100 Replies to “Herald reporter Julie K. Brown, who broke Epstein plea deal story, responds to Secretary Acosta

  1. Work Permits Link Victoria’s Secret Billionaire To Epstein’s New York House 11 July 2019
    Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder and CEO of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, sold his Manhattan mansion to Jeffrey Epstein in 1998 for $20 million, according to a family source.
    But Wexner, who was Epstein’s only known client, is identified as an agent of the property’s owner in a pair of construction permits filed in 2002.
    Epstein allegedly began luring children to the mansion for sex that same year, according to a federal indictment unsealed Monday.

    The founder and CEO of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company was tied to Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in a pair of construction permits filed in 2002, the same year federal prosecutors said Epstein began luring children to the property for sex.

    Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder of Ohio-based L Brands and Epstein’s only publicly known client, purchased the Manhattan townhouse in 1989 for $13.2 million and spent millions more renovating the home with Picasso paintings, antiques and a network of security cameras, according to The New York Times.

    But Wexner never officially moved into the property at 9 East 71st Street. Instead, he reportedly “turned over” the mansion in 1995 to Epstein, who performed his own renovation of the property, according to New York Magazine.

    “Les never spent more than two months there,” Epstein told The Times in a 1996 story that called the financier Wexner’s “protege.”

  2. How these corrupt bastards look their own children in their eyes after giving a rapist, and pedophile, a sweet deal is amazing! . These victims could be their own daughters.

  3. Acosta is speaking if Epstein got a jail sentence for more then 25 years.What did you give him Acosta 12 months and half of the day in his fuckin mansion.I hope the pain of those raped girls will hunt your family for life

  4. Lying sob. So, if the deal was nailed down in September, why tf did he meet with the Epstein’s lawyers in June?

  5. The question is did goblin Acosta do this for a couple of million dollars.Or just a quick jerk off by a classy fantasy hooker slave of Epstein

  6. He makes me so sick. Does anybody else think that he has a striking resemblance to Tony Podesta! I swear Acosta looks just like Tony Podesta and his brother! Wouldn’t doubt it if they were kin to each other. Maybe even a bunch of inbred freaks of nature.

  7. Once epstein agreed that he was guilty of solicitation of minors for prostitution; acosta could have then charged him with accessory to; or perpetrating statutory rape.

  8. Acosta you are a piece of s..👆. You are responsible for all the new victims. You should lose your license and go to jail. You broke 3 laws

  9. Isn't ironic that Hillary was heading up the uranium deal and Bill in return made thousand giving a speech in Russia, yet it's Hillary calling foul and trying to pin it on Trump. Then it was Bill that sexually assaulted women, it was the media and Dem's that were nowhere to be found to support women. Then out of nowhere these women come forward when Trump is running against Clinton, and then they accuse Trump of doing what Bill did do, then the Dem's and media run with "We believe all women". Now Clinton a proven liar "I never had sexual relations with that women" is saying he never knew of Epstein dark-side. Bill obviously has no control over his sex addiction, he held the highest office in our country and cheated on his wife in oval office. He had more commitment to his sex drive, then he had for the office he held. Actions speak louder then words. Trump is not a drinker and has proven by his actions he is all about the office he holds. When he found out Epstein assaulted an underage girl at Mar a largo, he said "Your Fired", get out and don't come back. Yet the Dem's and media are trying to put their spin on it and have the masses believe Bill is Trump and Trump is Bill. Enough with all the noise, its time to come out of being under the influence and wake up to your God given instinct and focus on actions and facts. Trump has proven that he can work with his enemies and become friends with them, but won't put up with what he considers wrong. He has an inner conviction and lines drawn where he stands his ground, whether its against himself or others.

    They truth is many are waking up and realizing that they were under a very well put together hallucinogenic that consisted of MSM who influenced how we see the world and people. Those stars in Hollywood, the music industry, sporting areas, etc… they became idol's to so many. It then spread to our school and started in on the minds of our children. Now we see that what was starting to wake people up "the internet" they are working in crisis mode to silence the woke. Satan set out to deceive the whole world, the real truth came to set us free. Wake up oh sleepers and rise from the dead. The king and His kingdom is coming. The Trump/Pence have sounded its time to wake up.

  10. i believe julie k brown , and not alexander acosta at all. today 7/ 12/ 2019 alexaner acosta quits his job as secretary of labour amid the scandal that he brought to himself.

  11. Dershowitz called these children prostitutes and liars and he said he would make mincemeat of them … he is 100% SCUM.

  12. Somebody's son…Everyone's daughter.
    Maybe, look to the private investigators who were hired by Epstein to gather information on 'opposing counsel'.

  13. For real it's about young girls he resigns and talks about economy and jobs. Of course for trumps benefit not his.

  14. Interstate and international child trafficking is a FEDERAL CRIME….cowardly Alex Acosta is guilty of dereliction of duty, aiding and abetting treason….jail this sick enabler


  16. What a sly rich predator this Epstein is! He should be in jail for life for destroying all these children’s lives!!!

  17. Florida prosecutors are lying It is Alex Acosta who is telling the truth. Believe me, Florida law enforcement and Justice is as corrupt as corrupts gets in that part of Florida. Read up People and do not let yourself be led: @t

  18. What about all the money accepted by Chuck Schumer from Jeffrey Epstein? And what about the State Prosecutor who handled the case? Nothing has been said about him.

  19. Secretary Acosta, you could have stopped this cruel action by Epstein long time ago. It is understood you are part of the guilt because you did not want to expose your partner, but you are elected to protect the country not your friend

  20. This is why our Free Press is so important, especially when those in power keep screaming that anything that makes them look bad is "fake news"

  21. Just realizing that a plea deal was provided … was so wrong! These rapist, pedophiles, human trafficking shits should never be given any kind of deal, EVER!

  22. Neither you asshats or Cernovich "broke this story".
    It's 11 years old !!! Ffs
    Everyong knew in 2008.
    We saw the charges, knew he walked.
    Of course there was a "sweetheart deal".
    Taking credit for knowing something EVERYONE knows.

  23. It almost looks like Acosta was brought into the case on behalf of the perpetrator Epstein and not to get justice for the children involved, Acosta has referred to the victims as women but some were as young as 13 and most if not all were not yet adults so why is he trying to whitewash the facts with subtle linguistics, he might be a smart lawyer but the Epstein case is about to ruin his career and reputation and more importantly the victims might finally get the justice they have always deserved.

  24. How is it possible that the predator pedophile of over 80 women gets to "negotiate" that the victims are never informed about anything about his conviction, sentence or plea deal! There is something horribly wrong going on with Acosta and Epstein's lawyers, co-conspirators and fellow predators. I hope the FBI can take them all out, root and branch. How is it only Julie K. Brown was brave and ethical enough to withstand the harassment and bribery and black maile other public officials could not.


  26. As if we needed any more proof that the Republican and Democratic parties are basically run by the same people, along comes yet another child-sex scandal implicating major players from all sides. When will average Americans learn that you've been brainwashed by the international elite rich into believing that you actually have any say in what goes on, who our leaders are, or how you live your life. We have all been enslaved by Demons…

  27. This is not a new story. I passed this on when he was hired. Nobody believed me or researched it. CNN, please research everyone and report these things before A President hires them.

  28. This is not about Trump. It is about Clinton and Obama. They did not do their job in protecting children. Why Harris is a bad choice? She is owned by Clinton's team. Want to know why Democrats should vote for a real progressive? Maybe because the Democratic Party establishment under Clinton and Obama is corrupted to its core. Example we see today in the headlines the Epstein story is not about Trump. It is about Bill Clinton and Obama’s corporate party appointees who failed in bringing to the justice those guilty of trafficking young women. Bring change vote in the Democratic primary for anyone but corporate party hacks controlled by Clinton or Obama. Bring the rule of law back..

  29. He was doing his job as all lawyers do, he will have a new lawyer fighting for him now that is what happens. These girls were not slaves they allowed it to happen age 12, 13 and 14 are selling themselves on the streets right now.

  30. How is this not in the news, the largest data breach in Senate history and the DNC and swamp blamed the Russians ??? I never believed that Russians story was the truth anyways…for one thing, if Hillary said the Russians did it, LOL…you know that has to be a lie. You have to wonder how much information or blackmail material Jeffrey Epstein has on the CLINTON'S. WOW !!
    The swamp corruption, blackmailed congress members, theft of computers, data, emails, servers and cover-ups, this book Obstruction Of Justice brings a whole new meaning about the true story about what really is really going on in Washington DC, it tells a story about the corruption that takes place everyday with the power elite in Congress today and it explains a whole lot more than what the news people are not reporting to us, since 2002 I always felt the news people were not reporting the truth to us or were telling the real stories that should be in the news. we always seemed to be getting a collaborative narrative word for word, so I stopped watching mainstream media stations, but I had no idea how bad it really was, and OMG it makes so much sense now…Obstruction Of Justice ​@​

  31. That woman deserves the
    Congessional Medal of Honor.
    Or at least free spa treatments
    for the rest of her life.

  32. From the precious blood of babes, from the whispers of an innocent souls dying:, somehow nourishes & spawns a tidal wave of raging heartfelt sentiment , that one does not ponder our own predicaments & vulnerabilities and roars in a common voice,. We the People of these United States will not tolerate any elected official who has wantonly betrayed their Oath of Office to the Constitution of the United States. No one is above the Law. !!! Tyranny & Treason !!! Thomas-Jefferson – When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty!! The Tree of Liberty must be nourished from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants !!~ THE REVOLUTION IS HERE, THE REVELATION WILL COME !!

  33. The meeting was after, not before. Not before, but after.
    Why was there a meeting at all? Do you usually meet with attorneys after a plea deal?

  34. Too many people in the comment section giving Mike Cernovich undeserved credit for what Julie Brown and Miami Herald did.

  35. Your bias is clear here. This vile criminal has nothing to do with trump. Nothing. Yet you among all the media purposely tie him into this to throw mud. I f it wasn't for trump we wouldn't even be talking about some billionaire democrat jew with ties to Israeli mossad. Also It was bil cllinton who took 26 plane trips with him and would still be if it were up to people like you in the msm who campaigned for hillary over trump.

  36. Jeffrey Epsteins crimes I.e. Child trafficking and prostitution is not connected to President Trump and Acosta. this is another ploy to take away people's attention from Mueller, Clinton, Obama crimes that investigators are nearing conclusion.

  37. Those people in power, like Acosta and even the higher men had a reason to squash the whole thing- like maybe THEY didn't want to get exposed. Epstein had a lot of men's marbles in his sack to get away with all this for so long.

  38. Pitt county dept of social services in north Carolina human traffickers children. Public schools make phony neglect or abuse allegation then the social workers open up a pony case on the mothers. Grandparents have rights. Brenda Braxton threw me out of the house literally. She wrote plans I couldn't see my daughter. At that point after I was having no contact continued harassing me. I got some visitation but my daughter went to brenda Braxton parties. A bunch of girls came home on friday nights and went back to school on Monday mornings. You didn't know who the parents were. Brenda got the girls on the internet using names with a number and ending in slave4u. The girls talked to strange men. The girls were socially allowed to do whatever they wanted including sleeping over at friends when parents didn't approve brenda had the rights to do anything with my child she wanted and she did. I didn't understand what was going on until last September when I discovered the group was holding kidnapping victim tiffany daniels against her will for over 5 years.

  39. Epstein was allowed out for 16 hours a day, Alan Dershowitz was spear heading his case, from a cushy jail cell. 13 months of just spending the night at jail. Two-tier much????

  40. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCSfEUvQPJc&t=724s
    Mike Cernovich is Helping Jeffrey Epstein and Dershowitz, not the victims. (Lee
    Stranahan) Roosevelt Media News// Published on Jul 28, 2019// Mike Cernovich
    has long claimed that he has been at the forefront in the Epstein case by
    filing a lawsuit to unmask the details of the sweetheart deal prosecutors gave
    Epstein.  But Lee Stranahan did some
    digging and revealed that if anything, Cernovich has been helping his mentor
    and former Epstein defense attorney, 
    Alan Dershowitz, in his effort to squash victims accusing him of sexual misconduct.   We have reviewed the evidence and we agree
    with Stranahan that Mike Cernovich has been hiding the full details of his
    legal involvement in the Epstein case, specifically, that his lawsuit seeks
    limited disclosure that would benefit only Dershowtiz in his ongoing smear
    attack on certain of Epstein victims.

  41. This woman is a angel sent to every child who has been abused or exploited Thank u for not giving up, looking the other way and fighting for what was right in spite of what must have been and still is dangerous given the people involved. To these brave women; God Bless and stay strong 💪 ( no one understands how scared, shamed, or you just want to pretend It didn’t happen or just want to run away unless it happened to you). Too the Law enforcement Officers who inspite of being told to back down; thank u and thank God you didn’t You to are soldiers sent from God. To Acosta you spineless pos I hope you get what’s coming, the question is are you an compliant enabler or a participant

  42. Acosta made it as easy as possible for Epstein to get as light a sentence as possible. This clown is a total joke. Well done Michael Reiter – I’m guessing you weren’t deterred by the jewish cabal.

  43. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️JULIE K. BROWN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you 🙏🏻

  44. The vast majority of lawyers, politicians, actors, media are corrupt! It is the French Revolution all over again, the rich few and the many poor.

  45. I applaud the Miami Herald for being the only known source to bring these atrocities to the forefront of current media. It’s quite telling that no other outlet had the integrity to do so or follow suit.

  46. Yeah, miami pedo doj would let him go free ,and then appeared this brave man acosta who gave him and his unidentified pedo conspirators buddies a full immunity and put him into get out at will jail.
    Be cursed you corrupted ,filthy ,evil pedo prosecutor ,go to hell and take all your pedo buddies with .

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