How can I deal with heavy periods?

It’s very difficult to define what a heavy
period is because it varies from woman to woman, but usually periods are described as
being heavy if you are changing your sanitary ware every hour or so, or if it is affecting
you physically. So, for example, when you have a period you bleed through your clothes;
or it’s affecting your daily life. So, for example walking up the stairs and you feel
unusually short of breath or at the end of a working day you are so exhausted that you
have to lie down. If heavy periods are accompanied by other symptoms such as bleeding after sex
or bleeding between periods or pain or if you’re over 45, it is important to see a doctor
earlier than later. And there are several treatment options available to you. The most
effective treatment is intrauterine system or Mirena. This is a t-shaped device that’s
inserted into the uterus or womb and releases a hormone over time. And that causes your
periods to become less frequent or lighter over that period. It lasts for five years.
If you or your doctor feels that you’d like to consider a medical option, there are several
medicines that may help. There are medicines that don’t contain hormones such as methane
amic acid and tranexamic acid that is sometimes used, or there are medicines that do contain
hormones that are sometimes quite helpful. And these are medicines that can contain a
combination of oestrogen and progesterone. For example, the combined pill. Or just a
single hormone as such as progestin that can be given orally or in an injection form. Medical
options are usually very effective at managing heavy periods, but occasionally surgical options
need to be considered. And there are several options available. The first is endometrial
ablation. This is where the lining of the uterus is thinned and it can be done in a
variety of ways. Other options include uterine artery embolization; where the blood flow
to the fibroid is disrupted. Less commonly, surgical treatments such as a myomectomy where
a fibroid or several fibroids are removed surgically need to be employed. And finally,
and rarely as a last resort, the uterus itself needs to be removed via a hysterectomy.

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  1. I had a few months it lasted 20 to 30 days very heavy bleed on everything I would wake in a pool of blood in my bed I finally went on depo

  2. Girls birth control stops you period. Im a 16 still a virgin but i take the pills cause i cant handle periods. I JUST CANT ! My (TRUSTED!!)friend gave me some pills, iwas to scared to ask my mom and to embrassed to ask a doctor but. I should see if taking then is healthy but idc i just happy my period is gone, i did some google research so i think ill be fine

  3. I don't know if this is helpful, but my mom always tells me to buy this product and that product. She wouldn't let me choose which one is good for me. My mom is like in the 50s and she is done with her period forever. I am the only girl in the family who has my period. I always get annoyed and frustrated with my period every time it gets really heavy. Can you please please help me. I have my period right now and I am neverous to go back to school. I usually hate going out in public while I have my period because I am scared that I will have an accident or something and I feel more safer at home when I have my period.

  4. What do i do if my period is sooooo heavy that i have to used some of the biggest overnight pads just to go about my day. And even with those heavy pads, i still leak through because I already soaked the whole pad within 2 hours. My cramps are also really painful, it stops me from getting out of bed even though i have to, so i can change my pad. And when i do have to move i limp and sometimes i get light headed and almost fall over. I'm only 14 and I really think that this is a problem and that i need to go the the doctors, but i dont like to tell my parents anything about me (cause their pretty rude to me). So now i dont have any way to actually go to the doctor. I've tried over the counter medications and heating pads and what not, but they dont do anything. If you have any advice to help me with my period please tell me 🙏🙏

  5. I got my period @ 13 and it Wasn’t heavy. Now I’m 14..I’m on my 2nd period rn it’s SO umm? Yeet my self

  6. I have havey periods during 3 years I also use mareena but it does not works please reply what wii i do now please reply

  7. I take lots of medision and also mareena but it doesn't suits me i am from kashmire what should I do now

  8. I really don’t know what’s happening with me… like I was almost 11 when I got my period first and it was very heavy. I didn’t have period for like a year, now I’m getting it after a long long time and it’s just sooooooooo heavy! Like a pad gets full in 2 hours!😰😰😭😭

  9. Um… Sorry anyway, I'm a dude!! Just here to see if I can help a friend of mine (yeah, obviously a girl).

    Um… Ain't easy though! Seems, no absolutely effective remedy!!

    Now I sympathize with you girls; and I pay you my sincere respect for what you have to go through just because of who you are!!

    May God bless you, especially you who endure!!

  10. I got my period on May third, 2016. It was always very light and somewhat regular. Then I didn’t get a January or February period. My March period was so painful, and heavy that I changed every 3 hours and couldn’t take ibuprofen cuz I was at school and a band exchange. It eventually went away, but my periods had gotten heavier and crampier that my pre-March periods. In 2019, I had my February period in the second week, and gotten my next period in the first week of April. I’d wake up change level 4 pad, get school change pad, finish Standardized test change pad, have recess change pad, dismissal change pad, leaving for dance change pad, going to bed and changing pad. That’s seven fully soaked Always level 4 pads in one day. Menorragia, I hate you with all of me

  11. Hello please help me, I have an academic exam 2moro for which I've not managed any proper revision. I've missed many classes.I can't afford to be cooped up, bowled over today. GPs I've seen have not been of any help – I have had no diagnosis.Believe it or not I already do all recommended thing. But I am My lifestyle is already very disadvantaged and so having children is something I do not wish for.I am typing through tears, discomfort and agony to say the very least. I've done no studying due to other issues. Please help me. Its a difficult life , especially when on period,whilst also having mental,physical,emotional,personal and social issues, than an average, lucky, white brit will never understand. I also get additional banging headache on period. I know there are people in worse situations around the world but it's still very unfair to compare. I too am victimized in hidden, subtle and complex ways. I have had the keyhole surgery done & been to many bloods tests done but nothing is found. For the hellish symptoms I am yet to find a cure. This is no life. In addition to other issues, 7 days of each month is wasted away in this pointless hell. I have a very bad upbringing. You would never understand. I live in a very negative environment,beyond my control, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance xx

  12. Tried them all dont even work why tell people the wrong advice when they people get side affect i use cinamon powder it healed my fibriods u as doctor are a complete do not take advice in surjey their are other things u can use other that whst shes saying like i did

  13. In my school we have to go 2 hours at a time without being allowed to go to the toilet, this is a major issue for me because of all the getting up and moving to new classes which often makes it 10 times worse. I use night time pads that are at the strongest level. My school has about two working toilets which are always full and when you do manage to get into one there are people waiting outside which makes it awkward especially as I have to spend about 5 whole minutes in the toilet. This SUCKS because the other girls in the school can be a nightmare and enjoy banging on the stall if you’re in for too long. And it’s so embarrassing when I’ve finished and have to walk outside and see everyone staring at me because I spent so long inside. Can someone just take this pain away or atleast give me MAJOR ADVICE 😭

  14. I hate it when boys laugh at girls having their periods, like.. I bet your mother was expecting her periods but she got you.. tragic. 😕😐

  15. I use two pads almost every hour I hate it so much and when I'm at school I'm often late to class because of it

  16. I got my period today before i was going in to school, i was getting ready for school and i needed to go to the bathroom so i did and when i looked at my underwear it was all full of blood…. .-.

  17. why do these things occur in the first place??? Why are hormones being unbalanced in the first place? That is what I want to know. What complex biochemical reactions are taking place to lead to an imbalance. Like is there not enough of a pre-cursor to specific hormone production? Is there a notable gene defect? Or is there an environmental factor leading to the issues? I also like to find the problems first and address them without medication first.

  18. Hello Mam, I found your video useful for me. I have a question that is I am on my periods for about 1 month. Doctors says its Pcod, so how can I stop my periods? Looking forward for your reply .

  19. Dude. Who’s on their time of the month while watching this?
    If so, Rest In Peace. If not, Rest In Peace when it gets there.
    And why do I give birth to a small red jellyfish anytime I sneeze??

  20. Mine are soo heavy that I'm changing tampons every 20-30 minutes! I have 3 children and I want a hysterectomy! 😥 I'm on vacation at the beach and this is ruining everything!

  21. Heres a tip it really helped me out overnight

    I would put my underwear on and my pads, then i would put really tight short short under to stop most of the leakage.. I woke up the next day and there was no leaks! (Make sure to have some thing over it though) hope this work!

  22. I am writing to help those having very heavy bleeding as my bleeding just stopped after 5 months. I went to doc and reason of my bleeding was my thyroid was off TSH 36 (i am on synthyroid for few yrs) and my hemoglobin was low (9) which caused menorrhagia, hence uncontrolled bleeding. Doc gave me progestrone to stop bleeding which just made my problem worse. After taking hormone my bleeding got worse and I became too week to stand or do anything. I felt I will go to ER anytime. I contacted my doc. She suggested ultrasound but I could get the appointment after a month.
    I had to do something in between to not endup in ER.
    So a doc friend suugested emergen C. In other countries , patients are given emergen c for heavy bleeding. So I took one pack in water everyday. Within three days my bleeding stopped. I also took one spoon full of turmeric and black pepper each time with honey to heal my system. To quickly replenish my energy I started aleovera juice fruit of the earth and v8 juice. I never stopped taking ferrous sulphate duing my bleeding. I found slow release ferralet tablet very useful. For my thyroid I am taking thyroid support from body1 on amazon very helpful. Even synthyroid intake was triggering bleeding for me which my doc never believed.
    But my bleeding stopped with emergen C . I don't have any fibroid issues but if your hemoglobin gets low then its a downward spiral. So watch out your iron levels and diet.
    Hope it helps and sorry for any typos.

  23. I'm 13 my period is so heavy every hour I have to change my pad today when I woke up there was a huge spot of my blood my pants were all blood and it was just a mess, now I am going to go to sleep I'm scared to do this again what do I do

  24. Lmao she said that with a heavy period you change your pad every hour or so… oop I must have an insane period. I had to go home early because i bled through 2 extra heavy pads in 40 minutes and it went through my pants😩 I can’t stand thisss

  25. My periods are never regular, never been regular always heavy, long, painful I once bled for 4 months with only 2 days of non heavy bleeding.. Literally just want to be sterilised. SOS

  26. I’m 14 years old and I have had my period for 3 years. My cycle started quite heavy but has gotten heavier and heavier over time, it’s now at the point where I am having to wake up several times during the night to change either a super plus tampon or my level 5 pad. No painkillers have worked for me at all. I am normally screaming and crying on the floor with the amount of pain I’m in! When I have my cycle I can’t go to school or have to go home from school at the beginning of the day because I leak through a super plus tampon or overnight pad in a matter of a class( which in my school is 40 minutes). Like many people in the comments my school has a break every two hours where you go to the restroom or eat or do whatever you need to. Between these breaks you are not allowed into the restroom and they’re locked during this time! I am struggling terribly and my mother has seen the struggle I’m in and is trying to get an appointment with my doctor but I’m wondering if there’s any hope of a menstural cupworking for me ???!!!

  27. i have such heavy periods, and my god the number of pants i’ve ruined freaking suckskskskdkss
    also two words. dead fishes.

  28. I wish I could see a doctor about my heavy periods but sadly I'm broke and no insurance I bleed threw a pad every 30 min or hour get blood clots a lot cramps and I have iron deficiency anemia tried birth control pills but they really didn't help at all

  29. I'm on my 3rd day and dont even wanna get out of bed, because i can feel the blood and its so much and ive probably leaked through my shorts again and i'm scared.

  30. On my period at the moment, changed my tampon 6 times in the past 24 hours and put a sanitary towel under the tampon just in case. The sanitary towel was flooded as well. This has been happening for years, I am so fed up. I want a hysterectomy but I have no kids and I’m 37

  31. Here is a tip if you bleed through your pant get hydrogen peroxide and put it on the blood and scrub it and then wash them and the blood should come out I hope this helps someone

  32. So I will be sitting Down for like 10 minutes, and when I stand up, it becomes so heavy! And it drips like every second! Is that bad? And then the blood gets everywhere! 😖💀

  33. And there's my mom being really supportive by telling me to do the dishes and clean up ON MY HEAVY PERIOD

  34. My mama had cervical cancer her first symptom was heavy bleeding. If she would of got her yearly she may still be here to catch it in time. It's very important

  35. I'm on meh period rn and I thought it was something from uti,
    I was scared to tell anyone cuz they think its uti but it was meh period!!:0

    Then at first,I didn't wear pads so it went through meh undies,then I started wearing period pads;-;

  36. oh my god i am 12 and i have to change my large size pad every hour my doctor says i might have to go on birth control if the multivitamin doesn't help

  37. I have a blood disease called Von willebrands. I have really heavy periods. And my doctors suggested to go to this place (forgot what it’s called) where girls like me go.. I forgot the details but they help you? It sucks. It really does. I cant do sports bc my doctors don’t want bruises on me.. I’ve like ruined 5 pants with my period and I’ve only had it 4 months

  38. And there is me crying right now because I GOT MY PERIOD IN JULY THIS YEAR AND NOW I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO DEAL WITH MY PERIOD. I never went to school with my period 😭😭😭😭 WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IF IT LEAKS THROUGH?!? Im crying and stressed and just life is being so mean

    How do y’all lady’s survive?!? 😭😭😭😭😭

  39. a fresh period horror story for y'all
    so last night i went out with my parents to the cinema,keep in mind that my period started earlier that morning and it was light so i didnt really think about it,anyways i always had really paranoid thoughts about going out on my period but nothing happened until yesterday so i was pretty confident,then when we got out of the cinema,around 12am ,i feel really wet and i realize what happened,then at home i looked at my pants and oh boy,there were HUGE stains.i feel gross

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