Hams Across America: Pig Farmers Pay It Forward in their Communities

Today, we are here with Hams Across America
with Tennessee Pork Producers serving breakfast here at the Nashville Rescue Mission, in Nashville,
Tennessee. Today we are here at the Food Bank of Iowa,
putting meals together for Arresting Hunger. We are here today with the Missouri Pork Association,
Smithfield Foods and Prairie Fresh Pork, making a donation to the Food Bank of Missouri. Giving back to our communities is the cornerstone
of what we do. Because of our communities, we are able to
produce food to feed people. We are happy to partner with Hams Across America
to provide nutritious pork for those in need. It’s really exciting to be able to have protein
in the hands of those food insecure people because many times, that is not a product
that they get. By being able to step in and provide this
donation of 35,000 pounds of protein, we know that’s not something that they are going to
have to worry about. And for me being a hog farmer, knowing that
people are going to have hams it was really exciting. Law enforcement from across the state of Iowa
come together, and we are boxing up 800 meals to be disseminated at eight different locations
throughout the state of Iowa. The last few years, we had to purchase the
protein, which is a substantial cost for the mission. So we wanted to partner with a protein, a
commodity group that has the philanthropic background. I got in touch with the Iowa Pork Producers
Association, who put the call out for donations of pork for this event. And the response was overwhelming. We actually received enough pork in the first
donation to box up those 800 meals we needed, and we received a great response of additional
pork still coming in today. Today, I was humbled. We came into the Nashville Rescue Mission
and were given an opportunity to share our blessings we other people. It was amazing. And you don’t do this, if you don’t have a
passion for people and a passion for animals. I think giving back to my community is something
that I am supposed to do as a person. I think that we all are called to do a level
of service in some way. We look at that, and we talk about the grassroots. You know agriculture is the grassroots of
our very existence. And so giving back means counting your blessings
of everything that you’ve been given and turning around in someway giving that back to other

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