How I started my own delivery business with Amazon’s help

I’m Ed Hattersley, I recently left Amazon
to set up a package delivery company, Warrior Logistics, with its support. I joined the Army when I was 21, commissioned as an Army officer, where I spent seven years. I then left, before moving on to Amazon in 2015, where I spent the last four years. Two years ago a close friend of mine from the military passed away. He and I had served together in
Afghanistan, and he had a tough transition. I think I realised that after
having helped a few people get into Amazon and transition from the military into a normal
working life, I wanted to do more. I thought: how can I use my experience, my position
to help them? I think the seed was then sown for Warrior Logistics. Before I came and joined Warrior, I was an IT trainer. It is a big change. You have those
moments in life, when you just think I am no longer enjoying what I do for a living, I need something different.
Ed really is looking at giving people that fresh chance, to people that want to change careers, and he’s giving all the support you could ever wish for. I try to approach this job like I’m delivering my own parcels, and yeah, I’m loving this. I couldn’t have done this without Amazon’s support, both financially and from an
infrastructure perspective, and ultimately having a contract as big and prestigious as this.
At this moment in time, I’ve got 3 ex-military working for me, 2 policemen and a fireman.
In the next two weeks, we’ll have a further 9 ex-military. Then, beyond that, it’s a case
of engaging with other local employers, colleges and charities, and seeing how they can influence
these people’s lives, and if they don’t want to be a delivery driver forever, which not
everyone will do, how do we get them into other forms of employment in the longer term.
Ultimately, I know there is a perfect fit between the world of logistics and these people
leaving the military.

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