80 Replies to “Home Depot blames opioid crisis for shoplifting spike

  1. I have been sober for 5 years and I would “allegedly consider” theft from Home Depot while using opiates and pawn shops love new tools or the Mexican you’re trading the tools to for the dope. I would say this report is 100% accurate

  2. I don’t know why Twitter was unhappy with this. Makes sense to me and is most likely correct. They target places like HD or Walmart all the time.

    One guy told me he stole like 5 snowblowers before he got caught.

  3. Come to Phoenix and you can witness it first hand. I'm in a homedepot 4-6 times a week and I do think the meth freaks are primary perps though.

  4. I was at a HD yesterday and noticed bars on the cordless power tool bays. Locked down. Not sure why they just don’t stock it up high.
    Also, now that they have the manual check out section. People just either walk out with items or add it to their stuff and don’t scan it.

  5. Under fire for telling the truth?

    More people are dying per year, every year than the total loss of life by the USA for 10 years of fighting in Vietnam

    This is a catastrophic problem of epic proportions and a prime example debunking the libertarian idea of legalizing all drugs which perhaps is the reason it isn’t talked about more

  6. Umm,
    I blame the fact that they tend to only have one person at a register and one person at a bank of 12 self checkout.

  7. They're shoplifting for the fun, and food. I watched 2 women in their 40's stealing steaks, shrimp, and no telling what more I didn't see them take, so I alarmed a worker at the store and got them busted. Shoplifters are the reason everything cost so much more, the stores have to jack up prices to make up for products that are stolen.

  8. Let's be honest here, the contractors are hiring all illegals. What ever they don't use in material they take it back to Home Depot for money. Watch next time you are sitting in the parking lot. The illegals thinks it's there bank. They also thinks everything in the store is Free. That's why they wear those baggy pants with a lot of pockets.

  9. Cashiers and stockman do the pass through merchandize all the time. Ask a college kid who works part time how many of their friends let things go through without proper charges. Obamas Debts showing up in Theft results.

  10. Pot will, srry no coke will, no crack, no crystal meth, opiods thats it that is the drug that will end society. Until the next SCOURGE.

  11. What’s the big deal about saying addiction could be cause? As a person in recovery, I stole to support my habit (never from store). Family & friends. Completely legit in saying that. 👍👍👍👍👍✌️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  13. Employee's that make for Schitt wages , make things disappear… maybe Home Depot should pay more & Drug Test!????

  14. Well can fix this the democrats way, maybe we can just pass the opiods out to the druggies when comming into the store 🤔 so they dont steal.

  15. Well 90% of the worlds heroin comes from Afghanistan & the last failure in chief Odumbo campaigned on promising to pull every troop out but surprisingly increased them around the same time the opioid crisis exploded. Strange around the same time pain clinics & pill millz were regularly being raided by federal law enforcement agencies

  16. Nope. It’s lack of enforcement by the police. Drugstores in NYC have to lock up the deodorants and many meds now, because NYPD won’t even show up.

  17. California is a great example – Walmart's are putting socks under lock and key to try to cut down on theft – liberal laws make it much easier for the thief – no consequences

  18. The security cant chase thieves out the doors becausecofclaw suits, and insurance reasons. Go to any pawn shop and look at the
    cordless tools and see how many like new
    Tools is in there…

  19. No- when you go in home Depot you can't find anyone to help you they need to hire some people to keep an eye on shoplifting

  20. Fact! Every time I go into a Home Depot there’s tweekers with zero money grabbing power tools and heading for the back isles to crotch the tool and discard the box behind merchandise. THD needs to pump up their lost prevention.

  21. in my small town dollar general is having severe problems with theft and most of it is people addicted to meth and it is not the homeless looking type either ,

  22. Most Home Depot thefts are inside jobs.

    Any restaurant that employs predominantly hispanics feeds the entire hungry neighborhood by means of what we call "sweetheart deals".

    No hispanic will every say no to feeding their family….which is everyone they love.

    Lesson learned?

    Love feeds everyone and capitalism is the source of much $$.

    Get used to it.

  23. OBVIOUSLY, Home Depot is "Under fire" from those who support drug addiction and criminals. Let the stock market show that when companies stand up for truth, their value SOARS…. IE; Chic Filet.EDIT: Hmmm — I guess that's why they're CALLED "values", huh? 😉

  24. I blame Home Depot for being so liberal and such losers for picking on people that have pain issues and health problems. It seems to be fitting these days to chunk all pain medicine in and call it opium crises instead of going after iv and illegal street drugs. It is time everyone stop thiz political correctness of the Republican party and blame game of the liberal left who does the same while pushing for weed and illegal drugs to be legal. Stop it now and focus on the drug trade at the border and any other manufacturing of illegal drugs.

  25. Blame Queer Boy Gavin Newsome & Becerra for raising the limit of stolen goods to $999.00 and charging the thief's with a misdemeanor …..! Thieves even steal the calculator so they can keep track of the magic number…. $999.00…..! democrat loonz crap on everything they touch….!

  26. I blame the Democratic Party for pushing socialism, allowing illegal immigration, and encouraging law breaking by promoting anti-capitalism.

  27. One major problem home.depot has in new orleans is that they do not runnoff people who are in the parlingnlots and inside the store wanting you to hire them to help.load material onto your carts and you cannot get rid of them. I try not to go to home depot

  28. If the shoplifter gets caught, I imagine it would not be too difficult to make significant determinations about the perpetrators financial, psychological, and medical state. Considering how successful the Democrats have been at turning America into a Nanny State, there is absolutely no reasonable excuse for theft. These days, theft is tantamount to vandalism, another way to harass retailers and home owners as a prelude to the good old shakedown. I doubt Home Depot is just making this up.

  29. this deadbeat in pensacola has been busted numerous times stealing from home depot for his heroin habit.the judge usually gives him probation or , at the worst, six months in jail and he gets out and starts stealing again the same day.

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