High Availability Business Center

– Quest provides fully redundant power for our High Availability Business Center in Roseville, California. Behind me are our CAT diesel generators. We provide redundant
power all the way down to the individual racks. And it starts at the generator as well as at our diverse
sub-station feeds. Throughout our facility we
have 24/7 video surveillance and this is something a lot of our clients don’t know that we do from an infrastructure support standpoint. Anything that’s IP based, video cameras, door access,
low-voltage cabling, we manage and support that 24/7. Quest provides full
physical recoverability when it comes to DR. Dedicated suites like the
one I’m standing in right now provide organizations with the ability to recover key personnel and keep their businesses operational. This is everything from the space, to the power, to the access to the internet, to any type of connectivity
options that they need. This is a dedicated
extension of their operations that’s available to them 24/7 should a disaster strike. Quest does audiovisual and
conference room integration. From speaker track, to audio drops, to custom sound proofing and integration for conference rooms. Anything you need from a
custom audio visual standpoint, quest can help. Here at the Roseville High
Availability Business Center, Quest operates a Tier 3 Data Center. Where we as a managed service provider, use our own footprint. You are in in a Quest managed
services cage right now. But Quest offers full
data center capabilities at this location as well. That’s private cage space, dedicated racks and half racks, all with redundant power. Available for our clients, and our managed services
team consumes it as well.

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