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  2. I think that merris is a fallen angel who is training Goku to be a god of destruction without him knowing. And morrow may be the second candidate for another universe. Moros power is destruction if he can destroy planets by obsorbing energy from planet and destroying them. I think merris wants to be the new grand priest to rewrite the laws of the angels. If there are many other powerful beings in other universes then surely more will be revealed. Morow could be the person who killed off jerin ppl. I don't know but this should be a new arc and should be the longest one ever.

  3. Hakai destroy the Ki or Chi of other person or thing but Moro technique increase his chi by destruction of other Ki or Chi.
    So it may be possible that Moro use an Ancient technique which is forbidden by new God of Destruction or Angles didn't teach that technique to Destroyers after Moro gone Rogue as his lust for power increase.

  4. 2 questions we need. Why his meerus hiding his strength and what does beerus mean when he said Moro challenged him for his status back then.

  5. If they try to punish him for training and teaching UI to Goku. Goku will step in to protect him. This will began the Angle ark. Of course this will take place after the Final battle on Earth. JK I think it would ruin the DBS if Goku faced Angles just to protect Merus.

  6. Its probably simple. He and moro are probably the same. Like buu separated his powers and became 2. He probably tried to cheat the system because he wanted to be the god of destruction but wasnt allowed so he made his own

  7. That's kinda weird, About the Galactic Police Force D. Wiki says, "While many of the members are powerful they did not have enough power to oppose the Frieza Force or even the Saiyans alone around Age 739" (Dragon Ball Wiki). Where does Moro's timeline (captured by merus) fit-in? If Merus is stronger than a God, he could have wiped-out the freeza force. Thus we can conclude that Merus was pretending since day one at the police force. Who else are pretending?

    Most likely, Merus is a villain from a different time line who pretended to be good and applied to the police force at a certain time in the near past (which means Merus can do time travel). He took several villains with him, but they had an agreement that they will keep a low key in prison while Merus is still searching for a proper opportunity to happen. He then heard of the tournament of power and of goku and vegeta and thought that he can bring back Moro's former glory. Thus, he let Moro and the rest of the gang escape. Merus took vegeta and goku to Moro so he can suck their powers (another stage in their plan).

    Whis' decision to approach the Grand Priest means that Whis suspects Merus to be an angel. He was worried about Meru's power. Whis wants to fight Merus but not Moro (to bring back neutrality); because he sees no hope on Goku, Vegeta, or Beerus. Even if these three will combine, they will not win against merus.

    random question:
    why not feed moro his own power? – because moro can only feed on the energy of mortals.
    possible question by whis to the grand priest: will fighting for neutrality be in accordance with the angel laws? Angels are from another realm, and the law of neutrality only applies to their affairs with mortals and the mortals' gods. Will killing Merus still violate angel laws?

    To which the Grand Priest will simply respond. You can't intervene because Merus is not really an angel! lol

    Another possible question by whis is: Merus seem to have violated the rule of time travel….. should he be sent to his own time line?

  8. Moro is not a GOD OF DESTRUCTION. At this point in time as Goku and vegeta would mop the floor in their base form. It seems that his magic is more powerful than HAKAI energy. Unless he was stripped from the energy.

  9. hay una pequeña teoría que nosotros como latinoamericanos conocemos que existen Dragon Ball Z que el kaiosama o el gran kaiosama le dice a Goku Qué hay dos tipos de dioses y esos dos tipos de dioses proceden del árbol de la vida y cada árbol de la vida dará un fruto el fruto dará consigo a un supremo kaiosama o un dios de la destrucción pero al ver que los dos eran totalmente indestructibles el ángel daishinkan cambio esto al ver que no podían destruir amor y ahora cada dios de la destrucción debe nacer de un simple mortal cuando antes los dioses eran elegidos por el mismo fruto del cual vienen los supremos kaiosamas eso se ha contado a lo largo de toda nuestra niñez como latinoamericanos no sé si sea cierto o no yo simplemente expando el rumor

  10. Merus is a man who learned of the gods and ultra instinct. He saw how lazy beerus was and how whis just let him be lazy and decided to take things into his own hands and join the galactic patrol. As the years go by he has learn a small portion of ultra instinct but has not mastered it. He had learned of one mortal who managed to do it, Son Goku. He then decides to train him to unlock ultra instinct so he can possibly stand a chance against moro

  11. My theory is moro is the very first g.o.d hence his o.p. power set merus either his angel or one of two subversions of expectations. "Is that Uncle Merus and can I go help??" -Whis or "it's been a long time.. I've missed your company" -Shin Kai

  12. He never said he wants to change the angel law he said he wanted to know something concerning angel law . Meaning he wants to know wheather laws have been broken or not no that he wants to change the law dunno whea thats comeing from lol churr

  13. Merus is from future Trunks timeline so the Angels are just watching because he's the only one that can help goku without breaking angel rules

  14. Meerus has to be an angel in disguise think about it he uses the same fighting stance that whis use and whis notice this when meerus and goku was training it's only a matter of time before meerus reveals his true identity of who he really is…

  15. Beerus been a destroyer for 7 million years and moro been around for 10million years what if he was the first god of destruction

  16. Merus is a angel and moro killed his god of Destruction thats why hes in prison but merus him self can’t destroy moro thats why hes training goku but since merus hasn’t found another god of destruction so he doesn’t have a staff or halo because hes like in a Dormant form and more possible that there merus and moro are from a different universe and after moro killed the god of destruction of that universe and probably new his universe was guna be destroyed and with his magic teleported to another universe and merus followed him to capture him but since hes angel he can’t kill em so he Imprisoned him

  17. What if merus was one of the strongest fighters in the multiverse and in fact he could actually be the one above the Grand priest.

  18. Ok ok ok…here's another idea, say merus was a fallen angel that fallows different rules much more ancient rules, he decides to come back when the multiverse archenemy came back to disrupt order in the multiverse and he decides to choose he's own destroyer which would be Goku that's why he began to train Goku. He wants to finish the job, he wants to avange his destroyer, he is going to make Goku into something much more than a destroyer. Idk I'm lost LMAO

  19. 17s wish to bring back all erased universes makes me believe he wasnt an angel from 13 through 18 considering those gods of destruction would have been brought back as well in which case meerus should be with his god of destruction. Good video to watch to get the gears turning about this more is dragon ball kakumei

  20. A form of Half Breed, Son of Grand Priest, the Guy has to have been doing something in his free time. A Half-Breed
    Then it leads that Moro, is a son of a Previous God of Destruction and somehow felt Entitled to the role but was denied it.

  21. Yes I agree meerus is from a different universe that either was erased or a universe that wasnt in top think about it

  22. I think Moro is a God of destruction and merus was his Angel and that he teach Moro some move he ain't supposed to learn

  23. What happened to the angels that were with the “erased” universes? He did kind of show up after the tournament of power..

  24. Imagine if Merus really is a half-angel, and that mingling between angels and mortals was the very reason Xeno wiped out the other 6 universes. I suppose that would raise two questions though: How did Merus escape erasure, and did others do the same? It's interesting that the tournament of power excluded angels from being erased, yet the only angel aside from the 13 current universes is the GP.
    I think it was previously stated that Xeno wiped them out on a whim, or out of frustration, but perhaps the truth of the matter is just confidential.

    When Whis asks about "angel laws," maybe it's different from his stated "we have to be neutral." Maybe he's going to ask about a half-angel being allowed to continue existing, since he's the product of one of those laws being broken.

    It could even be that existing as a half-angel has a kind of butterfly effect that causes chaos in the universe they reside in, which is why Merus became a patrolman in the first place; he needs to help clean up the mess his life creates so he won't be found.
    The only reason Whis seems to even know about Merus at this point is because he came into contact with Goku. It would make sense for them to be erased if this was the case. Maybe the corrupting influence is what necessitated the other 6 universes to be erased, and the angels were sentenced to the same fate for causing it in the first place.

  25. I feel like Merus is an angel from one of the previously erased universes. I also feel like Moro would probably be from that same universe. Moro could have been the God of destruction, doesn't have to be. Either way Moro left before the universe was erased and Merus followed to put a stop to him, that's why Merus was the one putting the most of Moro's guys away.

  26. I think that Merus was going to be the god of destruction before Beerus and that's why the Grand Priest and Whis knows who he is but Beerus doesn't. He probably didn't like the rule of no interference and decided to not do it so they trained Beerus to be the next god of destruction instead.

  27. I had a theory, but I couldn't figure out how to match up the timelines. Maybe merus was the former angel for universe 7 but got tired of beerus being a lazy shit and left his position to try and do something to better the universe on his own. He can't reveal himself as an angel because if he does then the grand priest can't just ignore him. But since he is showing his power to goku it breaks the agreement and whis is stepping in to try and save him.

  28. Merus, looks like the twin brother on Super Dragon Ball Heroes… Gotta mean something, but ayy, who knows? And what's this outro name. Im jealous 😅😅😅😅

  29. He can be a God of destruction in training who completed his training including learning ultra instinct
    But his mind changed and he didn't want to destroy but wanted to protect the universe

  30. Could merus be the GP? They have very similar characteristics (size, height,ect.). It's weird that he apologized to whis for being late. Was he training with goku as whis watched all while manipulating time to appear in two places at once? This is the almighty GP! And he did allow goku, a mortal, to visit zeno's palace.

  31. Why don’t goku and vegeta let buu absorb them and that why he will have their power if Moro power didn’t weaken buu while they were fighting? Then he be more then enough to take Moro down…

  32. Yo I got it, what if he needs a God of destruction and goku is it, or maybe he's training goku as his God if destruction.

  33. Does anyone have a direct link to the music in this? AS the one in the description just goes to the home rather than the actual video

  34. Would be great if Moro is at least a "legitimate" God of Destruction level of threat. The stakes will have to be raised in DBS. Whether we admit it or it, Whis and Beerus are still Goku and Vegeta's allies… so having Merus (good guy) and Moro (villain of the entire arc) being their predecessors would be interesting. OR…

    Perhaps Moro is actually the opposite of an Angel in DBS and is instead actually the evil equivalent of that (a Demon) after reaching his fully powered state. We will eventually have our answers, but I do hope he ends up being formidable enough to raise the tension far beyond expectations.

  35. Meerus might be a reverse Zamasu type angel. Might have been an angel who got tired of just standing by and letting crime ran rampant throughout the universe.

  36. What if merus was an evolved kai? One that was able to tap to angelic powers but instead of looking after the universe like a kai he instead chose to be a crime fighter instead.

  37. LMAO. My honest and probably most realistic answer is that he is Whis’s son. Berrus was Asleep for 20+ years waiting for fight a super Saiyan god. Whis was waiting and he got really lonely so he either created Meerus or he brought some hoes back to his place 😏

    Meerus looks like a teenager so he probably got rebellious(like teenagers do) and decided to do his own thing.

  38. Moro could be a god of destruction and lost his god energy when the grand supreme kai gave up his god ki to lock him up.

  39. I think Merus is a rebel but good angel who now wishes to enter the demon realm because he's against neutrality. He likes to put an end to evil. So he uses Moro in order to eventually open a portal because the angel hierarchy wouldn't permit Merus to go by divine means. – He already knew that a potent sorceror could open a portal. Given Babidi's story, why he knows about Majin Buu's resurrection, and the tournament of power (Merus got word from Jaco too late and couldn't have intervened anyway because of his relations with the angel hierarchy), things lead him to take Goku and Vegeta there as allies. He doesn't intend this to be known by the other angels, that's why his subtle methods.

    The plan backfires such that demons now have access to all universes.

    Also, he becomes god of destruction Goku's angel in the far future although Goku will be much more powerful than him.

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  41. What if merus is actually whi's secret student that whi's teach him about becoming an angel and teach him ultra instinct secretly without Beerus or anyone else nowing this may be why merus knows about ultra instinct

  42. Meerus working with Moro.. he want to help Goku unlock his ultra instinct so that Moro can absorb it and use that energy for their plan..

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