How a Product Marketer Uses Office 365 To Be More Creative At Work and Personal Life

(orchestral music) – I’m an adventurer, I’m an explorer. I’m a people person. I’m a lover and a fighter. My name is Kristin Hill. I’m a product marketer, an
entrepreneur, and a musician. New York is a marketer’s dream. People are here for the purpose
of expressing themselves. Not many people hold it back. What I like about being
a marketing professional is that it is a job that forces you to walk in someone else’s shoes. It forces you to try to see
through someone else’s lens. You need a team that has
different perspectives and then when you have that, you can round out something great. As a marketer, I find myself
often sitting in-between a number of different groups. So you feel pulled in a lot
of different directions, but you also feel fulfilled
probably more often than most other working professionals. OneNote is my lifeline. Everything has to start in One Note. I kinda let my ideas flow. I use OneNote to kinda catch it all and then I can review it later. That often informs the
decks that I’m building. I’m pulling most of it
out of my meeting notes from OneNote. I need someone to put some fresh eyes on any deck that I’m
working on in PowerPoint. I throw it on OneDrive. I can quickly see where they
have added content for me or made quick comments
that I can respond to in real time as it’s synced
right up to Skype for Business, which we live on all day. Collaboration is probably
the most important part of being in marketing. Office 365 is truly built for
teamwork and collaboration and we try to test the limits
of it on a daily basis. I have to feed my soul. Everything that I do outside of work is tied to music somehow. When I’m at the studio, I
am typically surrounded by any number of my very talented friends. We are writing, we are
humming, we are riffing. We are creating, trying to
be inspired by each other to make something great. OneNote, it’s always right there. I am sharing ideas, melodies, and lyrics that I’ve started working on. Any time I come with a new idea, we are straight to the moon together. The time that I have been
able to spend in New York is full of so much adventure
and so much feeling. I can’t keep it all contained. I have to get it out. The goal with that, I hope maybe someone
else will feel something. Then I’ll know I’ve done it right.

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  1. Wow, I'm a lot like Kristen in the way I use Office 365. I am a Product & Services Marketing Lead for Emerging Technologies and Research in our company.

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