware of the Boomerang…

  16. Amlo is the best thing to happen in Mexico during it's past 100 years. Wish him nothing but positive vibes. Also he isn't a sellout nor a puppet.

  17. To all the people saying the "US" is selling weapons to the Cartels, this is not true. It may be true that some US citizens are selling guns to them, it does not mean the the entire US or US government is, just some individuals. Saying "the US" implies everyone in the US or US government is doing it, which is not true. Also I hope AMLO continues to do his best and that eventually he can get control over the Cartels and violence happening.

  18. Like always the US has a lot to do with the violence and the economy stall in Mexico, since US citizens keep consuming drugs and the US government keeps imposing tariffs, etc.

  19. WP is a fake news outlet. The "Glow"Was never reported here. This president is loved by 70 % of Mexicans at least and his agenda is to wipe out corruption and institute government austerity to stop wasteful spending and stop corporate super welfare. Evo Morales was rescued from certain death by Amlo.

  20. Sounds like typical mainstream media garbage, AMLO is one of the most beloved presidents in modern mexican history and has already done so much to change political discourse in just one year, imagine 5 more years! Mexico's future is bright as long as US doesn't interfere

  21. USA is the 1 financing all crime to Lord of cartels….people know that….media is allways giving lies to make up all true. …tanks to that there's no federal funds to social media..bitter taste to WP….don't try your foolishness… liars..

  22. Who owns the Washington propaganda? Why don’t they mention the weapons and amo used by the organize criminals were all made by the us🇺🇸 ? Why nobody ever arrest bob and billy distributing for the cartels in the US side of the border?

    No mention of the FBI working along side Mexico in investigations?

    I wonder.

  23. It's not really his fault the rivial party have a lot to do with this. Human rights organization is super corrupt they tend to let criminals get away with crime which really needs to be address.

  24. The economy has not stalled, it's that the social wealth is being distributed more equitably. Describing what is happening with the rejection of the roundly failed neoliberal political-economic model is like labelling the New Deal a failure, when in fact it saved American capitalism. Check the employment figures, vastly increased apprenticeship levels, college enrollment figures, expanded Social Security figures, increased foreign investment figures, elimination of fraud, corruption and waste at the federal level, increased spending at the lowest levels, housecleaning of corrupt neoliberal judges, etc. if you want your assessment to be accurate and not mere neoliberal propaganda. PS: Fitch is corrupt and provides good ratings based on the number and cost of the meals they're treated to.

  25. Oh looky , Jeff Bendover is trying to bend you over with his propaganda pos toilet paper publication again . So is mexico where you want to move Amazon too ?

  26. Fake news.
    This president doing amazing things and many support him.
    He’s ending neoliberalism in Mexico and it is why videos like these are trying to taint his presidency because it doesn’t align with American agenda.
    Mexico is regaining its power and its rights to its recourses. Mexico is in its rise.
    The old corrupt government are trying their best to take him down and they can’t. AMLO is leading through PEACE, without the use of force.
    Viva AMLO!
    Before he took presidency he said Mexico will be an example to the world that you can end with corruption and turn the country around without violence and without the use of force and he is delivering.

    Many investors are being drawn to Mexico NOT scared away.

  27. 1:51 You mean like the democrats in the US want to do? It is very weird how differently you cover the two. Prevailing Orthodoxy.

  28. It won't. The economy is OK but if you are talking about economy growth, zero growth is not necessarily bad. Economies cannot grow indefinitely… this is a finite world.


  30. Este es Muestro presidente y el pueblo lo eligió, No compró las elecciones como los partidos del PRI Y PAN, le duela a quien le duela, el cambio ya llego.

  31. Mexico's violence is a culture issue no president can change that without shedding more blood like China did with the Firing squad vs Opium.

  32. The opposition"s only argument against the President is the violence and economy which was caused by them during more than 30 years and they want that fixed in one year, AMLO is not a magician, but a President with principles and morality towards making Mexico a better country with less or zero corruption that have done so much damage to the people.

  33. My research shows hes a criminal and possible dictator. His regime is following a Castro like approach to political control! Mexico's future is bleak!

  34. Death penalty for drug traffickers no questions. Corrupt polititans, life in prisons no questions. Close the borders , from Mexico's side. End the European, and religious influence , Get rid of any foreign threats. Have a cultural revolution throughtout Latin America to where the 22 nations can be one. A new powerhouse in the world that can rival that of 1st world countries. The Great 100 year plan.

  35. Sounds like he's going in the right direction. Changing the system in an entire gov't/country takes time. Give it to him! Mexico has had issues for yrs. He's is more "for the people" than anyone else has been.

  36. Mexico was known to have one of the most corrupt governments in the world and now Amlo is expected to fix it in one year.

  37. Realy? This don't work anymore , the people is well informed , time to change the people in charge of thee propaganda

  38. Hey mexico Mexicans whatever the United states is as corrupt as yall here in the states American citizens are killing each other in mass shootings daily and gangs like in Chicago are slaughtering people daily Donald Trump says the Mexican cartel should be seen as terrorists well how about Donald Trump denounce white supremacist and call them for what they are terrorists of course not because that's his whole base the trumptards Donald Trump called white supremacist " good people" you see he won't get re elected whithout them Donald Trump how about you do something about your cartels in the states like in Chicago before you start talking about other countries problems and by the way who's buying the drugs from cartels the freaking white suburbian Yankee hillbillie trumptards everyday these morons are overdosing and dying get a clue potus Donald Trump also Democratic party are demtards usa has no hope both parties are corrupt

  39. Washington Post your wrong, cause every day more people joint Presidente Manuel Lopez OBRADOR more then 87% agree, support and trust in our Mexican President. Cause he wants the best for Mexico and his people. I invite you to see his first presidential inform. You do not miss inform people.

  40. " May fade away" , it could be, perhaps, I think it could fade away'. THE VIOLANCE WAS WELL STABLISHED WHEN AMLO TOOK OFFICE. USA 🇺🇸 VIOLENCE of MASS MASACRES in usa are hiding under a table. Stupid reporter!

  41. Keep telling yourself that WP, whatever makes you feel better. Mexico is undergoing a profound transformation, it's 4th transformation in its history, with a distinctly non violent characteristic. The Mexican people are in charge of its own destiny now. For all the doom and gloom the western median tries to portray, in only one year, Mexico has already done so much and there is no turning back.

  42. It may, but it won't. Cause he is still working hard for those who barely have food, running water, schools in the neighborhood. More education will result in less cartels guys. And more options to get better in life.

  43. Economy is stable right now. The prices of gas, electric and fuel haven't changed… And more importantly, didn't grow up the country debt

  44. Washington Post is propagandist for Ultra rich elitist. While us the people pay high taxes they say it's wrong for the oligarchs to pay their fair share. They point out that the carteles are killing inocente Mormons they don't report these same mormones have been killing the indigenous people of the area and have redirected water to there farms causing lack of water for the locals. Also they moved to Mexico to keep practicing polygamy and incest

  45. Lying 100% for oligarchs and Ultra about Mexico's economic growth. Chase Manhattan sent one of their top CEOs just a few months ago to give them the full backing of their loaning system because their growth is doing.

  46. Viva AMLO Viva Evo Morales Viva Maduro welcome to the information revolution. Freaking Propagandista for ultra Rich.

  47. FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the best presidente ever and he was a socialist check out his letter to DNC he wrote talking about how his party was heading in the wrong direction helping the Ultra Rich and that the poor are a much larger part of their party and must keep doing more for the poor

  48. FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt was reborn in Bernie Sanders so don't believe the hype that is not good for people to get social assistance like Kraft is gifted 50,000,000 that's millions each year so they can advertise in third world countrys, don't they make enough money so is the ok but no M4A for the people

  49. And going on over 80 years paying welfare for Israel and their M4A. Fact check everybody. The USA is very socialist to the Ultra Rich. They have convinced you that the words grants many others don't mean exactly that. Socialism.

  50. Stop the drug demand and the carteles stop existing. O what do you know they can't. So like Al Capone and prohibition make the drugs legal and from carteles to new company's. And less death and destruction.

  51. Bernie Sanders is FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt reincarnated. Same policies. Fact check it out people. FDR wrote a letter to the DNC about helping poor people not oligarchs. O'yeah bitches!!!!!!!¡!!

  52. You dont ask. Youself why not catching narcos gringos why do not put more attention on you drugs people Usa IS THE FIRST CONSUMER DRUG IN THE WORD

  53. The Chapo's son never was arrested, since there was not a order in Mexico to arrest him.
    There are some information, that has been not told yet, since there is an investigation from the Secretary of Security, that will reveal who dicied to do that operation that ends in what many people all ready know!


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