Good News 😄 A Study Plan that Works

If you’re not learning English as quickly as you would like to or if you feel like your Fluency is stuck at the same level then It is partly because of your study routine in this English lesson I am going to share with you how to improve your study routine to Facilitate your English learning so that you can learn English easier and much faster The best thing is that it’s actually enjoyable to have a good study routine and it’s free Creating a good study routine doesn’t cost anything So follow my advice if you’d like to improve your English speaking skills. I’m going to share my own suggestions for your English study routine I’m going to share a special formula that I’ve created for my own study routine and what a study routine should be and should not be if you’d like to learn more with me in the complete go natural English course for Fluency and confidence in English. The wait list to join is now open. You can join the waitlist at Pre-reg you’ll get information about the benefits of the course and a notification when registration opens now Let’s talk about your study routine. What’s really interesting is that study routines are? Really not talked about in most English classes or any kind of classes at all Yet they are so critically important to successfully learning any subject So this is a very important thing to master a study routine Means time that you set aside to study Consistently a routine means something that you do over and over so it’s not a one-and-done Activity a study routine could refer to how you study by the hour The day by the week the month the year, but hopefully you’re studying more than once a year So we’re gonna talk more about how to develop your daily study routine It’s proven to be more effective to study a little bit Every day than to cram once a week or before a big event The idea is to make your routine consistent over time so that it becomes a habit Something that is easy and automatic for you something that becomes part of your lifestyle Let’s talk about what a good study routine is and is not you might think that a study routine is painful and boring but it’s not a good study routine is actually enjoyable and easy Something that you can do consistently over time So it’s actually better to commit to less study time That would be easy for you to meet and exceed Rather than trying to commit to too much study time and set yourself up for failure So let’s set you up for success if you think that you could dedicate 30 minutes per day to studying English well Let’s start with 20 minutes a day because that’s something that I know you will be successful at and then if you exceed 20 minutes and study for 30 You’re gonna feel really good about yourself. So it’s better to start shorts or small with your study time and develop consistency so that each day builds on the last a good study routine means you’re focused on one thing only you’re not checking social media or email or Reading something while you’re listening to something else multitasking is Really bad during study time. So make sure you’re not talking to a friend on the phone or Unless they’re helping you study, but you really have to be focused on one thing and the really interesting thing Is that the more you focus the last? It takes to master that task your study sessions should be building up Towards a larger goal over time one big mistake that I’ve seen a lot of English learners make is that they just sit down at their desk during study time without any real goal and they say Okay. I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes. That means I’ve studied for 20 minutes. Why am I not learning? Well, it’s because you don’t know where you’re going with your studies. You don’t have a goal in mind And so that’s why you’re not really learning Just having your butt in your seat at your desk is the first step, but after that We really need to have a plan I’m gonna talk more about that towards the end of this lesson and really your study routine should be enjoyable Some people think that studying has to be difficult. It has to be painful has to be a challenge Yes, it can be a challenge. But how about a good challenge? Have you ever enjoyed? Achieving something that was difficult I think actually we enjoy achieving things that are more difficult if it’s super easy Well, we still can enjoy them, but maybe not as much So anyway, you should make your study time enjoyable by having some Consistent enjoyable thing that you do while you study for example I enjoy having a cup of coffee or tea or maybe you start your study session with some music that you enjoy Preferably music that does not have lyrics in it because that can distract your mind while you’re studying so maybe some some classical music or electronic music that you enjoy a good study routine is not Actually super ambitious because this sets you up for failure Don’t write down in your calendar that you’re going to study for three hours every day when you know, that’s not realistic Make sure that your study time is super realistic and achievable For you in your present life Don’t try to do too much at once Because you might get burnt out and that is not the result that you want a good study session is not Just sitting at your desk. Remember we have to have a goal and a good study routine is Not painful. It should be something that you actually look forward to doing as I mentioned You can help train your brain to look forward to your study routine by involving a cup of coffee or tea or a song that you enjoy or Always have a special space that’s consistent for your study routine Maybe you make your desk really pretty by putting some pictures on it that you like for my own study routine I’ve created an acronym that spells used Too because I get used to my study routine and that makes it a habit. I Understand my bigger goals. I Schedule my studies for the same time each day that helps me to build a routine. I Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. I develop my skills over time I try new materials to challenge myself and I own my Results, I understand that I’m responsible for the outcome of my study sessions that spells used to So you could use this acronym if you find it helpful for you to here’s an example of how I would suggest You set up your English study time first write down your big English goals may be something like you want to be fluent in English so that you can give a presentation at school or at work or Whatever your big goal is don’t be shy write it down to break down that goal into weekly and daily Study sessions that will help you reach that bigger goal over time. Take your time with this again It’s better to write down your study sessions moving more slowly Than to rush yourself and maybe not give yourself enough time third choose materials that can help you reach your goals Watch go natural English videos or outside of go natural English. You could find TV shows movies Podcasts songs or other media in that help you to develop your vocabulary and fluency next test your understanding How much of these materials are you really understanding 5 try your own? Examples, of course when you’re learning English You don’t only want to be able to listen and read right? You want to be able to write and speak to express yourself as well? Now this is where you need help from someone else But there’s one way that I do suggest getting feedback on your own which is to record yourself Speaking because often when you listen to yourself on playback, you can catch your own mistakes similarly with writing you can Proofread your own writing and you often will catch your own mistakes This is a great way for you to give yourself feedback even before consulting your teacher next give yourself time to reflect on your Accomplishments how far you have come in English so far how much you have learned and then decide? what you want to learn tomorrow and Finally number 8 build each day after you reflect on your progress You can decide what you want to work on more tomorrow as you build a really successful great study routine be patient with yourself and Understand that when you enjoy the journey of building your English skills, you will be more successful More easily much faster it all comes down to building a good habit and a good study routine So, I hope that this was helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching Let me know if you have any questions if you’re watching here on youtube, and you haven’t yet? Subscribed to go natural English then click on that big red subscribe button So you don’t miss another great image lesson here. Thanks so much for watching. Bye for now

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  1. Excuse me do you have any ielts routine? Because i need to do this year please help me any information it will be good for me thanks great video and great YouTube channel

  2. Ms I'm very delighted to hear your great and beautiful voice ,I'd like to have your contact Ms, I feel good when i listen to you ,I love you Ms, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Thank you for sharing the consideration on study routine. I take care of SMART goal and everyday small goal. I should clarify the big goal of 2020 and the strategy.

  4. Thanks so much for this Gabby! Now I can set my own study routine and make it more realistic. I always got something new in your video lessons. I can share this too to my pupils.

  5. Madam, I have a doubt, that is; what is the difference between ' Correspond with ' and ' Correspond to ' ? Please try to tell me about it. I hope you will try to reply as soon as possible. I will be looking forward to your reply.

  6. Hi Gabby 😍

    Good evening

    First of all , I wanna make a personal observation , it's important to observing things before and after that you apply something new to it .

    When I watch videos like these , speaking about habits , routines to study etc

    I'm good on it , maybe it's the unique thing I can say that I do well , which is observing the things

    And Gabby you became my target ( relax , ok ⁉️ in a nice way , I can cerTain say that ) You know , you're an/My inspiration ☺️

    I put the letter T in capital letter to show you that , I loved your pronouncing on the previous video saying CERTAIN , Wow it was fantastic Gabby 😍

    Ok backing to the point , Gabby , I never studied this way you taught us before .

    It's a super well elaborated way to study , organized , with specific goals , with discipline , it's what I call of having quality on learning

    For this reason you are where you are , you're a well succeeded Person , respected in your environment

    I meant , respected for the other professionals , entrepreneurs , Miss Wallace you're an example to be followed

    Gabby , your tips are IMPRESSIVELY amazing , I can see the results on yourself , by myself because , I had never studied this way before knowing your videos

    I'm certainly improving my English skills day-to-day with your techniques , thanks a lotta again Gabby 🌺

  7. I feel I've been stucked for a long time so now I watch movies or TV series with subtitles in English, I read articles or notes in English and join English speakers facebook groups or whatever but I feel the most I do that the less I know

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful study plan you youtubed today's session.
    It's absolutely amazing and uplifting attitude!
    You are absolutely professional English coach. It's because of your deep thinking mind Allah has gifted you uniquely!
    You are really doing great service not only for English learners but also other learners.
    Truth be told that as I was watching your lesson for today. I decided to study bothArabic and French.
    Today you should me the route and routine I have been wanting for years but haven't had a time to fix my study plan.
    You are absolutely my role model. With a year in sha Allah I will make my dreams real,effective and efficient!
    Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous study plan again!
    I love you so much from the bottom of my heart!
    May Allah guide you his straight path!

    Easier and much faster !
    Creating a good study routine doesn't cost anything

    -My suggestions .
    -My special formula .
    -What it should and shouldn't be .
    They are often ignored , but they are critically important !
    Time that you set aside to study consistently .
    Not a "one and done " activity !
    It is more effective to study a little bit every day than to cram once a week .
    If studying becomes a habit it will be easy for you to do it !
    Painful and boring .
    Enjoyable and easy .
    Remember that it is more effective to study a little bit every day than to cram once a week .
    If you think you can dedicate 30 minutes a day to studying English , start with 20 minutes and ensure your success !
    Focus on one thing only !
    No multitasking !
    Set clear goals for yourself .
    Make it enjoyable !
    Don't be over-ambitious !
    Make sure that your goals are realistic .
    Don't just sit at your desk
    Not painful !
    U.S.E.D T.O.
    Understand my goals .
    Schedule .
    Enjoy .
    Develop my skills .
    Try new materials .
    Own my results .
    1.Write down your goal .
    2.Break down that goal .
    3.Choose the right materials .
    4.Test your understanding.
    5.Try your own examples .
    6.Record yourself .
    7 Reflect on your accomplishments .
    8.Build each day.
    Be patient with yourself .

  10. Wow! I am a TOEFL student and that will help me managing my own studying time!. Dear keep up the good work and accept my love and respect

  11. Thanks for your useful suggestions. What about concentration ? There are many factors which affect our concentration. Without which,any study or even watching videos wouldn't be worthwhile.

  12. I usually start writing down some new vocabulary and learn them more by putting them in a sentence. Then repeat till it's stuck in my head.. thanks Miss Gabby and happy Monday.

  13. Hello miss, I have a question what is the correct pronunciation, how do you call this in ingles? Or what do you call this en ingles? Thanks miss Gabby.

  14. guys i still i feel shy and not confident when i speak english even thou i understand every single word and i can write and read and even write conversation but still i can’t speak i’m afraid

  15. ┊ ┊ ┊✫ ˚♡ ⋆。
    ┊ ☆ . ˚

    I actually love the way you talk in it make me feel like whoa i’ve to watch this video till the end! in fact i like North American accent especially yours i just tryna do my best to be like you lmao it’s kinda crazy i know. so grateful for your , my best teacher ~
    From junior English learner.

  16. 1. My goal is fluent in English to be easier find a good job .
    2- to break down to refresh my goals and my mind two days off every week and space with my English tasks every day .
    3.watching “go natural English” n “zAmercain English” “Learn with movies and songs” “English with Lucy or Rashal ."
    4- test with reading and Listening.
    5- Writing and speaking.
    6-I made it record to my Speaking.
    7. Yes, build it each day and I am touching an improvement.

  17. do you know how I study English? I just watch movies , shows and YouTube videos in english like you and go speak to my self in English loudly ,and contact with native speaker. also I trying to think in english rather think in my language ,but my spelling is awful. :T~T/ thank you for the video:)

  18. you speak English very clearly,we understand what you are saying or what you are talking about but I watched many videos of native speaker, when they are talking I do not understand what they are saying . So what is your opinion about it.

  19. Hello Gabby! Good to see you! The new lesson brings new ideas! Thank you so much! Unfortunately, to think about or develop anything is easier than to work systematically. In any case, I try to follow your advice all the time, and it works well.

  20. Today I had an interview in a bilingual call center but unfortunately my level english wasn't enough, I'm going to follow all the advice that you give us, thank you so much.

  21. Thanks a lot my lovely teacher ❤ I have a question could you please answer it which it is about an application its name is drops in my opinion this app is super amazing and really helpful what I want to ask is to check it out and give a feedback

  22. Teacher Gabby, I love your videos !!😁They help me improve my English a lot! Is a B2 level(Cambridge English scale)considered as fluent for an12-year-old non-native speaker?😁

  23. I’ve been studying English for 9 months. Everyday I spend more than an hour mainly to watch different contents on YouTube. Even if I get so many good tips from you in particular, and other people, I think I should incorporate more reading as you already mentioned and also to set aside time for my speaking and writing. For sure to work with my own teacher would help, but what I like is to study at any time of the day without waiting for someone. One day I’ll probably sign up for that help !

    I’m, in a certain way, kind of surprised that to set aside time to work on my English is not a problem to me. I just enjoy it. I really like that feeling to become more and more comfortable in my listening comprehension and other skills at the same time.

    If I had had access to this technology 20 years ago, and of course great teachers like you, I would, for sure, be fluent today. You would deserve a gift the day I’ll become a real fluent English speaker 🙂 ! Have a great week ahead !

  24. hi, i search speakingmate in english for improve my english speaking skills. if there is so person , we can keep in touch from whatsapp or instagram

  25. Thank you mam for guiding . It's really helpful for me . Earlier , I used to do a lot at once which was very painful and boring too . But now you showed us " how to make a good study routine " it's really helpful . Thank you once again for motivating and educating us .
    In the next video could you please tell what are first , second and third person singular .

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