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♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ Mackenzie Yates: Hey! Today, I’m going to show you
the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, which comes
in six different finishes. ♪ I like the blue one. I’ll walk you through
some simple ways to get around, Face ID, how to use Depth Control
with the amazing new cameras, and I’ll touch on other
cool things, like Memoji, dual SIM,
and Group FaceTime. Let’s get to it. [CHIME] ♪ Using these phones
is as easy as ever. Let’s look at
the iPhone XS first. No Home button?
No worries. Wherever you are in your device,
simply swipe up to go home. If you want to see all the apps
you have open, swipe from the bottom and pause. Then swipe to move
between your apps. You can even swipe
along the bottom of an app to go from one to another. To get to the Control Center
on the device, simply swipe down
from the top right. To dismiss Control Center,
just swipe up. Want to see all of your
notifications in one place? Swipe down from anywhere else
on the top, and there they are. Swipe right to see your widgets, or left to quickly access
your camera. And if you’re one of those
people that like a large display but prefer using one hand —
thanks — enable Reachability in Settings. Then swipe down
on the bottom edge of the screen to bring everything
within a thumb’s reach. To turn the device off, press and hold the side button
and either volume button, then swipe. ♪ Everything you used to do
with Touch ID, you can now do with Face ID. Your face is your password, which is much easier
to remember, and easy to set up. Let’s check this out
on an iPhone XS. To set up,
just rotate your face around. Then your device will recognize
you wherever you look at it. [FACE ID ALERT] Now you’re set up. Woman: Thanks. Mackenzie: To unlock,
just tap or raise to wake it. And give it a casual glance. You don’t have to shove it
in your face. It’ll recognize you and unlock. Change up your look?
No problem. It can recognize you
with a new hairstyle, ♪ makeup, ♪ glasses,
most sunglasses, ♪ bedhead,
and grump face. ♪ Once it unlocks,
just swipe up to go home. When notifications pop up, they stay private
until you look. One glance and there they are. To make secure purchases
with Apple Pay, double-click the side button, glance at your iPhone
to authenticate, and hold the device
near the terminal to complete your purchase. [APPLE PAY TONE]
Easy, right? Cashier: Yeah. It’s also
accepted at grocery stores, restaurants, and boutiques
all over the place. Mackenzie: Thanks!
Cashier: Enjoy your cookie! Mackenzie: Finally,
and most importantly, all your Face ID information
is encrypted, protected,
and never leaves your device. Your face is your face,
and it’ll stay that way. ♪ These new devices
have amazing cameras, and there are a lot of things
you can do with them, like affect the blur
in the background to make some pretty
pro-looking photos. Let’s play with
the iPhone XS Max for this. Hey,
can I take a photo of you? Man: Um, yeah. Mackenzie: Let’s come over here,
right by the tree. Man: Right here?
Mackenzie: Yeah, right here. To use Portrait mode, launch the camera
and swipe to Portrait mode. Next, choose a Portrait Lighting
effect from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Or you can adjust these
after you take the portrait. Ooh, nice.
Man: Yeah. [CAMERA SHUTTER] OK. Mackenzie: To edit, just tap. You can change
the lighting effect and depth of field. And… voila! Man: Yeah, send that to me? Mackenzie: Yeah, sure. To AirDrop, tap the Share icon
and look for your friend’s name. And tap.
[AIRDROP ALERT] Man: Thanks!
Mackenzie: Yeah. ♪ Why would you want
two SIM cards? Well, it’s like having
two numbers in one device, like one work one
and one personal one. So you always know
who’s calling. [VIBRATING] See? The W indicates someone’s
calling on my work line. To activate dual SIM, you’ll just have to buy a plan
from a carrier or a provider in the form of an eSIM. Once you receive
a personal QR code, just go to Settings,
then to Cellular, and then Add a Cellular Plan
to launch the QR code scanner. A few steps later,
you’re in business. ♪ There’s so many other things
to talk about with these new devices, like Memoji:
animated versions of you. Your face,
your expressions… ♪ …which are really fun
in messages. Then there’s Group FaceTime, which is FaceTime
with up to 32 people at once. Thirty-two!
Check it out. Hey guys! Friends: Hi! Mackenzie: Of course,
Memoji is always there for you if you’re feeling camera shy. Still me!
Friends: Wow! Mackenzie: Anyway… Hey Siri,
how do you say, “Thanks for watching”
in Mandarin? Siri: [SPEAKING MANDARIN] ♪

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