House Hunters Renovation | A Rogue Renovation – June 08 2019

there's enough craftsman wood for you can Texas transplant Cameron and Lauren are on the hunt for a home near family Manhattan Beach California that's fireplace that's a one fireplace that's three fireplaces it's a little large you know it might be able to be reduced in size but finding the perfect home for their family that meets their demanding wish list might prove to be harder than expected I was hoping we could get a three bath not thrilled with the whole carpet was helping for hardwood floors it's kind of like half retro has medieval but when they finally find a place even these experienced renovators may have bitten off more than they can chew any hope of sticking to our budget is gone at this point I hope it looks better in the space and what's out here but with a lot of hard work and dedication Cameron and Lauren can finally move their young daughters in and enjoy their new home when I look around and I see all the things that we've done with it I don't know that I can be out here let's turn on I figured that was coming I'm Cameron I own a company that does digital marketing for large corporations and I'm Lauren I run a small organic skincare company we have three girls Bryn who is six Blake who is three and Baylor who is eight months we recently moved back from Texas we came back primarily for family we want to put down roots here while they look for a new home they're staying with her parents in Manhattan Beach so we're hoping to be somewhere in a ten to fifteen minute drive from here yeah I love the beach I'd love to be close to the ocean or at least have an ocean view the biggest factor for me is price our budget is probably gonna top out about a million seventy five thousand and I cringe at that oh it's painful to say I absolutely do not want to go above that and that's with renovations I'm really not even sure what to make of this one my style is mid-century modern you know growing up in Southern California that's what we had and I want to stay away from any McMansions from you know Texas Cameron on the other hand would like craftsman for the exterior and the interior I love the detail I love the finishes I love the little nooks and crannies I love built-ins I love having shelves and storage areas you know all the things that come with the Craftsman style the problem around here is is there aren't a lot of craftsmen around here inside I like contemporary with touches of farmhouse you know clean lines lots of light with metals and some wood I would love for bedrooms three bathrooms if we can get it two and a half maybe would work we'd be fine with two big backyard for the girls to play with a pool I don't want to fall because I don't want to worry about them outside but the girls can swim and they love a pool they'd also love hardwood floors throughout and an open-concept kitchen will love a big island so the girls can help us cook and bake and then we have seating for everybody I mean getting into the area is probably gonna be one of our biggest challenges and you know finding a house in that area that suits all of our needs big wishlist so today they're seeing a split-level mid-century modern in Rancho Palos Verdes about 10 minutes from her family oh is that the ocean yeah and it's super close to my parents oh that's my mid-century modern and it is definitely not a craftsman it's a four-bedroom two-bath I was hoping we could get a three best new you could build when you have a huge lot it's ten thousand eight hundred it's a million $1.99 oh that's way out of my point I know this is more than they want to spend but I think I can get the price down and unfortunately getting a place this close to the ocean comes with a higher price tag okay Wow it's open what's with the stained glass and I see it looks like it's in there and up there to the owner of the home Ashley made those stained glass windows and originally when they purchased this home there were no other homes in the neighborhood so he had a complete ocean view and so he made the stained glass with the lighthouse so he always has a view of the lighthouse oh wow that's cool not thrilled with the whole carpet it was hoping for our hardwood floors I like the fact that there's a fireplace I don't like the fact that it takes up that entire wall it's kind of weird they place you on youment oh well we're gonna kind of like it it's a little weird takes me back I'm a Grimm in this house but do you like it you can keep it well it's not exactly open concept this isn't a bad space yeah this is a good size I like this it's really closed off but you can open up that chasing really easily and get a lot of space and I think this kitchen would need to be gutted and the creepy stairs going down the garage I've got to go but I think if you opened up the space added some contemporary elements it really could be great we have a little lanai or stay room or sunroom in office cute yeah it is it's nice and bright yeah and then look at this yard you guys this kind of justifies the price I really don't feel like being a full-time lifeguard with our three little ones maybe we fill it in who fills in a pool in Southern California me yeah you're gonna be the only one back inside they see two guest bedrooms Wow before stopping into the guest bathroom this is actually really good socks yeah double vanities I like that plenty of space to do whatever you would need to do in here which means totally redoing it right but then open the window oh great ocean view they see the last guest bedroom size of the room is gray it's perfect for one on girls before checking out the master that's a little awkward walking into the bathroom into the master you could always move the entry door over to here you have the space to do it because you're gonna lose part of your closet in the master though we can take part of that one too it's a good size though oh no it's it's an ensuite bathroom I can't complain so here's the rest for the master love the closet space yeah look at this good closet space just out of curiosity I mean it doesn't affect me but for normal-sized people I know I did it um I I don't know I was just the style of the house okay so if we want to put French doors in here or put slider in here we've got to raise the roof that's not no it's not even if we do all that and spend all that money we would still not get an ocean the best view would be in the guest bath but I love the neighborhood and I'll close the visit of my parents I really love a house with an ocean view and the only view we have is through that little bathroom window but it's my mid-century modern so I'm a big fan of that and it's not my craftsman I don't love the first set the kitchen needs a ton of work this room needs a ton of work all the bedrooms new carpet new paint yeah but there are four bedrooms we didn't think we could get a four there are four besides a lot for me that makes this house with the pool so I'm worried about all the renovations that need to be done in this house we could find something a little more in our budget okay we can keep looking so Patti has lined up a less-expensive home in San Pedro just a little farther from Lauren's parents so it's a three-bedroom two-bath I'd like one more bedroom one more bathroom remember what I said about four bedrooms recent transplants from Texas Cameron and Lauren are on the hunt for a family home near her parents in the South Bay area of California with a budget of 1 million $75,000 Lauren loved the mid-century modern style of a home in Rancho Palos Verdes listed just under 1.2 million dollars and while they liked the size of the house the high price tag left them worried they wouldn't be able to afford all the renovations throughout the house so today they're seeing a less expensive home in San Pedro about half an hour from Lauren's parents I love the sidewalks the cul-de-sac is great for the girls how far from the beach are we talking about we are 2 miles from the beach and we're a little further away from my parents than I'd like to be I do like the style and it's kind of California bungalow with a little bit of craftsman to it so I can live with it so it's a three-bedroom two-bath I'd like one more bedroom one more bathroom but it is 2055 square feet though it's eight hundred ninety thousand that's an amazing price for this area and it would give us the flexibility to add an extra bedroom and maybe a third bath which is great there's enough craftsman wood for you can this is enough wood for Catskills resort you can see the Cossacks in the kitchen planks yeah got that I like the fireplace the brick fireplace it's a huge fireplace you got great built-in shelves over there are these original hardwood floors yes these are beautiful I love the open beam ceiling the tongue and groove it gives it a lot of character honestly you could probably take these walls out and then you'd have one big open space but I mean everything here looks like it's in pretty good shape this is a great space probably needs to be completely gutted but the space is actually really good Patti what happened to my beautiful hardwood floors they turned into linoleum I do like the continuation of the beams it's got great character as well the fire on the side as well right and you've got a huge open space to a breakfast nook or dining room or whatever you want it to be if you take this whole section out and remove these walls and take open up that space right there you've got a huge face for your island right here yeah you got to think about budget too that's gonna all gonna be a lot of money this is blue yeah and there's no closet they just removed it you could put it back are these floors different yeah they are they're a 1 inch floor versus a 2 inch right now run that way instead of that exactly okay it's better than the kitchen floor so thanks it's the third difference in the flooring that we've seen so far next they see the guest bathroom this is interesting it's called like half retro half medieval on the way to the second guest bedroom I like built-ins but that's probably way what happened in here why is your turf in here what are they doing here no do you think there's hardwood underneath here I would imagine probably since it's in the other room so let's take a peek I hope so because if this is what we have to do okay so that's all right that's good okay back through the kitchen they see the master I don't really like how far away it is from the other bedrooms they kid yeah okay so this is the master bathroom yes so this would all need to be gutted cuz this all looks original except for maybe the wallpaper which is pretty I do like the little gold in the wallpaper but that's probably about it this is a lot of wood even for me this is a lot of wood I mean it's like the bed blends right into the wall and then you have your his and her friends yeah all right so this'll fix all your stuff I don't know where I'm gonna put mine oh we can find somewhere a garage that's one option size-wise it'll work yeah but it's just a lot of wood yeah next they head to the backyard oh this is nice Patti is that a barn yes but it is the garage this is a really good size very bright and sunny you're facing last year so it's nice and sunny I think there's plenty of space to dig out a pool here the girls love to swim so they really don't need that much yard space bones in here really good it is under budget and a good size I like the 3-bedroom 2bath I'd love another bathroom I'd love another bathroom or at least a powder room or or a powder room there's somewhere we can find it put a powder room and the kitchen will have to be gutted so that's something to take into consideration doesn't have your pool no we just dig out the back and there's no space for anybody to play play in the pool but to show Cameron what he wants their agent has found another pool home in Rancho Palos Verdes Wow this is interesting here we go hey you trying to print there you go with a budget of 1 million $75,000 Texas transplants Cameron and Lauren are on the hunt for a family home near the South Bay area of California so far they've seen a home in Rancho Palos Verdes listed just under one point two million dollars while it was close to the beach and offered the fourth bedroom they wanted the high price made them a little wary that they wouldn't be able to afford all the renovations needed then they saw a home a little farther from Lauren's parents listed at eight hundred and ninety thousand dollars while it had the craftsman feel that Cameron was looking for Lauren worried the kitchen ran out would be too much to take on and Cameron didn't like that there wasn't a pool so today their agent is showing them a house she thinks they'll both like again in Rancho Palos Verdes nice curb appeal yeah as touches of my mid-century modern it's about 15 minutes from the ocean okay great it's about 1,700 square feet it's a 3 bedroom 1 and 3/4 bath and what's it listed is 975 so it's within budget gives us a little room yeah yet another house that doesn't have three baths but at least the price allows us to maybe add another bathroom somewhere oh that's interesting he's actually make us a bar have people grab a drink when they come in yeah that's fireplace that's a one fireplace that's three fireplaces it is a little large but you know it might be able to be reduced in size or gone I mean it cuts the room in half carpet so you'd have to replace the car yeah that's easy hoping for hardwood there's a lot of natural light right that comes in I still can't see anything past that thing so this is like a family room dining room whatever yeah I would do the family room here okay like they've got it this is awfully Brown you with this whole thing out you make pencil and you still got credible space or you can get your Big Island yeah there could even push it out a little bit farther into the room but I also have taken taking consideration to budget oh we're getting rid of the fireplace we're opening this up that just sounds pretty expensive here's the yard okay so it does have the pool lure and as you see most of it taped up on a hill it is so you don't have a lot of grassy area not much room for the kids to play but I mean this backyard is a good size back inside they see the master suite I'm not even sure how I feel about the paint sure what that is okay but this is a good-size room it's a huge room yeah it looks like two different sets of closets you get yours I get mine that's nice we've got doors outside which is great yeah and this carpet would probably have to go just new hardwoods throughout all right master bath oh and it continues in here it's almost like he traveled this for tile and then decided you know what last minute we're just gonna keep the pink coming in here I think the bathroom should just be tiled you know some white contemporary tile would really brighten the space up and ain't even like Cameron keep his built-in so he gets his craftsman touch they see the other two bedrooms before stepping into the hall bath I like the floors in here yeah this actually works really well I'm just good size I like the shower yeah I actually do like this shower there's not a lot we need to do in here and really sick so I agree yeah I don't feel anything we need to change right now no it's perfect for the girls since it is yeah what are your thoughts it's a really good layup it's really good space I mean there's some more than needs to be done they feel like to make a layout really good the backyard is terrific all these doors the glass everything hey watch the kitchen yes overall bedroom is a really good size yeah the kitchen is probably Hall of their story and then this thing in the middle of the room I mean it really cuts the house in half yeah and if we're talking a major major structural issue then that's something we really got to consider so don't forget about all the flooring throughout that's a lot right to get into a new home Lauren and Cameron will have to decide what's most important a pool four bedrooms or plenty of money for renovations there's one I think that we can probably work with and when they finally decide renovations start to get a little out of hand I keep coming back expecting it's gonna be better but it's getting worse snow angel okay with a budget of $1,075,000 Texas transplants Cameron and Lauren are looking to set down roots near her parents in the South Bay area they've seen several options and now would help from their agent patty it's time to decide they saw a split-level mid-century modern listed just under 1.2 million dollars that's way we're talking about right I mean huge backyard closest to her parents and the Ocean View closest the ocean four bedrooms two baths although would love three but I think she's probably enough room in there and if we move some things around we can probably get a powder room or something else in there know what you've got the big wide-open space when you walk in you can add built-ins you can add farmhouse touches you could add craftsman touches and there's so many things you can do in there yeah it's the probably the biggest best blank slate of all then they saw a Craftsman bungalow listed for eight hundred and ninety thousand dollars best price of everything we saw I like that it was two miles from the beach but there wasn't in the ocean view there was a lot of woods though in that one a lot the one thing for me is it didn't have a pool I know a kid I know it's not your thing but I also know the kids love the kitchen is a complete gut but I think if you open it up you huge island in there you've got a huge dining space right there you've got that really big fireplace right there that's great because it's on both sides it's kind of right in the middle of where do you want to put everything how do you feel about the mid-century modern at $975,000 a master bedroom is huge the two bathrooms that we looked at the master on the guest room don't need a lot of work so that's money right there right the kitchen is probably another story can you get that fireplace down to a manageable size you probably get an island in there yeah push that counter back and then all of a sudden you've really open up and in this huge huge space that would really really work and then you go right the backyard and you've got a great pool there's no ocean view you have any idea which fine you and prefer there's one I think that we could probably work with I think we want to go with a mid-century split-level if we're gonna make a decision this big for me it's got to be about the girls and I think this is probably the best place for girls but not at that price yeah we need to brought down a lot let me see what I can do listed for just under 1.2 million we ended up purchasing a house for a million 25 which is still feel uncomfortable it's still a crazy number yeah we have about $50,000 for renovation firm firm firm 50/50 we've done a renovation before so we kind of know the craziness we're gonna get into right now we're staying with my parents in Manhattan Beach which is only 10 miles away but we plan on staying there during the whole renovation Wow we need about four showers it's been about three weeks since we closed and we started renovations with the girls bedrooms no more shag what is that anybody want cable TV they also plan to redo the guest bathroom and replace the old wooden deck on the back of the house I think the biggest project with this renovation is gonna be the kitchen you know we'd really like to open it up kind of start fresh I would love to get an island in there just make the kitchen functional for our whole family so to help them figure out how to get everything they want in the space they're bringing in a designer to oversee the transformation chairman and Lauren have a lot of structural issues in this kitchen they want to open up the living room wall they want to close off the stairs to the garage they want to push up the ceiling and they want to shorten up the stairs outside the kitchen to really open up the floor plan for the whole dining room and kitchen so before we start planning that is I think it's best that we tear out the existing kitchen to the studs and really see what we're working with well the crew takes over for the rest of the demo in the kitchen Cameron and Lauren start work on the guest bath everything needs to be replaced we need to take this out the mirror and the bathtub the whole thing needs to go yeah the space in the bathroom is great but it's pretty dated so we want to tear everything out and replace it with a bigger window so we can take full advantage of the ocean view since this is the only room that really has it this is like easy I'm barely touching this one a few days later demo is finished throughout the house and they're designer Kristine has an update on all the structural questions in the kitchen well we've done our research and this wall is coming down yes hallways stairs are pushing back feeling as well we're gonna run this ceiling all the way over so you get that open feeling sweetie go all the way to the rafters that's correct so now you have an open floor for hay and to maximize storage in the new space Kristine suggesting they fill one wall with cabinets that will surround the refrigerator and double oven and then a long countertop window placement stays the same and then proposing on each side upper cabinets okay so keeping it symmetrical okay I like the farmhouse sink with a trash can on the side yay got my farmhouse sink yes I got my trash can and then drawers over here for more storage for you Oh perfect I'm suggesting a slight in range love it nice hood okay and then we have spice drawer and cookie sheet storage on each side love that and then going off this wall I know you really wanted the island in the face we can't get it oh it's great we were able to do everything else we wanted in here but losing the island is a huge disappointment I wanted it for the girls to be able to sit and do their homework watch me cook we may have to rethink this design I really wanted an island Lauren and Cameron just started a $50,000 renovation of their family's new Rancho Palos Verdes California home but their designer has some bad news about their dreams for the kitchen I know you really wanted the island in the base we can't get it oh but we can have a nice Peninsula okay so it feels like an island it's attached but it will give you that nice counter space okay unfortunately if they go with a kitchen island they wouldn't have enough room to walk around the space comfortably but a peninsula would give them the same feel without making the kitchen feel too crowded so you have your flooring mm-hmm that you guys picked out and this is gonna go throughout the house correct I am thinking to go with this white cabinet I love this I love the shaker style yeah nice and clean shaker Sal exactly okay then for the peninsula just bringing in a little bit of pop of color okay what color do you guys like I like this one it's a little more muted compared to this one that's way too much cream in it I think if you look at the green scratch one by itself it looks more blue I think both of them works the green does have more of that Craftsman look that you like this goes a little bit more beachy so let's look at our countertop and maybe we can circle back and see what we decide okay I was thinking this man-made quartz material is it possible to see this in a bigger sample the only reason is cuz the veining I'd love to see what it looks like just on a larger scale because the veining can be so different and I'd love to see how much gray is actually in you know what we would see in encounters okay you'll definitely get that veining and I think it's soft for you guys it's not too you know harsh right okay so let's talk about backsplash we have three different options for backsplash so we have option one which as you can see is indented okay we have option two which is flat and then we have option three that kind of comes out at you the flat and the concave love it yeah I think if I were gonna pick one I would probably go with concave that was my choice okay so I think that brings that contemporary feel Craftsman everything I think it meets bowls here guys's needs mm-hmm and to combine Cameron's craftsman and Lauren's farmhouse styles she has a unique idea for the range hood so this is gonna be wrapped all in your hood and this is also for the floating shelves in the corner oh I love that I love everything Christine proposed to us you know I really think she blended our Styles perfectly and going with the greener cabinets for the peninsula is really gonna pull everything together and with the kitchen lock down Cameron focuses his attention back upstairs with a new idea for the bathroom it just so happened that the best look at the ocean is in that bathroom and it makes perfect sense to flip the bedroom and the bathroom but the bathroom back up against the kitchen wall and put the bedroom where you wake up in the morning you're looking at the Pacific Ocean you take this over here drop it in right here you're really not moving all that much you just really just have to build a wall right here alright I do want to take budget into consideration though yeah but think about that okay you're gonna have to buy the tub and shower anyway right you have to buy the toilet if I have to buy the vanity you're in it by the sink by the cabinets you're gonna have to buy the hardware anyway you're gonna have to read pipe anyway these these pipes are old as dirt that's true and I really feel like that view would make everything worth it oh that's a million-dollar view yeah definitely alright I'll switch it removing it yep alright let's go tell the guys okay over the next few days the crew pushes forward in the kitchen raising the ceiling height carrying out the living-room wall to open up the layout and removing the last bits of the old stairwell for the second floor and they start on a new plan for the stained glass throughout the house this thing less really is in our style but we appreciate the hard work that went into it so instead of getting rid of all of it I think we're probably gonna donate it so someone who really appreciates it can get some use out of it and while the crew installs the new support beam in the kitchen and finishes framing the flip bedroom and back layout upstairs Cameron and Lauren focus on removing the gate and closing the front entryway I kind of like the bars no I think we need to take these out now since we have so much going on on the inside of the house we're saving most of the exterior work for phase 2 so for now we're just doing a few facelifts that will have a big impact like removing the bars and then changing the Spanish tile roof to a shingles roof then we can save the bigger projects like siding for phase 2 I'll take the high ones yes if you would want to take the high ones that would be great ready Oh what do you want me to do AB hold and pull count 3 1 2 3 oh no all right so what are we gonna do now we probably need to push it back up I leaned it back that way pull it off the bolts yeah all right back to once the things are going better inside where the crew reconstructs the shorter staircase next to the kitchen and tears out the old carpet and hardwoods throughout the first floor and a few days later they're starting a new project in the sunroom so when the guys ripped off the old wooden deck from the back of the house they discovered the foundation under the sunroom was falling apart that room was an addition at some point so it's still kind of separate from the house and it was always kind of an odd space to us to begin with so instead of spending money to fix it is gonna tear it down and while the crew continues work in the sunroom Christine stops by with a larger sample of the quartz countertops Cameron and Lauren decided to go with the greener blue for the peninsula cabinet so I want to show them a larger countertop sample that Cameron asked for so I can start getting things ordered this is it okay I like this the veining is not too much this is the veining that's gonna go throughout and and just just like this so there'll be a couple feet and stuff like that but you'll have this pattern okay okay that's kind of it's got enough gray in it which actually works really well yeah I like it and then the detail on the edge will be a soft square okay so a little bit contemporary but you're soft enough I think it will go with your style that works you guys approve yeah over the next few weeks the crew makes good progress finishing electrical and plumbing work in the guest bath drywalling the kitchen and tearing off the old Spanish tile roof so they can replace it with a more mid-century modern grace shingle so cams taking full charge of the renovation he's been amazing I mean taking care of scheduling all the subcontractors keeping everything on track so I can really focus on everything with the girls this has really been like a second full-time job for cam but it is great to know that I don't have to worry about what's going on with projects every day but as work heads into week nine the renovations have expanded a little more than she expected what did you do [Applause] Cameron and Lauren are in the middle of a massive $50,000 renovation of the kitchen and upstairs layout of their Rancho Palos Verdes California home they're already more than $25,000 over budget and she's just discovered but he's added a few new projects to the list since she last visited the house what did you do I keep coming back expecting it's gonna be better but it's getting worse my initial understanding was phase one was gonna be kitchen and upstairs readwrite wall re-insulate and now it's just the whole house has become a phase one and there's no phase two no phase three no nothing last I knew we weren't hatching the windows or the siding and now they're both ripped apart so any hope of sticking to our budget is gone at this point the only thing that was different is we can expect the siding to be almost completely rotted I mean the thing is practing it's like it looks like quarter-inch plywood this is not that far away if the windows had come today and we've been able to pop them in this thing would have been and done inside a week so we have to be in in 30 days and right now all we have is part of a kitchen most of the bulk of the work is done the demo is done the framing is done the Plumbing's done the electrical is done the siding is probably gonna take a day The Wrap is gonna take a day the windows will take a day honestly I don't think we're that far off I think all this can be done in 30 days and then there may be a couple little things that we may need to tweak but the bulk of this it's gonna be livable in 30 days okay I guess I'll just have to trust you the Chiquita's promise Cameron schedules workers throughout the home installing drywall in the guest bedroom tile in the guest bath and the new windows everywhere and a few days later the crew brings in the new cabinets for the kitchen that look great they're big yeah they're big space for all your children I know the boxes are coming in um but this is going to be the style the shaker-style cabinets that's perfect you love it I love the color and everything mm-hmm love the color yep and the next day Christine returns to go over the placement of the backsplash we can split it half way okay okay you can also do the 3/4 which is here okay or very contemporary is doing it stacked so the half is a traditional brick yeah I think that's what I like I think it's not a huge difference we can do that you win three-quarter this the first time and outside they get their first look at the new hood for over-the-range it's not the color that I thought it was gonna be hey I hope it looks better in the space and it looks out here guys there we go okay so it has to be cut down obviously because we're gonna be doing the angled you know with the ceiling and stuff like that I lay down the floor for you guys to see there is a lot more contrast I feel they're having this be gray and gray right so what are you guys thinkin what I'm thinking is that is not anywhere close to the sample that we saw yeah I prefer the sample too so we can gray it up and we can distress it a little bit more and bleach it out sure and while they wait for the new stain back at Lauren's parents house she and the girls work on a color project of their own you want pink and purple Blake you're doing a rainbow Wow we wanted girls to feel like they got to be part of the renovation so our busting out the glitter in the paint and they're gonna make smart work for their rooms can you tell me how to spell it looks good ladies back at the house the crew pushes ahead adding new doors throughout the house and installing the glass backsplash tile in the kitchen and a few days later Cameron and Lauren take their first look at the new stain color for the hood we just installed it perfect timing I love this gray color this is about as close to the sample that you showed us is I think we could possibly get this looks fantastic that really works well with the backsplash yeah I think it will pick up the floors the gray looks good I knew we can do it for you Cameron and we got the backsplash to last yeah I love that it's a lot it's even better than I thought and with the kitchen back on track Lauren and Cameron turned their attention to the vanity for the guest bathroom well we're gonna do just tip this back now towards me tip it towards you yep can you pick it up on that end there's it you Eddie oh you already down of course you are fine what's so good just kitchen love it love it love it love it it's a perfect match to the kitchen cabinet no we need to do cut out the back get the plumbers in here set the top on all right one room almost done and the kitchen is nearing the finish line as well as the crew installs Lauren's farmhouse sink and brings in the port's countertops so cam what do you think I want to see in the space I'm really hoping the Cameron likes the countertops once they're in the kitchen you know this renovation has gone on long enough and I don't think I can take another delay what do you think Cameron and Lauren have already blown past their original $50,000 budget and are eager to wrap up renovation so their family can move in to their Rancho Palos Verdes California home but as the crew installs the new quartz countertops Cameron may be having second thoughts about them what do you think I'm so happy I think it looks fantastic yeah I think the veining worked out perfectly no it's it's got just enough Kure without being too much it about being too overwhelming oh I'm so happy you guys are pleased more countertop today and you'll see a lot of that veining once it matches up so okay beautiful and with the counters in the crew moves on to the last of the windows installing the new pane over the kitchen sink well in the bathroom they focus on the final hardware and Lauren's found a new chandelier to complete the dining room all right would you mind holding this while I move the ladder you hold it there for like five minutes I think it's really great over the next week the crew wraps up the last of the work installing the new floors in the kitchen and lighting throughout the house and with a few finishing touches at last Cameron Lauren and their daughters can enjoy their new home we're done I mean it's been a long crazy road but we're done we're glad it's over when we first got the house it was like we took a time machine back to 1961 we had four different kinds of shag carpet decoe wallpaper the closed-off kitchen it was like you know going back to when it was built the house is wide open I think the way we intended originally we didn't add anything that we probably took away more than anything now it's closer perfect with so many projects throughout the house their original renovation budget of $50,000 doubled to almost $100,000 I mean it was a snowball effect we went from the initial plan of renovating one bedroom one bath and the kitchen to we removed the deck moving walls changing you know windows and doors it needed to be done it pretty much had to be done we expected this renovation to take a couple weeks because it was only supposed to be the upstairs in the kitchen and then as we started to gut it it turned it four weeks into months fantastic job put in there for this one there you go the kitchen before was so closed off and dated and now that we've opened it up it makes the space bigger everything's bright and airy yeah we are loving this big open space I know you didn't get your island but you got your peninsula yes girls love to sit here how about cooking it was something that we hadn't had before and they're loving it and the color of the peninsula oh love it it just adds a really nice subtle touch of character yeah it's classic it looks really good it's a great contrast to the white cabinets the backsplash picks up the light perfectly but it's not overpowering mm-hmm which is great and then the famous heard a lot of work to get to this point but yeah it's better okay a farmhouse touch I was looking for just like my lovely farmhouse that I'm loving and then you got a lot of storage funds Oh Oh creepy chairs are gone yeah a creepy stairs are gone so initially the bathroom had the best ocean view in the entire house and now that it's flipped I mean I didn't realize what an amazing view we actually do have now I'm gonna take turns let's take turn at one point in the renovation I really thought we bit off more than we could chew at the end of the day I'm proud of the work we've done I think it's a beautiful home it was a lot of work to get here a lot of money to get here but when I look around and I see all the things that we've done with it I don't know that I can be happier very nice this looks delicious I can't wait to put it in the oven

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