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Okay! Where does Ms. Jeff spend her salary? Hello! Assalamualaykum, Its the first working day of February, Time past by so fast If you are single, Raise your hands February 13, jumps to February 15, February 14 does not exist to us singles….Okay? Agree? This episode is entitled :Usapang Sahod (Salary Management) Okay. So I want to discuss with you guys How I ah…manage my salary Hope you will learn something Actually, Here in Qatar The minimum salary is of a secretary As per our POLO requirement is QR 2500 plus 300 2500 riyals plus 300 for the food. Usually mmmm…. Transportation and Accommodation is free So, it’s included in the package. So lets say for example my salary is Qr 2500 The basic salary, okay? So, What i do is that We are making noise here While we are waiting for the order, Lets have a lesson first… So usually here it varies from company when they are giving salaries, We have End of the month, uh first week Sometimes in the middle, but in our company usually its first week. so….. When i received my salary… Of course if you are an ofw before you will receive your salary, its already budgeted I mean….you already have system how you will manage your salary Well for me…its like that…for her its not like that I don’t know, maybe it’s a sign of maturity or maybe because mmmm its’ like that eh since okay. uh..there was…there’s a book i read by errrrr. Bo Sanchez, titled My Maid Invests in Stock Market If you haven’t read it, You shoud try it…. Have you read it? So if you haven’t read it , I would suggest you read it because that book gave me inspiration How to manage my monthly income So when I received my salary of course I already have a system I’ve been doing it for three years now. so I’m already familiar with it. First 10 percent of my salary I give it to tithing what’s that? um…ah….that is for the church so for me… im sending it to my local church through someone Im not sending it together with my family allowance because there’s a change it will not reach the church πŸ™‚ I roasted my family.. no. Im sending it through someone close to me She is the one giving it to the church my local church. so 10 percent of my salary, not only my salary but my total income it’s cold tithing. for those who don’t know what is tithing please read Malachi chapter 3 verse 10 10 percent of your income you have to give back to the Lord okay so 10 percent for tithing um…. well not only for the salary but if i have other income like from commission and other sources of income 10 percent is allotted for tithing. In the house i have this bottle so i will not spend it the one for God okay so 10 percent is out of the way. for example your salary is 2500 my salary is 2500 so 250 is for tithing next is savings which is 20 percent of the monthly income you have the 10 percent for the tithing 20 percent for savings and 70 percent 70 percent for the expenses okay. um. i just want to get back with the savings my savings, i just don’t save it my savings i’m also investing it. the 20 percent of my salary i put it to investment. sometimes buy and sell and other kind of investement sometimes, when someone ask mom or dad land mortgage I save for it I save for it the i mortgage their land yes so that’s it. 20 percent is for savings savings slash investment and then the rest is 70 percent for the expenses for the expenses i also alloted budget the P10,000 or Qr 750 i send it to my parents so if you thought they are rich because of my remittance you are mistaken :)it’s just for their monthly personal expenses because they have their own source of income they have farm this is only for their personal expenses the QR 400 i set aside for my next month’s monthly allowance that’s the one i told you before the 400 i saved it for my next month expenses 400 riyals only is my monthly allowance. so 100 per week 100 per week. so please don’t complain if i wasnt able to treat you out guys my other friends because um i have only 100 per week allowance so the 400 i keep it because sometimes, there are circumstances salary is delayed atleast even if salary is delayed my allowance is covered okay so 750 plus 400 monthly allowance and the rest is other expenses other expenses means sometimes there’s emergency with family πŸ™‚ the cow get sick (*it’s a kabayan joke) need money or tuition fee of my student scholar i am sponsoring education of my cousin she is my cousin i am the one providing for her studies but thanks God she is graduating this year and this year i am so happy because the tuition fee is aleady free no tuition fee i didn’t pay tuition fee this year only her extracurricular activities, project, uniform, shoes but for the tuition fee and boarding house (accommodation) which was sponsored by our other cousin, i think was inspired by me tuition fee is free boarding house paid by my other cousin so i don’t have expenses for her i am free and she is graduating this year so my expenses will be lessen and then uh what else, other emergencies for example i went to mall and i saw a dress i liked it that is another kind of emergency

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