55 Replies to “Healthy Hair Growth with Aunt Jackie’s 💁🏿💇🏾

  1. Awww man I was thinking auntie Jackie like Jackie Aina 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ but I’ll still watch tho 😂👍🏽

  2. All three ladies looked lovely, great end results. April, let's talk about that nail color, is that shellac? Please say yes. I need that in my life.

  3. APRIL! I LOOOVE ALLLL YOUR BEAUTIFUL RINGS!!! (Even the claw of awesomeness) Where can I get these amazing finger decors? Thank you *hug*

  4. I LOVE April's nail colour and hand accessories. Plus personality & hair so basically… I just love April! 😍🖤👸🏿

  5. Ah that's how finger coils work. 🙂 I'm about a 3a/b and I was wondering why sections of my hair will be ringlets at the bottom but more springy spirals up top, defining them is clearly key. 🙂

  6. man these styles are too cute, I am going to do April's style on my daughter and Alexandra's on mine. Too cute yall

  7. Beautiful! All three of you have such gorgeous, healthy hair. On the subject of hair growth, has anyone here had success with biotin? I was taking a hair, skin, and nails vitamin that contained aloe, and I have discovered that I have an aloe allergy! So I'm switching to pure biotin drops.

  8. this was a really good video!!! i am like a 3a ~ 3c and I actually find it useful to use all these styling techniques

  9. Yaaasssssss, y’all did that! Aunt Jackie’s products worked great for all textures. That’s BOMB!💥

  10. Does anyone have any finger detangling advice? I’m really prone to breakage when I use combs and brushes but I feel like when I finger detangle the section is still tangled no matter how many times I go over it.

  11. I play myself by leaving my hair down & always getting it caught in my school bag so the ends get snatched 😩😭

  12. Each of you are beautiful and I’m hoping that you’re each truly natural ! I need the no shrinkage gel 💯

  13. That cris-cross pattern with the gold cuffs is really cute! I’ve been so uninspired lately; I’m definitely gonna try it! And I loovvveeee April’s end result! Super cute! Did you achieve that with bobby-pins?

  14. I have type 3a/b Fine and thin white girl red curly hair. Ms. Jackie's that I tried ages ago when I first moved to the US didn’t work for me, but maybe her stuff had massively improved since then!!!!

  15. I've tried the curl lala but my hair enjoys more of a thicker creme. And it didn't work well with eco styler gel.

  16. This video includes all my friends hair texture, mine is difficult 3b. It's always too thin, or too soft for some stylists. Have to learn what's good for me.

  17. am i the only one that has no clue what my hair type is? its like in between the first girl and 1st girls hair

  18. bought the curl la la guess its too thick for my hair guess i must get the gel .. . busy growing ma hair out. . .i litterly shaved all my hair off last year November lol. . .and my hair touched my behind. . .but it was so brutally bad. . .just had too. . .

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