High Income Real Estate Without The Risks Of Fix & Flip Or Buy and Hold

so our mission here on this channel is to be a resource of resources for you to build your cash flow cash flow being the amount of money left over at the end of the month after all of your bills are paid and this is averaged from one year to the next and in order for me to do that especially with things that I'm not personally exploring I've got to bring in content and updates in order to review little pink houses of America so you've asked for it we've heard your request in order to find out how is it going with the VIP financial education YouTube audience members who have gone through the process of watching each of the videos provided by little pink houses and understand more closely how the results are unfolding for those of you coming in from the YouTube channel who are taking advantage of this income opportunity in real estate now what people generally like about it is there is no credit or capital that's required for each of these real estate deals it's something that with an extra 10 20 30 40 hours per week you can generate hundreds upon hundreds of extra thousands per year it's something that just requires a phone it's available in any economic situation so a lot of the downsides that come with being a real estate investor you eliminate by pursuing their model hey I'm Julius from Virginia how'd you hear about little pink house of America ooh VIP financial education on YouTube and I became a subscriber and I really loved what I heard and when I called and reached out I had to find out what was going on so I loved it I really thought that this was something I need to hear about awesome what was your previous real estate experience I had a rental property in my previous townhouse we've rented it out and I saw the ability to make residual income and I always thought that real estate was the way to go so I wasn't one to make that investment awesome what was your biggest takeaway from last four days the biggest takeaway was that real estate can be easy if we got support and knowing that you have a system you know this pink the pink houses of America knowing that we have some of the supporters and with our investment I think that was the biggest thing that can go to help us that go as far give me one of those famous reactions what look guys so how did you hear about little pink out of America this so I spend a lot of time on YouTube and we came across the Pegasus from the VIP Channel Matthew the warden turn up him talking about it and Mike here a little pink and decided to reach out and give him the trash you know to go awesome so what's your previous real estate experience for both scientists up in the Massachusetts area so we're excited get started awesome what's the the number one thing you took out of the last four days I think we got a lot of insight into first of all obviously what the program is but how to really sell these houses to do the best for us and also do the best for pain involves a lot of psychology almost a lot of what to say how to say it and I think that's the biggest benefit to training had for me not so much of being a real estate agent or being in real estate just how to approach these deals so tell me a little bit cell for you but a tons each Anna from Adams Alberta Canada awesome how'd you hear about little big house of America I learned what you guys through VIP by not to let the tunnel and you think I became a subscriber immediately heard a lot about it and I was fantastic but your previous real estate experience zero it's pretty easy what was the number one takeaway from last four days honestly there was a lot of take with but number one I feel like little pink houses to me is like a family to me their support there's people that I can rely on people I can go to they literally give you everything you need to succeed and the names are will and LaShonda quarter from Jackson Missouri awesome how'd you guys hear about little pink houses of America some educational videos on VIP financing listen to Michael Matty and Matthew felt more discussing about the program and kind of how it works and basically just anybody that was interested to shoot him an email so Michael and I started talking and things just kind of started rolling from there gotcha gotcha what's your previous real estate experience we have brand new to the real estate awesome so after the last four days you're here in Jacksonville training with us what's the biggest takeaway don't give up just push forward we've got a big support system behind us you guys and I think this is what stood out to me not just from tonn's video and testimonial about their support but we have crowds of you guys from the channel going to their three-day introductory workshop every time it comes around at this point so you guys are making up in many cases the bulk of the audience it's phenomenal I mean there there are so many of you that are latching onto this opportunity and again if you're not real familiar with the other videos that's where you want to start you want to just get in and watch everything we've cut together it's probably still you know under two hours worth of content at this point if you're not willing to commit a couple hours just to do your upfront legwork this isn't a good fit for you either you have to actually take some action here whether you want results in what we do from our coaching standpoint which is how do we optimize cash flow how do we make the best decisions when it comes to banking and borrowing how do we maximize the three C's of proper banking and borrowing credit capital and cash flow or whether you're doing something like little pink houses of America taking one step in putting it in front of the last over and over again throughout the day forcing yourself to make multiple challenging decisions every single day is paramount to success there's not a day that goes by that I'm not faced with a lot of challenging decisions that need to be made at this point but that's also part of the reason why we're such huge advocates of having support around you in general I think it's a great conversation for all entrepreneurs for all people that are chasing success that are wanting to magnetize success you better be surrounded by a great team which means that you better also have your free coaching session from VIP schedule than if you're not willing to wait seven eight nine months for that free coaching session you can always claim one of our QuickStart vacancies we do have a limited number of those as well make sure you check out all the videos with little pink houses and make sure you email pink at VIP financial education comm after you've seen those videos make sure you include a first and last name and make sure you include direct contact phone number so that Michael and his team can reach out to you directly and let's see see if it's a good fit it may not be chances are it's not and if it's not a good fit wonderful you've explored it you've made the informed decision and you're moving on to another opportunity who knows maybe it's the perfect fit maybe it's exactly what you've been looking for check these guys out if you're interested in making 30 K or more every single month guys will see on the next video make sure you subscribe or drop a like on the video and comment below for any questions that we've left unanswered regarding little pink houses we're gonna keep showing you the success stories and the testimonials and the case studies we're gonna break down the math and we're gonna give you every last detail we possibly can and I'm gonna keep trying to ask the tough questions on your behalf since you can't be here with us today until we see you on the next one make it a great day today and take care some names and where you're from Bobby and Ginny went and we're from Knoxville Tennessee awesome go Vols how'd you guys care about little pink outs of America originally we heard from it from fortune DNA Nick fortune there and then we heard about them again through VIP financial education fantastic what's your previous real estate experience so we've got some bond hole properties we currently have about seven units and we've been in real estate investing for about a year now fantastic after the last four days what's the biggest takeaway please take away from us is this is something you'll have to do alone the staff here is incredible there's some they're knowledgeable they're friendly professional we don't feel like we're going this alone so I forgot a teeny behind this was for my call

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