100 Replies to “Her Mom Ran an Underground Lottery Business

  1. I remember my family would play numbers in the 80’. My grandma told me the mob would try to shake down the winners, if they won big. That dream book was the real deal!!!!!

  2. Running numbers was created by a blk man. Now the goverment took over and call it lottery and make it illegal to gamble so they can make money off of us lmao.

  3. She must be some kin to TI some stories you just keep to yourself even though her mother is deceased they could go after her ppl she dealt with

  4. Am I the only one who doesn't understand how her mom made money if she paid them if they won through her money🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  5. This is what us unicorns do, we just hide so none of u “humans” see us. It’s sort of weird why u guys want to kidnap us.

  6. Heard this story beginning of the year on the popular podcast 'Criminal'. For people that like listening to interesting stories like this. Give that podcast a shot

  7. What an interesting life story she has to tell! I can't wait for the movie version (I always wait to read the book after I see the movie so that neither disappoints)!

  8. This was a one of the reasons that black communities were thriving in the 70s.
    Government bought out those bookeeps and now we have the state lottery. Black folks should go back to this.

  9. Im still confused on what shes doing. Why would people go through her to buy lotto, instead of going out and doing it themselves. Was she splitting winnings amongst everyone who bought tickets through her, and keeping some for herself?

  10. This was normal for me too, I'm from Detroit also. And my grandfather house was like this. Old men were always there playing their numbers and the number man. Im glad the black community had something that would benefit them.

  11. I don't see the issue in this she made her money didn't hurt anyone .. MUSL runs it and it's all good? Who said it was okay?

  12. Pick up the book: The World According to Fannie Davis- My Mother's Life In The Detroit Numbers by Bridgett M. Davis

  13. Rest in peace Queen! Wow I wish they made more women like you making money to support your family the best way you know how not hurting anybody still being a lady in a good person everyday. Much respect to you and your family rest in peace

  14. Where I live there is a man who does veterinary stuff out of his house. He does full blown surgeries to your dog for hella cheap. He was a vet in another country. Everyone here is hush hush about it. We take our dogs their also. He’s been running it for many years. I’m in shock he hasn’t been caught. Glad he has not been caught yet lol. I benefit from this

  15. I learned about this through a podcast. There another woman that was in NY that was even more brazen than her mother but they’re not doing a show on her—instead their doing it on her henchman Bumpy what’s his face 😒😒😒😒

  16. I’m from miami Florida and my daddy use play numbers at the number house overtown… we had number houses everything where shout out to DADE COUNTY

  17. What’s wrong with black people scamming themselves. Wish they would keep doing it over selling drugs but hey cops still help out with those pests lol

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